10 Always in Demand Home Exterior Paint Ideas

The interior and exterior painting of your home plays a crucial role in defining its overall appeal. The sort of color combinations used on the sidings, front structure, and other areas define the theme of your house to the outside world.

The exterior painting of your house can impose a welcoming look for the guests as well as it can impact you own mood. The exterior of the home is that part creates an impression about the internal condition and its residents for the outside world.

It is imperative you think carefully about the color selection and styles before hiring an exterior painting service in Vacaville CA or any other area as well. Here are some top color scheme ideas for your home’s exterior shared by top architects.


1.   The Blue Tone Exterior Theme

You do not need to go all white tone on the exterior. Go for paint colors with undertones that complement the rest of the theme of your home.

You can opt for the white-colored sidings with blue-themed undertones that elegantly transition from one white to blue. Then go bold with a dark blue front door and blue décor in the garage. Make sure all the colors you use are different but complement each other.

2.   The Neutral Exterior Undertones

Add depth to the exterior theme of your home without all those gaudy shades. You can opt for elegant neutral palettes by giving color breaks using a shade of black with a beige background.

This will give a sophisticated outlook. You can paint the front door and the window shutters in any shade of black. This look could be your most favorite if you belong to the category of people who dislike bright and colorful themes and instead opt for toned down colors.

3.   The Gray-Colored Exterior Theme

The siding covers the maximum area of your home, hence the color you paint the siding in will set the entire tone of your house. Go for two or three different shades of gray for your siding. This will create a completed and thorough impression.

4.   The Bright Exterior Theme

A great way to uplift your home’s exterior is by picking one feature of your home and ensuring that it stands out such as the window shutters or the main door.

This will uplift the aesthetics. Go for a bright-colored main door such as the “red door” so that the entrance of your home stands out. The main color shade of the house can be gray that gently blends into the surrounding landscape.

5.   The Classic Exterior

The classics can never go wrong. These are tested and tried color shades other than the traditional white and beige. Do not be afraid to go for bold window and railing shades on the exterior.

6.   Colonial Inspired Exterior Theme

The most elegant exterior theme ideas involve bringing a fusion of the old with the new. The colonial-style homes are usually single-colored, most often white or beige.

But you can easily accentuate this theme with different-colored shutters and windows of your choice. Bring your personal touch to the exterior of your home.

7.   The Timeless Elegance

If you go for accent shades, you will get a well-defined home exterior. This theme can complement the exteriors well on conventional-style houses. One benefit of using accent colors is that they keep the essence of traditions alive. These can be utilized for getting both interior and exterior painting service.

Imagine a dark greenish gray scheme, with a burnt orange roof and complementing wooden main door. This tone can continue on the roof edges and the door frames to complete the entire theme of the house.

8.   The Primary Exterior Shades

The basic primary colors are blue, red, and yellow. All other shades and hues are derived from these primary colors and they blend well with a natural landscape.

However, not all homeowners are bold enough to paint their entire home in red or yellow or even blue. At least not without transition shades or color breaks.

But, there is a way around it. You can opt for bright primary shades, you can mellow down the brightness with other elegant hues to tone down the theme. The key here is to opt for one bold color such as red which should be the main base color and another such as yellow that is scarcely used.

9.   The Classic Wooden Exterior

The tones of gray are the most commonly opted shades of the exterior. However, if gray is becoming too much for you, you can always warm up the shades. Warming up can be achieved either by opting for shades of range or going for any color scheme towards the warmer end.

Go for textures like wood for your front door or the window shutters. The transition from the tones of gray to wooden features is a great idea to uplift your exterior.

10. The Monochrome Exterior

The threat involved with going for a single shade is that it needs a lot of creative planning, otherwise, one-tone themes can easily end up looking dull.

Choose a single feature of your home’s exterior such as the main door, window shutters, or frames, and paint them in the darker tone of the base color of your house. Let’s say you have a beige-colored base, so you can paint the selected feature in dark beige or brown.


Exterior painters are aware about how such unique and elegant appearance could be achieved and exterior house paint cost is generally affordable as well. You can even select a complementing shade such as orange or red as long the color palette is the same. These are some looks which stay always in trend because of their uniqueness and general likelihood of most people towards them.

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