10 Tips to Set Digital Marketing Objectives in 2021

Setting your goals for digital marketing is the first step in any digital marketing campaign. Without them, you have no ability to focus and direct your work. You will not know whether the campaign was successful or not and you have no way of calculating the return on an investment property.

However explicit digital marketing objectives are few and far between.

How often do you hear someone say that you need more visitors on his website or more social media followers? Or do I need to sell more? I hear this every time I talk to people about their marketing goals for the first time.

The problem with goals like these is that they are not very clear, they do not provide details to guide the process and they may be too easy to complete or not possible to achieve. Will 1 new visitor or fan make or talk about 1 million?

When it comes to setting marketing goals, it is hard to know where to start, or it is thought to be very difficult. It doesn’t have to be this way.

In this article, we will teach you about SMART marketing goals, what they are, and how to write them to start your digital marketing campaigns.

What are the goals of clever advertising?

SMART marketing objectives are a method used to set marketing goals for your business or campaign. SMART goals are used by all sectors of the business to set realistic, achievable goals that can be easily measured, developed and built over time. SMART is a dictionary representing Clearness, Measurement, Accessibility, Performance, and Time.

Without marketing purposes…

  • Your team does its best but pulls in different areas, slowing down the growth of your organization.
  • Your team feels frustrated when they cannot see the results of their efforts and are not encouraged to achieve more next month or next quarter.
  • Your team relies on small management to know what tasks need to be done, how they are done, and when. This puts a lot of pressure on you and slows down the growth of your business.

Setting SMART goals reduces stress and keeps your entire team on track.

It helps to write down your marketing goals on the smart goal sheet template. This way you’ll easily track your progress and success.

Why set SMART marketing goals?

Setting marketing goals is not the same as deciding on your new age, in fact, there is a point in setting goals for marketing. According to a CoSchedule survey of more than 3,599 marketers, marketers who write down clear goals and objectives are 376% more likely to report success than those who do not. The fact is that setting goals and writing them down goes a long way in achieving your overall goals.

Use SMART targets to take this one step forward. By making your goals SMART, you create a clear, manageable process and encourage positive emotions within your team as you see those goals being achieved. SMART goals help add a splash of branding to your marketing department, which can only be a good thing.

Specify – Identify Development Area

  • When setting goals, select a goal. Your goal should be easily defined to line you up for fulfillment.
  • Consider the broader goals of your broader business when deciding which goal you would like to set for your marketing goals. Choose a goal that you would like to improve on that will directly help your business grow.
  • For example, if you want to increase visits to your website saying “I want more visitors to my website” will not be specified enough. There are many ways to bring people to your website, by search, social media, word of mouth etc. Instead, try “I want to extend our search traffic by 15% over subsequent three months”. This provided more information about what you would like to achieve to give your team a clear understanding of the tasks they now need to do to achieve your goal.

Find Out How To Measure Success In The Beginning

  • Measurable objectives are important to indicate how far you have come and whether that target has been plowed or not. Without measurable marketing objectives, you will not be able to track return on investment in your marketing efforts. Help yourself by writing a goal with clear metrics for success.
  • Success measures for marketing purposes may range from email subscriptions to websites. Choose a goal with numbers so you can prove the success of your campaign. For example, in our previous statement, we stated that we aim to raise 15% over a three-month period. We can track how successful we are at using analytics, each month, looking at what growth we have had and how we are on track to achieve our goal. In the 3rd month, we can look back and find out what caused it and how it didn’t work. From there we can set our goals for the future.
  • Free tools like Google Analytics or social media metrics are useful ways to measure your goals objectively. Use these tools to live your KPIs (key performance indicators) along the way.

Be Realistic, Make Your Marketing Goals Achievable

  • Don’t set yourself up for failure. Make sure your SMART goals are achievable and achievable within your set time. Remember it is okay to start out small.
  • Make your goal achievable and not desirable. Work your way up to great goals, by showing success along the way. Select KPIs that are consistent with your previous marketing efforts.
  • Use current benchmarks to get the most out of your campaign. For example, if you haven’t set a date on Instagram don’t set a goal to increase your Instagram by following 50%. Try 10% this month and check out the results of upcoming campaigns.
  • By reducing your goals into manageable butts your team will be more motivated, your work will be more focused, and before you know it, you will be achieving the goals of big images that you didn’t expect to achieve.

Set Realistic Goals for Your Organization

  • This may seem obvious, but it is surprising how often we see marketing objectives that are not in line with the organization or department presented to them.
  • If your goal is related to an increase in sales for example but it is within the sales call or sales meeting where your leaders often go down and set this target for your marketing team may not work.
  • Unless your marketing and sales team are the same people your marketing team has very little control over the final stages of this process. Your marketing team is there to generate leads, your sales team is the people in charge of real sales. It doesn’t matter how often your marketing team produces if your sales team can’t close the deal.
  • Knowing who is responsible for each part of the customer journey is important if you are going to build a smooth, measurable business growth process.



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