12 Anger Management Strategies to Help You Calm Down

Failure to regulate your anger may lead to a wide range of issues, including making statements you later regret, shouting at your children, threatening coworkers, writing reckless emails, experiencing health problems, and even turning to physical assault. However, not all cases of rage are as bad. Instead, your rage may manifest itself in the form of squandering time and think about distressing occurrences, being agitated in traffic, complaining about work etc.

Controlling anger does not imply that you will never be furious. Instead, it entails learning to recognize and manage your anger in a very healthy and constructive manner. Anyone can learn how to handle their anger. Although if you believe you have command over your anger,  there will always be space for development.

12 Anger Management Strategies that will help you in managing your anger.

Talk to friends

Talking about the problem or expressing the concerns to someone who can help you in maintaining your calm is a friend who has a soothing influence on you.  However, it is crucial to remember that venting might backfire.

One prevalent myth is that one must express their anger in order to feel better.  However, studies demonstrate that you do not need to express your anger.

 Smashing things while you are angry, for instance, may make you even furious. As a result, it’s critical to apply this coping method with prudence.

Similarly, if you talk to a buddy, make sure that you are working on the solution or lessening your anger rather than just ranting. It is unjust to utilize friends as a sounding board. Rather, you may discover that the ideal approach to apply this method is to talk to friend about something that is not related to the issue that is making you furious.

2.Do exercise

Working exercise is the finest strategies to regulate your anger. Strength training is the most efficient methods to release unpleasant emotions from the body. When you’re furious about anything, try stretching exercises, pushups, or go for a run with your pet

3.Start counting

You will undoubtedly be furious if someone or something has irritated you. However, this rush of rage normally lasts little more than two seconds. In this situation count to ten. Like this you will not reflect your anger. It will really help you to put your rage aside & think logically and sensibly. This is an excellent strategy to avoid making decisions when you are angry.  You may also teach your friends and family this behavior so that they can regulate their rage.

4.Focus on your breathe

Whenever you are upset, your heart rate rises. Still, if you really can regulate your breathing or restore it to average limits, then you can control your rage effectively. Deep breathing is one of the most effective exercises for relaxing, since they may help you restore your breathing to average levels. Concentrating on breathing will be helpful in channelizing your energy, which will assist you relax.

5.Spen time with yourself

Life may be so difficult at times and due to this that our irritation turns to rage. However, taking some quiet time to be alone or relax might assist you a lot in dealing with your anger stress and issues.  Take out some time to consider what you actually need to do and then prepare properly.

Take a break here implies taking some time away from the problem to consider what things you can do about your anger.  Stepping away from the situation might help you recover perspective and cope with whatever was holding you back previously.

6.Find the solution of problems

Anger results in a lack of a viable remedy. As a result, the greatest method to get over these this feeling is to think about possible solutions of the problems or the situation that are the cause of the anger. If a cluttered area is driving you insane, clean it or take help of someone who can do it for you.

7.Take responsibility and never blame others

Many of us have a tendency to criticise or accuse others for the mistakes done by us. Unfortunately, this will not alleviate the problem; rather, it exacerbates it. Therefore, you must learn to accept your shortcomings and mistakes done by you. Stop becoming upset or shouting at someone for the errors done by you. Spend some time alone and explore for answers.

8.Take proper sleep

Get enough sleep at night & rest in day time if feasible. Lack of rest & sleep can cause your emotions to go wild, leading to anger difficulties. Getting adequate sleep is an excellent approach to deal with rage because it lightens your mind and body.

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9.Write it out

When you are enraged by someone’s behavior, then you must always write it down. When you write down your thoughts and feelings then it relieves some of the mental strain and tension. It is an excellent method of relaxing your mind if you are angry, and you will indeed improve your writing skills.

10.See Positive side

There are two sides to every coin. That being stated, whenever you are upset about something, there might be another side to the story. Always try to understand the situation from a bird’s view.  A miscommunication can always result in extreme anger. As a result, don’t jump to conclusions. Instead, have a discussion and clear the air.

11.Listen music

Allow music to transport you faraway from your emotions. Insert earbuds or go to your car. Turn on your favourite music and enjoy life.

12.Always think before you speak

Prevent an eruption of anger by practicing what you will say or how you will tackle the matter in the future. This preparation period also allows you to role-play numerous different answers.


The steps given in this blog will help to learn how to deal with anger management. Anger Management Strategies are must to learn so that one can control temper and make situation calm. Whenever you find your self in such a situation when you say it yourself “My anger is out of control” then follow the steps given in this blog to know the techniques of how to control your anger.

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