5 Global Trends That Will Affect Social Media Experts in 2022

It’s a Digital World

It is a known fact that people nowadays spend most of their time on social media apps. It has become an essential part of people’s daily routine and lives. It has become an addiction, and the first and the last thing people do after waking up and before sleeping is to check their social media apps feed. 

It's a Digital World

Web-Based Social Media Marketing

In such times, where social media has become so important to consumer’s lives, businesses and marketers herd to social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn to connect to the target audience. However, social media is ever-changing, and there is an excellent content overload. With the advancement and ease in marketing techniques, competition has also turned significantly higher. Also, consumer preferences are constantly changing. 

Web-Based Social Media Marketing

The key to success with web-based social media marketing is attracting and engaging the correct audience effectively. Are you getting in front of them? Are you providing them the content they need or want at the right team? What matters to them most? These are the questions social media experts need to cater to all the time with ever-changing socio-economic dynamics.

These swift changes create a whole new challenging environment for social media experts and marketers. They need to continually review and update their existing marketing strategies and adjust them according to the latest trends.

Top 5 Global, Social Media Trends

Here are the five most prominent global trends presented by top social media marketing agencies in Chicago il that will affect brands, marketers, and social media experts in 2022.

It’s an age of Live-streaming and Videos: With the advent of the global pandemic of Covid-19 in 2020, most businesses went digital to keep operating while maintaining social distance and preventing disease spread. Zoom conferences replaced face-to-face meetings, discussions, and business events. Live concerts were replaced by artists performing and viewed from homes. Even if the situation improves through 2021 and 2022, the use of videos and live streaming isn’t going to die soon. People have gotten used to interacting with others and businesses through social media channels. As Covid-19 is still prevailing, there is a massive increase in live streaming and messaging throughout the world, especially in a pandemic hotspot like Italy, the USA, etc. So, it is expected that video content and live streaming will continue to be used and appreciated. People now like to have real-time interaction with businesses and brands as it is safe and convenient.

Top 5 Global, Social Media Trends 

1. Social Commerce Is Continuously Rising

Social media channels are struggling and constantly improving to provide a better experience to their users. New tools and features are being added continuously to different social platforms to ensure easy and quick shopping. For example, Instagram lets you attach product tags and allows convenient checkout while never leaving the venue. Similarly, Facebook has Shop set up to enable people to browse and buy there and then on the platform. Other than these buying options, social media channels highly influence purchase decisions. People look for products and services through social media, find testimonials of their performances and decide on its basis. When they like something on social media, they do not even have to go to your website to place their order. They can easily buy it straight from the social media platform. In short, social commerce has significantly shortened and quickened the buying process with that ‘buy button.’ So, this is an ideal tool for a marketer that will capitalize even more in the coming years. 

2. VR and AR Technology Adoption

As social media platforms grow, users demand a better and more engaging experience with virtual reality (VU) and augmented reality (AR). Facebook has introduced its virtual reality social world with the name ‘Horizon.’ This is a virtual world where individuals can play, explore and connect. Similarly, Snapchat and Instagram frequently use AR photo filters. This helps improve the visual content and is very popular. Augmented reality enhances reality by introducing digital elements to the scene and changes the way things look.

VR and AR Technology Adoption

Social media experts are finding interesting uses of these technologies, and their use is expected to spread to other social media channels. Their service is not just limited to posting fun stories and posts or amusing photo filters. Brands use these techniques to provide a better and unique shopping experience to their clients. Sephora, a beauty brand, lets its customers see and try makeup before buying. This gives a sense of authority to users, and they can make a more informed buying decision. Augmented reality and virtual reality offer a lot of potential to brands for marketing on social media channels. The trend is sure to rise more with the constant upcoming new AR functionalities.

3. A Greater Demand For Authenticity 

The most prominent social media trend is the ever-greater demand for authenticity. It is said that the relationship that a business or brand builds with its customers is much more important than the product or service itself. People are more interested in the values and beliefs that a brand comes up with. The product alone is not enough. Your business and its marketing campaign must resonate with social and cultural values. There is an ever-greater need for brands to conduct ongoing dialogues with their clients. Clients want to know about your business and get a clear sense of its purpose.

Demand For Authenticity

It would help if you established real-time rapport, credibility, and trust with honest and sincere moves. Only then can you earn customer loyalty and expansion. Maintain transparency and authenticity about your operations and products. If you want to get customers’ trust, be honest with all your dealings. Own your mistake on social media if you make one. Send a heartfelt message and apologize and see the difference it makes. Make yourself accessible to customers if they face any problem or disappointment. Positively address negatively sent messages through social media. Show individuals that you care about them and their issues. People are more aware now and in control than ever, and you cannot get away with your wrong move by avoiding or deleting any negative post. On the other hand, if you succeed in gaining a credible and trustworthy reputation, it can go a long way in promoting your business.

4. More Legal Scrutiny and Regulatory Control

Although there are various advantages of web-based media, some negatives have also been exposed lately. Data security and privacy are two hot topics and on the sudden rise with these social media apps’ advent. Social media gathers a lot of general and personal information about you, and there is a risk that it might be misused. Some allegations and claims are made that some social platforms sell private user data to other organizations for various purposes. People might feel more insecure and unsure about their personal information and privacy policies of businesses. 

More Legal Scrutiny and Regulatory Control

Considering this, regulatory bodies and social media networks are expected to tighten their privacy rules and introduce new policies. Many people think social media is unsafe, and this needs to be changed for everyone’s interest. Some issues have been on the rise regarding WhatsApp and Facebook, so be prepared for more restrictions and regulations on all social networks. YouTube and Tiktok have also faced greater scrutiny recently. Similarly, Instagram and Facebook also take measures and formulating tighter rules to ensure privacy and safety to their users.


These were some of the significant trends that are likely to govern the social media networks in 2022 and beyond. Use these to your advantage and beat competitors. Foreseeing the upcoming trends can help you to get a more substantial presence in the future. When you know what’s ahead and what to look out for in the future, it can help you adjust your social marketing strategy accordingly.

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