5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Life Insurance

Life insurance is the best way to provide someone special with some financial support after you are gone. The insurance payout can help your loved ones pay off debt, fulfill final costs or pay for children’s education. Since there are different types of insurance policies available, you could fall into a financial disaster if you are unable to choose the right policy. Investing in life insurance policy can be a time taking task and sometimes takes weeks even months for most of us to reach a final decision.

To help you make the right insurance decisions, here we have listed common mistakes that you should avoid when purchasing life insurance.

Underestimating Your Life Insurance Needs

When it comes to investing in life insurance, you need to decide on how much death benefit and life coverage you need. If you don’t do proper homework, it can cause serious financial pitfalls instead of providing you coverage. You may need to consider numerous factors to calculate insurance coverage such as monthly incomes, your age, health, life expectancy and debts etc. If you have a huge size saving and don’t have to pay off debts, you may not need huge life coverage. If you have young kids and have a single source of income, you may need to purchase enough death benefits to provide your family with enough financial support. It will provide them with enough finances to either pay for funeral expenses, pay outstanding debt or to fulfill education costs.

Wrong Type of Life Insurance Policy

Choosing the wrong type of insurance can cause financial problems. Life insurance is available in two main types of insurance, 1) term and 2) permanent. The term insurance policy pays out a specific death benefit and is for a specific period of time like 5, 10, or 20 years. On another hand, permanent life insurance stays in effect for your whole life. Whole life or permanent life insurance policy enables you to build cash value that can be used to access quick personal loans. You should choose an appropriate policy for your life to make sure your loved ones will get paid enough money to meet personal financial needs in case of your death.

Not Comparing Insurance Rates & Quotes

Just like any other purchase, you should shop around to ensure you are getting the best possible premium rates and coverage. Not comparing rates and quotes can cause purchasing expensive life insurance that can consume a big part of your monthly budget instead of saving more. Thanks to the internet, there are several insurance comparison tools are available that anyone can use to compare insurance rates and quotes. You should also review and compare the available options to make a wise decision. It will help you make sure you are purchasing the right quotes.

Read and Understand Everything Before Signing

Reading the contract form is one of the most important steps you should take when purchasing a life insurance policy. Most people delegate the form-filling task to an agent or insurance salesperson. You may be committing a major financial mistake if you are one of them. Read the contract and form carefully to understand all the terms and conditions to get the most from the policy you are about to purchase. All important information such as your age, monthly income, family history, lifestyle, and life expectancy should be mentioned accurately on the insurance form. That’s why you should go through the form and contract cautiously to find out and fix errors if any.

Waiting Too Long to Buy Life Insurance

The sooner you invest in life insurance, the better you will enjoy the benefits. Premium rates are higher when you get older. With the passage of time, the risks of developing serious health issues are higher. It can also cause you to pay more for your insurance policy every year. If you are not sure which policy is right for you and how much coverage you need, you should consult with an expert to make an informed decision.

Buying the Cheapest Plans

We often think that buying a cheap policy will help us save bucks. Most of us select the insurers offering the cheapest plans when it comes to buying life insurance. But that lowest price can be costly if you are unable to get the benefits and coverage agreed upon. It can cost you much more than your expectations in case of an accident or uncertain situation. Instead of shopping for cheap plans, try to buy from insurers with 5-star ratings and make sure to go through ‘claims paying ability’ carefully. Don’t just buy the cheapest plans but also check for the coverage and benefits they are offering. It will help you make an informed decision.

Canceling a Policy Before Buying a New One

Term life insurance is a cheap and affordable option for many of us. It might also be sensible for you to replace a current policy with a new plan. Here people make the mistake of canceling a current policy before investing in a new one. You should buy a new life insurance policy before you cancel a current one as you shouldn’t be without life coverage for a single day. So, if you are about to replace a policy, make sure to buy the new one before you cancel the ongoing one.

Exiting the Policy at the Wrong Time

Whether it is life insurance or general liability coverage, the policy holder is allowed to cancel the policy anytime before maturity. Quitting an insurance policy when there are a few years left to maturity is not the right decision that most of us make. Once a life insurance policy purchased, it should be continued till the maturity date to reap the benefits of coverage because such policies are structured to pay off when the contract runs it full course.

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