Business idea:5 tips to finding the right one

That’s it! You have decided to make your dream come true by quitting your job and starting your own business. You’ve made the right decision, but you still have to find the right business idea. Indeed, “What am I going to invest myself in?

This is the question that many entrepreneurs ask themselves. Answering this question is quite difficult, which is why we have prepared these tips to help you find your own voice in the big world of business.

Be inspired by foreign concepts

The creation of a business requires a lot of creativity. Unfortunately, not everyone has this gift. So how do you go about it when you don’t have the solution in your blood? Well, you just need to take inspiration from the foreign concepts.

You can travel, read trade press, or surf the Internet to stay on top of the latest trends. However, you will have to be careful with copy and paste. Always keep in mind that a business that works overseas may not always work at home. It all depends on the local market situation. So you will have to modify the concept to make it suitable for your market.

Stay tuned to your environment

Are you looking for a great idea to start your own business? Instead of looking as far as abroad, take inspiration from those around you. Do a little market research . By listening to your environment, you will be able to detect problems and needs, and offer ingenious solutions.

If you are used to observing, this should be a breeze for you. For those who are not used to it, you can take a notebook and write down all the problems you encounter in your daily life: complaints or criticisms about products, unfulfilled needs, and people dissatisfied with a service. By dint of noting, you will end up having a click. Do not underestimate this technique, because it is the basis of the success of many entrepreneurs.

There is nothing better than being inspired by a passion to start your own business. Do you love to cook and have some special recipes? How about creating a final expense leads company? If you are passionate about the automobile and you have mastered all its mechanisms, you can undertake the opening of a garage.

Whatever your passion, you will always be able to profit from it. In addition, being passionate about your subject is an essential asset to become a good entrepreneur.

Partner with a project leader

If you don’t have an idea after long hours of thinking, you can always ask someone else for help. You can partner with a project leader, for example.

All you need to do is find one and convince him by talking to him about what you can bring to his project: equipment, funds… Together, there is a greater chance of success. You can then suggest some modifications to it. If you can get along, you are sure to succeed!

Take a good shower!

Don’t despair if you haven’t always found your idea. You can try our last tip: a good shower! You will surely laugh, but this technique has proven itself with Warren Buffet who had the good idea to invest $ 5 billion in Bank of America. This brilliant idea came to him while he was taking his bath.

We also want to reassure you, because this is not about magic or miracles at all. It is purely scientific. Indeed, psychologist Scott Kaufman explained that it is the fact of being standing, in a secluded and relaxing place that allows the brain to escape and find good ideas. A stroll at dusk or in the countryside will also do. Do not hesitate to test these last methods. If that doesn’t work out, at least you will have won a great moment of relaxation!

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Finally, when you find the right business idea, you are left over that to the test .

Are you now ready to find the right business idea and go for it? Get down to business with our article.

 Pay attention to certain specificities of human psychology

The brain is programmed to provide specific responses to specific situations. Being aware of these psychological traits can allow you to use them to get to know your prospects better.

Find out below some specifics of human psychology that are useful for a sales representative.

  • The anchoring effect : the first information that an individual receives represents an anchoring point against which he evaluates all that reaches him subsequently.
  • The decoy effect  : a third option can help a consumer choose among the first two.
  • Loss aversion : An individual’s reaction to the loss of something they have is more intense than that triggered by the opportunity to acquire what they do not yet have.
  • The last impression : An individual tends to remember the last part of a presentation or its climax more easily than any other section.
  • The Knowledge Curse : This tends to occur when a subject specialist fails to explain it to someone less familiar with that subject.
  • Confirmation bias : An individual is more inclined to accept information that aligns with their beliefs rather than that which contradicts them, however convincing it may be.

    Respect the human nature of customers

    If you spend an essential part of your time writing and sending out contact emails. Be sure to remember that they are intended for human beings and be sure to treat them as such.


    When it comes to sales, you need to be both professional and outgoing. The people you contact also have an after-work life, passions or interests that may be unrelated to their professional activity. By leaving room for the personal aspect of their journey occasionally in your conversations, you will create a deeper connection essential to the success of your collaboration

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