5 Versatile Paraphrasing Tools Online You Can Use

Struggling to resolve the plagiarism issues in your assignments? Well, why don’t you use the paraphrasing tools available online? These tools will come in handy when you wish to use a particular source to validate your arguments. Furthermore, there are several other advantages that you get to enjoy.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best paraphrasing tools used worldwide.

  1. The Best Spinner 4.0

It is regarded as one of the most versatile paraphrasing tools and can support 14 languages. Moreover, it:

  • Produces unique results quickly
  • Consist of a vast database of synonyms (user-built)
  • Allows you to publish content instantly to your blog or website

So, if you cannot beat the algorithm of Turntin or Copyscape, you should use this online paraphrase generator. If you opt for the pro version, it will cost $247 a year, but it will make your assignment writing easier.

  1. Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is another great tool that most students rely on. It comes with a lot of special features. Interestingly, you can integrate stock photos, or use it for mass export, etc. Furthermore, it:

  • Supports spin tax styles and is congruent with almost all devices
  • Allows you to compare the original and spun material side by side
  • Generates unlimited content instantly and the tool understands the essence of the content

If you opt for the yearly or the lifetime version, it will cost you around $197 and $497 respectively.

  1. Word AI

If you want a quick paraphrase tool, you can use Word AI. It is heavily used by professional writers and students. It can understand the significance of a sentence and generate accurate paraphrased results. With it, you can:

  • Offers results in Italian, French, German, Spanish and other languages
  • Obtain perfect tense integration and check for spelling errors
  • Paraphrase up to 1000 articles at the mere click of a button (bulk spinning)

If you choose the yearly plan, you will have to pay $347, and if you opt for the monthly plan, it will cost you around $49.95.

  1. Clever Spinner

If you are worried about burning a hole in your pocket, then this is the tool that you should choose. All you have to do is copy the content and paste it in the clipboard and you are done. The notable attributes are:

  • It generates 100% authentic and original content
  • It chooses appropriate synonyms and diction to keep the meaning of the sentence intact
  • It can easily transform complex sentences into simpler sentences without delay

So, copy-paste the content where the plagiarism has been spotted and get rid of it through paraphrasing.

  1. Chimp Rewriter

Instead of a paraphrasing tool only, Chimp Rewriters functions as a full content development assistant. For those who take article rewriting & sentence rephrasing very seriously, it is a great option.

  • It utilizes AI and NLP to understand the context of the content and to ensure that the content generated makes sense to people.
  • The tool supports English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish, , German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, and more.
  • It offers GSA search engine ranker, Ultimate demon, RankWYz, WP robot, SEO content machine, etc.

As you can see, the paraphrasing tools mentioned here are extremely versatile and you can easily get past your plagiarism red flags.

Four Simple Techniques To Paraphrase Hassle-Free

Paraphrasing is an art and every student should learn how to master it. You can also use the best paraphrasing tools online if you don’t have the time to do this task on your own. Paraphrasing is the process of making the same statement as another author but in your own words. Unlike quotes, paraphrasing lets you use and develop your own voice as a writer despite using someone else’s work. Whether you write dissertations or essays, paraphrasing is something that will always come in handy. Here are four effective techniques that can help you master this art of paraphrasing.

  1. Choose words wisely

Keep an eye on how the author uses language to get her/his message across. You can try using the same technique while paraphrasing the text. Restate the key ideas in a way that is effective for your readers to understand. Remember, paraphrasing means you can change the words without altering the original meaning.  It’s fine if you can’t think of different words initially. There are several online paraphrase generators out there that can help you out.

  1. Look up synonyms

Synonyms are words that have similar meanings. For instance, consider the phrase ‘it is raining.’ The synonyms would be ‘drizzling’, ‘storming’, or ‘pouring.’ Read the original text and figure out the words that relevant synonyms can replace. Most word processors consist of a thesaurus function. So, you can use this function if you are confused about the synonyms to use in your paraphrased work.

  1. Use definitions in place of complex words

At times, you may come across complex terms and phrases in an original piece of work. The best way to paraphrase this piece is to use definitions instead of complex words. You can also make it easier for your readers to assess your work by using the definitions. You can also paraphrase online first and see if you are able to define the complicated words properly or not. You can proceed to work on your assignments once you are confident about this entire process.

  1. Modify the sentence structures

The easiest way to paraphrase a text is by modifying the sentence structures. You can also consider the choice of words while changing the sentence structures. Use as many relevant synonyms and definitions as possible, keeping the original meaning of the text intact. Read the sentence aloud to see if anything is wrong with the new structure. If it sounds awkward, that’s the cue for you to change it again unless it sounds right.

Paraphrasing without the citations is still plagiarizing because you are ultimately using someone else’s ideas or work. So, make sure you follow the right format and cite the sources even if you have paraphrased the entire thing.

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