50 kVA of Generators: prices and specification

The generators of 50 kVA are available in little sizes that can be visibly moved beginning with one spot then onto the following spot. The weighty engine of a 50 kVA generator is prepared for conveying high power yield. The generator goes with unmistakable brand names, for instance, Koel, Honda, Greaves, and so forth This size of the generator can be used for private endeavors and home machines. 

The 50 KVA generator price in India gives great and trustworthy essentialness. A basic action, composed prosperity limits, and an impressive structure fine make these generators the ideal running accomplice for creation specialists, paying little brain to the development site page or urgent hand.

For the mechanical force needs picking a 50 kVA diesel generator is consistently the most ideal alternative as a result of its top-notch power motor. Likewise, the accessibility in different yields, for example, 50 kVA 3 stage generator and single-stage Genset offer you to pick the best force reinforcement as per the necessities.

Also, similar to bargains in New Genset, we give utilized 50 kVA generators to deal and rent generators. When contrasted with other Genset sellers, we are offering low and moderate 50 kVA generator costs in India.

50 kVA generator list: 

Diesel generator Price 33,000 approx
Fuel type diesel
Yield Type AC single-stage
Power 50 kVA
Cooling system Water Cooling
Appraised voltage 240 V
Insulation Class B
House power 12 HP

Honda Genset particular:

Honda generator Price 1.15 Lakh/set approx
Fuel type diesel
Yield Type AC single-stage, three-stage
Power 50 kVA
Cooling system Air Cooling
Evaluated voltage 240 V
Commotion level 120 dB
Alternator Frequency 50 Hz

Details of greaves Genset

Greaves Genset Price Approx 1.9 Lakh
Genset rating Prime Power
Displacement 0.611L
Power 50 kVA
Bore and Stroke 92* 92mm
Pressure ratio 181
Evaluated RPM 3000
Genset Output 7.5/6 (kVA/kW)
Motor type Water-cooled
No. of Cylinders 1

Eicher 50 kVA generator price and specification

Eicher Genset Price Approx. 1.45 lakh
Power 7.5kVA
Fuel type Diesel
Yield Type AC three-stage
Cooling system Water Cooling
Voltage 380-440 V

Features and benefits of 50 kVA generator: 

Aside from the 50 kVA DG Set value, there are various highlights and benefits present in this modern force reinforcement. Because of the quiet and versatile element of this force reinforcement, they are generally utilizing in Hospitals, Hotels, Construction destinations, and Industrial areas.

In light of the sturdiness of the quiet generator 50 kVA, they give long-term nonstop prime force with no interference. Likewise, the 50 kVA generator value list is more moderate and this Genset is not difficult to purchase.

The 50 kVA generator falls under the class of little generators. Regardless, it goes with various specialties: 

  • Distant noticing component to work the generator. 
  • The Lowest help cost 
  • To give perfect, trustworthy, and compelling essentialness 
  • 50 kVA generators are in the three-stage and Single-stage. 
  • Extreme and vivacious arrangement of the Genset 
  • 50 kVA Genset gives nonsensical execution. 
  • The engine of 7.5kVA DG Sets are more eco-accommodating 
  • The Genset has limited plans.
  • Inbuilt AMF board in this force reinforcement help to begin and close down this DG Set during fundamental framework power falls flat or comes.
  • Rough and vigorous plan of 50 kVA Genset gives the guarantee of execution in bed climate or the most noticeably terrible occupation area.
  • Top caliber, best innovation, security, and natural consideration alongside the believed brand name is the best element that accompanies 50 kVA DG.
  • A great Genset overhang shields the Genset from awful climate just as lessens the clamor of Genset.
  • Purchasing a 50 kVA DG implies, you get a general quality, ease of use, simplicity of workableness, and efficient activity.
  • The best smaller plan of 50 kVA diesel generator utilizes less land space when they introduce.
  • This compact DG Set outfitted with the best quality parts and the most favored motor to convey solid and efficient activity.
  • The best in-plan air and water-cooling arrangement of this generator assist with diminishing the temperature of generators.

Advantages of having a 50 kV generator

Having a generator is consistently advantageous to secure your home force or mechanical force needs during the arranged or spontaneous principle network power disappointment.

Low commotion 50 kVA generator execution gives a problem-free work insight.

Because of the most recent CPCB-2 standards of Diesel motor-generator, you get perfect, dependable, and eco-accommodating energy.

Because of the best in-plan generator motor and excellent segments, they offer extraordinary true serenity.

Additionally, the low support cost and high eco-friendliness of 50 kVA generators help you in setting aside more measures of cash during the activity.

The significant highlight identifies before using a Genset on record: 

Renting the generator that you need suggests second admittance to the force that can keep your site. You’ll get the particular thing you need since you’ll have a gathering of specialists that will help you with making that evaluation and match one among many high-level options in your necessities. There’s no new financing legwork, incorporation, or assurances to buy. The best piece of all? Exactly when your work is done, you get the chance to reestablish the generator, and you’re not, now out a huge charge to fix a transient issue.

  •  The relentless ordinary organization is regularly the obligation of the clients at any rate the rental affiliation should ensure that the responsibility is developed upon and fathomed. 
  • Guarantee the supplier gives the very most ideal extra things to use the generator safely.


Generators are used as support power sources that can change over fuel deftly. Different sorts of fuel Such as diesel, petro, gas, etc can be used to make power. With less fuel usage they give persistent power smoothly at a moderate expense. In India, there are different brands available that give 50 kVA generator services at different expenses, where you can pick the generator as demonstrated by your choice and need. To get some answers concerning the expense of generators you can visit the EO Energy site.

To get more information or want to buy a DG Set, you can call or contact us. Our team of sales executives will assist you with more information on the 50 kVA DG price & Specification.


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