6 beautiful rugs you must buy at any rug store

Perhaps, at a rug store, you can find a rug that truly makes a difference. No doubt, a plush rug differentiates your room from others. This is true, especially for bedrooms, because a bedroom is a place that needs to be soft and cozy at once.

Choosing a rug at a rug store is not so easy. No question at all; at times, rug buying seems to be a blind game. But, either it’s your bedroom or living room, the right rug is necessary.

In most cases, people tend to buy the wrong rug. Because they don’t have a clear idea, keep in mind that a wrong choice can make your room messy. Choices may contradict in patterns, colors and sizes. All these three parameters are vital. 

In this post, we are here with the best bedroom rugs that you can easily have at any rug store. Now you can get your favorite carpet with the least effort. So let’s begin. 

1. Aqua rug  

While decorating a bedroom with some lighter hues, it is pretty tough to buy a rug with the right tones. Of course, light colors such as aqua and soothing blue are great options in such cases. These rugs make your place stand out without any clutter. Moreover, an aqua rug is a perfect combo of blue and tan hues.

 These colors are complementary to each other. Anyhow you can try these rugs in circular and any different pattern. Not only with a tan but also with multiple blends, these rugs look great. Though this is a light color, these rugs make your room bright and clutter-free in a significant way.

2. Vintage rug

At times, your bedroom has so many bright colors that buying a rug becomes too tough. In such cases, you can buy a tan carpet. Vintage tones also work perfectly in extra bright rooms. Tan rugs magnify the overall look. In Fact, these rugs add a cozy feeling.

Moreover, a vintage rug looks incredible on both wood and tile floors. However, to enhance the ambiance, you can match the rug with other decor elements. Place this rug in front of your beds or a corner and all in between. It works significantly in all the nooks and corners. These rugs are the actual limelight when placed in the right position. Furthermore, these rugs make your room spacious and airy. 

3. Coral area rug

It’s not always necessary to buy a rug that is too large. Most often, people tend to buy a small rug. Sometimes people buy smaller pieces and combine them to have a larger one. This is mainly to create warmth and a cozy look. 

Coral rugs are ideal pieces in this case. These rugs are neither too bright nor too dull. You can easily combine this rug with other pieces. These rugs are both beautiful and decent at once. This is so versatile that you can also add it anywhere besides the bedroom. For getting the best feel, buy this rug in wool material. 

4. Black Persian rug

While you are at a rug store, think from a broad perspective. For these reasons, take your rug not only as a floor cover but more than that. Keep in mind that a rug adds an overall effect. This is a process you can do with the least effort. Balck Persian rugs are an excellent choice for any space. No doubt black rugs add a luxurious feel.

These rugs usually own a floral pattern. However, they are available in multi colors and can easily complement the entire decor. Indeed this is one of those rugs that make your room worth living. These rugs make your space stand out among all. You can have these rugs in wool as well as other materials. 

5. Navy rug     

This is the rug for you if you have an extra space in your bedroom that you want to design but don’t know how! It has a lovely blue hue and a slightly elongated shape. The rug’s brown and blue tones match each other. It also draws attention to the delicate and lovely floral patterns on it.

This will give your bedroom a nice feel and make it more attractive to everyone. The pull is made of high-quality wool and is hand-knotted, demonstrating the craftsmen’s expertise. You can put it in the center of the room instead of in front of a window or to the side.

6. Soothing grey rug

If you have visitors at all times, you may need to make the right choice at the rug store. Don’t worry; there is a vast collection in such cases as well. Grey rug is one of the best rugs in such cases. These rugs can easily handle wear and tear. This is a rug that provides extra charm. Moreover, these rugs can easily handle heavy traffic as well.

It would last for years in your bedroom without fading or being damaged, giving your visitors the impression that you have a new rug every time they visit. The light grey and peach tones provide a modest but exquisite image in the area. It may be dressed with any accent without appearing cluttered or out of place. Just be sure to clean and maintain it regularly to keep it in good shape.

Which rug store is the best for buying bedroom rugs?

After reading about all the outstanding rugs, you are now in search of a rug store. So, for this purpose, you can visit rug gallery Columbus. We have all the rugs for you. Rugs that match your taste and personality. Get a carpet that exactly fits with the decor and accent. From small to large, we have rugs of every size for you. Now elevate the entire look with your most favorite rug. So get up and grab.


A comfortable bedroom is required in every home. Moreover, comfy seating and a healthy convo point are a vital part of every bedroom. So be careful when you are at the rug store to buy a bedroom rug. Buy a carpet that truly matches the interior as well as the overall accent. 

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