6 Best Tourist Places in Columbus

Hey guys… Don’t you think, this visit of yours should be full of excitement and thrills? Have you ever thought of having an amazing getaway to Columbus, Ohio’s city capital? The city is famous for its top-notch zoo, historic neighborhoods and markets, museums, parks, and nature trails, which are worthy to be included in your summer itinerary.

Full of vibrant culinary scenes and world-class culture, sports, and entertainment venues, Columbus will never let you be bored with its wonderful vibes. Everything you need for a memorable outing, which is here in Columbus. Just book tickets from the Spirit Airlines Official Site and experience what you want.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

How about a close encounter with animals living like a family? That’s amazing, no? Then catch a bus to the famous Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Appreciated among families, wildlife enthusiasts, and educational institutions, the zoo has approximately 10,000 animals in its various exhibitions, which include a polar exhibit with polar bears and arctic foxes, and also an African exhibit with lions and cheetahs.

North Market

Get yourself lost in the busy shops of Columbus’ North Market, serving citizens with the freshest produce, meat and cheeses, offered by local artisans and international vendors. Want to fill your basket, when roaming around the streets of downtown Columbus? North Market is the place where you can get everything, from furniture, jewelry, flowers, and local artwork to Mexican food, bubble tea, artisanal baked goods, and much more.

German Village

Located just south of downtown Columbus, you’ll find the historic neighborhood named German Village. One of the great areas to shop, dine or walk around to enjoy the beautiful brick buildings and cobblestone streets, the village has almost everything that you would love to explore. You have to just ask your nearest ones. Wishing to visit now? Then, reserve your seats through the Spirit Airlines Reservations portal and get exciting vacation offers.

Center of Science and Industry (COSI)

Are you a science buff? Yes? Then book an advance ticket to the prestigious Center of Science and Industry, impressing and inspiring adults and children about the wonders of science in our world, for decades. Visitors are offered to go through interactive exhibits and scientific items to use and gain knowledge. Friends, how is it, going to COSI with kids and letting them experience everything there? This will help them to develop scientific temperament in kids. That’s not a bad idea, after all!!!

Huntington Park

Enjoying a baseball game at Huntington Park is one of the favorite things that a visitor would like to do. Are you a fan of the Columbus Clippers? Then it’s a great opportunity to watch them playing live at Huntington Park. A paradise for baseball lovers, the stadium allows visitors to walk around and explore different parts of the stadium. So, fans!!! Make an exciting trip to watch a thrilling baseball match of the homegrown team.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Add this outstanding facility to your must-visit destination list, folks!! The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens displaying an extensive collection of flora and fauna, always ready to enthrall you!!! Visitors can walk through the rainforest, desert, see excellent orchid collections, and visit the grand Palm House, featuring hundreds of species of plants from around the world. Are you nature lover too, then why not ask out your loved ones for this visit? The trip will never disappoint you.

Friends, everyone wants an escape from their daily work and find solace for some time. Ask yourself, maybe you have a need too. For this, you should plan a getaway to Columbus city, which is full of adventures. Book Spirit Airlines Flight Tickets and enjoy your summer vacation.

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