6 Proven Ways to Keep Your Bones Healthy and Strong

We normally associate strength with huge muscular bodies but the real strength comes from your bones. Healthy or strong bones are what keeps your body strong by providing a solid framework for your body.

Why is bone health important?

However, the problem with bone health is quite common. Particularly, as you age your bone health starts getting affected, you become more prone to injuries. 

Well, the reason is pretty clear. Our bones achieve a maximum bone density by the age of 30 years and deposit most of the nutrients till this time. In case, our bones remain deprived of any mineral and nutrient during this time, it ultimately leads to weaker bones and weaker you.

Over time, our bones lose their ability to absorb the nutrients and there are structural changes that make them spongier. I took my mother to the best orthopedic doctor in Rawalpindi for a minor problem. Her physician told us that she was on the verge of developing osteoporosis and was troubling with bone health issues.

How to keep your bones healthy? 

Since that day, we have become more conscious of healthy lifestyle changes to keep our bone health. Here, I’m going to add these good bone health practices that might help you too. Good bone health practices include;

1- Eat your way to healthy bones

Our bodies become what we eat and our bones are no exception to this. Talking about the mineral and nutrients, calcium is the one thing we need for strong bones as it adds strength and stiffness to the body. At a young age, our bodies try to bone up the calcium and this calcium absorption reaches its upper limit during puberty.

Other than calcium our bodies also need vitamin D to ensure the movement of calcium into the intestine and then blood. Considering the importance of vitamin D and calcium, it is recommended to add good amounts of milk to the diet. Other than this, the added or naturally taken vitamin D in your body can thoroughly help to cope with the calcium deficiencies in the body, which might be paving your way to poor bone health in future.

2- Weight-bearing exercise is good for you

Weight-bearing exercises can help you to build stronger bones by forcing you to act against gravity. Providing you with the resistance as you proceed, these weight-bearing workouts can be your way to healthy bones. Some of these exercises include stair climbing, aerobics, jogging, running, dancing etc.

3- Strength training might help your bones

Other than foods, certain forms of physical activity can make your bones healthier and stronger. Strength training can help people to have stronger bones especially when they are unable to perform weight-bearing exercises. Adding resistance training to your daily routine can help your body to get the maximum benefit of bone loading.

4- Take vitamin D supplements

Other than calcium, you can add vitamin D supplements to your diet for improved bone health. These vitamin D supplements can improve the absorption of calcium in the body ultimately building stronger bones, as told by a renowned physician from Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi addressing a webinar on bone health.

5- Smoking and drinking can be bad for your bones

Not only for your lungs and liver, poor lifestyle habits including drinking and smoking can be bad for your bones too. Excessive tobacco use and alcohol consumption can lower your bone density leading to multiple bone health issues in future. Limiting your alcohol consumption and quitting your smoking habits can help you to retain your bone health.

6- Visit your doctor often

Another way to ensure healthy bones is by getting your bones checked. You can get yourself checked for mineral density to know your chances of developing bone trouble in future. DXA scans can help your doctor to assume how your bone health will be in future. Both men and women should go for bone density testing in their older ages.

7- Avoid low calorie diets

Many people strugg;e with weight loss throughout their lives and their weight loss approach is as different as they themselves are. However, it is common to observe that most people go for the shortest method to have instant weight loss that is not possible. For such people, the market is full of diet fads and cleverly marketed products. One of the common weight loss fad is the weight loss diet.
Yes, I am exactly talking about the popular apple diet or egg diet! Switching to these diets and cutting off your calories in a bad way can be dangerous for your health, particularly, bone health. These diets make a person body deprived of the essential nutrients they require to perform the routine functions. So, eating fewer calories than what your body requires could result

 into long-term damage to your bones. 

Bottom Line!

Most of the time we have seen people suffering from health problems and that too because of their bad lifestyle habits. Other than that, one of the most commonly health damaging habits is the self-experimentation people do with themselves. Though technology advancements have made it possible to get a lot of health information on your own, everything you read on the internet about should not be believed. Blindly following these trends can be very problematic for  both in the short and long term and can result in severe consequences. 

Just like another aspect of our health, our bone health is quite crucial. These bones make the basic framework of our body and healthy bones ensure we will be enjoying our older selves or troubling with bone problems. Though bone health diseases aren’t completely preventable lifestyle modifications can play a key role. Adding certain nutrients to your diet and opting for good lifestyle habits can surely prevent bone health issues.

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