7 Basic Modern rules that you must follow while Lip Gloss Production

Previously, the use of lip glosses was limited only to some decorative purposes. But in the current times, they are more focused on bringing functional and skincare benefits to the skin of the lips. Chapped lips are a universal problem and cause irritation among people. Sticking to use lip glosses for your lips can help in eradicating this common problem. They consist of some effective ingredients that help to keep the lips soft and smooth for a long period of time. For the effective protection of these delicate items, they are often packed in lip gloss packaging constructed from quality cardboard material. If you do not know the fundamental rules for producing the best lip gloss products, read out this comprehensive article.

Know your color type:

Lip balms are modern cosmetic products that hit two birds with one stone. What does this mean? They are used as a remedy for chapped lips and make the lips beautiful as well. If you are focusing on just one of these aspects, you cannot make a difference in the market. Therefore, make sure to choose an appropriate color for your lip balms since they are also intended to bring colors to the lips. It is achievable by adding the colorants into your cosmetic product. Make sure that the chosen colors impart higher visibility to the lips and reflect the theme of some occasional environment for the target audience. While selecting the colors, make sure not to use the colorant that induces some sort of sensitization or allergic reactions to the lip skin of the consumers.

Decide on the range of oils:

While producing lip glosses, various sorts of oils are used. These oils may be hydrogenated vegetable oils, mineral oils, or some caster oils. Their prime role is to act as a dispersant for the colorants, and their viscosity varies from thin liquids to thick waxes. If you are using some higher concentrations of oils while making the cosmetic product for your lips, the lip balm wearers might feel heavy with their lips. Not just that, they also lead to the subjection of some harmful conditions in the consumers, such as rancidity. To avoid this kind of scenario, make sure you keep the range or concentration of oils minimum in this regard. Typically, the oil range from 6 to 10 percent is ideal.

Keep an eye on the solvent range:

The main function of the solvents used in the production of lip balms is to dissolve the color pigments and waxes. There are many solvents used in this regard; esters and alcohols are the two main ones. It is important for you to keep an eye on the solvent range being used. This is because higher concentrations of solvents can contribute to producing unfavorable results for the lip skin of the consumers. For making the perfect products, make sure to keep the range of solvents from 3 to 10 percent.

Restrain from excess use of waxes:

Carnauba and beeswax are the two main types of waxes that are commonly used by manufacturers during the lip balm production process. The main purpose of these waxes is to augment the viscosity of the lip products. Talking about their structure, they are pretty harder due to which the melting point of the formulation is enhanced. This melting temperature needs to be decreased so as to lessen the payoff of a lip balm product. The payoff is basically the amount of product transferred to the lip skin of the people. This is only possible when you contain the use of waxes in the production process. Otherwise, an excessive quantity of waxes can lead to an unpleasant application feel, tackiness, or graininess. According to the experts, the concentration of waxes to be used should vary between 8 to 18 percent.

Keep the polymers’ concentration low:

The polymers are an essential part of making lip glosses a finer product. One of the fundamental and critical benefits of polymers is that they make your product wear resistance. They also provide good adhesive properties when being applied to the lip skin. Apart from that, they contribute to improving the quality of the lip balms by making them glossier. Normally, their concentration should range from 0.2 to 2 percent. Higher concentrations could lead to harmful effects for the lip skin of consumers.

Additional ingredients for protection:

The protection of the lip skin of the people is the ultimate goal. The use of some additional ingredients can do wonders in this regard. For instance, you can think about adding sunscreens to your lip gloss products. This will make your product resistive to the effect of harmful UV light. Some moisturizing ingredients such as glycerol can also be utilized in this respect for preventing the lips skin from getting dry. Apart from that, some fragrances can also be used for giving your lip glosses a fruity smell. However, for the protection of the lip glosses themselves, make sure to pack them in the cardboard-built lip gloss boxes as they are durable and sturdy.

Finish off:

After you have decided on the ingredients, colors, and ranges of waxes, oils, and solvents, it is now the time for making their mixture. This mixture should be placed in the special tins and Chapstick tubes. You need to cool this mixture for several hours in these special tubes. If you are not cooling down this mixture well, the final lip gloss product may be of no value in the target market. After cooling, make sure to pack these products in the custom printed lip gloss boxes. These boxes should convey the storage instructions to the businesses so as to keep the efficacy of lip glosses preserved until their use.

The lip glosses usually packed in lip gloss packaging are important cosmetic items that have extensive usage all around the globe. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are not aware of the production process of these items. But, it is not a tough task; all you need to do is to follow a certain set of rules in this regard.

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