7 Image SEO Tips & Tactics You Need to Know

In 2021, SEO tactics are going to be transformed dramatically. From images to text, every piece of the content should be optimized. All the algorithms that search engines use will be changed. Have you updated your SEO packages or tactics? Are you optimizing images for search engines the right way? Don’t worry, if you are not doing it the right way. Because after reading this post you will get to know all about image optimization.

Images are an important part of the visual content for any site. That is why images are important for search engines and site visitors. As a webmaster or website owner, you must be aware of the latest image SEO tactics. Here we will let you know the 7 most effective image SEO tips. Do share this post with others who need to optimize the images on their sites. 

TIP #1: Right Format

Choosing the right format for your images is the first thing you must consider while doing image SEO for any kind of website. Format of images is important because there are different treatments for different image formats by search engine crawlers. Some formats are good for display quality, while some are easily recognized by search engines. So for better ranking on any search engine result page (SERP), you must have to consider the format of the images that you are using. There are the following types of image formats used on websites.

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • WEBP
  • GIF 

TIP #2: Pay Attention To Size

The size of the images matters a lot because it is directly linked up with the user experience. If the images on your website are big, then your page will take more time to load. And as we all know the bounce rate on webpages kills organic traffic. So if you don’t want to lose organic traffic that is coming from search engines, they must pay attention to the size of your images. Your images should be compressed and made of small size so that they can load faster on your webpages. 

TIP #3: Ignore Stock Or General Images

Yes, we know that it is not an SEO tip, but still, it is important just because of the user experience. All the search engines out there including Google, have clearly and publicly announced that user experience is the most important thing for them while ranking websites on the search engine result pages (SERPs). So if you are using general images or stock images, then it is not going to work for you to attract more traffic with just images. Your images should convey a unique message which should comply with your main content. 

TIP #4: Make It Your Content

Using others’ content is not a good idea for any website. It never looks authentic when you use images from other sources. However, it is also not possible to create unique images on your own every time you post on your blog or website but you can do something to make it look like your unique content.

For example, if you are using stock images or general illustrations in your content, then before using such images, try to add some extra things like your watermark, your company logo, or a graphical caption on the image, etc. Adding a frame to your images in your color theme will also make it look like your unique content. Again it is not an image SEO tip, but it can help you enhance the user experience on your site. Also, you will get traffic from image searches with this trick. 

TIP #5: File Name, Titles, Alt Text & Captions

The file name, titles, alt text and captions, all these five things are important. The biggest mistake most webmasters make is to copy the same content in all these boxes. But you have to understand what they all mean. Try to add unique content in all of these spaces. Your caption should talk about your photo, the alt text should be alternative text and the file name should be within the structure. 

TIP #6: Use Keywords Smartly

All the above-mentioned five sections in Tip number 5 will rank your site better if you use keywords smartly in them. Try not to stuff focus keywords everywhere. Also, use some alternative keywords in all these sections for better ranking. 

TIP #7: Proper Image Structure

The image structure is similar to the web page structures that we have on our site. There are different structures used by webmasters for different purposes. For example, an eCommerce site will have a different image structure as compared to a blog. So it depends upon the type of site that you have. Proper image structure will help site crawlers to get to the point quickly.


All the above-mentioned tips make a complete guide on image SEO. If you follow all the above-mentioned 7 image SEO tips, it is sure you will achieve a good ranking with just images. However, the ranking of webpages never depends upon just image searches. But still, they are important. Images help enhance the user experience. The user experience is one of the key elements that search engines consider while ranking websites on search result pages.



With over 13 years of experience as a leader in digital marketing, Mansi Rana is Managing Director of EZ Rankings - SEO Company India. Passionate about all things data; providing actionable business intelligence in digital, future tech; and venture bubbles categories for everyone, everywhere.

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