7 Smart Tips To Budget Your Indian Wedding

Weddings hold an incredibly special place in our hearts. But, with it come a lot of budgeting issues as well, because it is indeed a grand affair when someone in the family is getting married. Managing expenses at that point of time is crucial, otherwise a lot of money can go in vain that could have been easily saved. In this blog, we share with you just the tips to help you plan and use your money in the wedding saga wisely. Don’t worry you would not need to compromise on the food, dance, dhol, decor and the relatives you don’t even know of, even if they would enjoy the wedding to the core. Let’s begin!

Host pre wedding pujas, parties at home-This is the best way to cut down on venue expenses. Any which ways, not many people are gathered at these events just close family, friends and neighborhood is involved. If the house still seems small, you can hire Indian wedding services in UK, they can help you find the right venue or get a tent setup done.

Purchase or DIY decor- This is where hiring Indian wedding services in UK can be of great help for the ones who don’t love Pinterest much. The vendors can either arrange decor at cheap or get the creative people in the team DIY the things as per your liking.

Having a small bridal party or none-Parties are something that you can keep doing every now and then, this can save a lot. The best we would recommend to you is to let your friends throw a bridal party for you.

Marry on a weekday- The venue that you book on a weekday would be cheaper in comparison to the weekends. This way you can go for a high end wedding venue and make it fit into your budget.

Send invites– The digital invites would be the best to save money and do good for the environment. So, hire a designer and send the card via mobile.

Hire Indian wedding consultants– For people who are living in UK, the best bet to save money is to hire Indian wedding services in UK, they would help you plan everything in your budget and even arrange the Indian items you need sourced from India itself.

Buy bridal wear from here- Local markets like Chandni chowk are the best for this.

While you may think that  saving isn’t an option when planning a wedding, look at how we just proved you wrong. So, begin the preparations, a little investment in hiring Indian wedding services in the UK won’t hurt if you are not living in India or want to have a destination wedding somewhere there. Also, couples in this time of crisis have started to donate the amount they were investing in the wedding for the help of Covid patients in India, so you might want to use some of the money you save or all of it, there.

Happy Wedding!

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