8 Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Getting the Job Done

Let’s be honest. We all have procrastinated at one (or more) point(s) in our lives. And weirdly enough, it felt rewarding at first. However, in most cases, procrastination has only led us to a more troublesome situation. But what can we do to stay motivated for getting the job done when the darkness of procrastination engulfs us?

Well, suggested by assignment help online all you need to understand that procrastination is an active process, which means you actively choose to not do certain work when you are supposed to do it. As you can guess, there are some psychological factors at play. So, if you want to overcome the episodes of procrastination, you need to motivate yourself to work. Here are some tips that will be helpful in that context.

  1. Commit to the decision of overcoming procrastination:

A lot of people fail to get out of the spiral of procrastination, as they do not realise they are procrastinating until it is too late. So, if you recognise that you are procrastinating, you are already a few steps ahead of several people. Now, you need to set a goal of overcoming your procrastination.

While you are at it, do not consider other options. Make sure, fulfilling the goal is the only option you have.  It is important that you stick to the goal and work towards achieving it successfully. Commit yourself completely to its success.

  1. Make your decision public:

Setting a goal is one thing, and fulfilling it is another. We often promise ourselves to commit to a goal all the time, but we seldom fulfil such goals. In order to give yourself a sense of accountability, it is recommended to tell about your goal of overcoming procrastination to one or more people.

A public declaration creates an obligation of fulfilling the goal. In fact, studies suggest that you are more likely to complete a task if you simply declare the goal of the task beforehand.

  1. Try to evaluate the cost of failure:

After you have announced your decision to people, you need to determine what failure would cost you. Answering this question will give you some clarity about the consequences of not getting the work done on time. This may snap you out of procrastination and keep you motivated to finish your work in a timely manner.

You can also imagine the future scenarios and try to visualise what would life be like after 5 years if you are not able to fulfil the goal of overcoming your procrastination. You should also consider evaluating how you would feel if you do not start working towards your goals.

  1. List out the benefits of success:

As you evaluate the cost of failure, you should also consider listing out the benefits of completing the goal of overcoming your procrastination. Some of the common benefits of getting your work done on time is having a stress-free life, more control over your life, and more.

Since you need to constantly motivate yourself to accomplish the goal, having a list of these benefits will help boost your motivation. In fact, write the benefits on paper, and stick them in your room or workplace so that you can see them every day and get motivated.

  1. Simplify the whole approach:

A lot of us often procrastinate because we have no clue how to do a certain task. For examples, students are most likely to procrastinate when they see they have an unfamiliar task to solve. This obstacle can be overcome easily if you simply break down the task into smaller and achievable objectives. Let’s discuss how a student should approach an unfamiliar task to avoid procrastination:

  • Understand the requirements of the task by studying the instructions thoroughly
  • Brainstorm for ideas and shortlist the topics that fit the requirements
  • Gather authentic information for the task
  • Study the gathered information and use it to build an outline for the task
  • Start your first draft and support your arguments with proper facts
  • Revise your content and make the necessary change until it sounds perfect
  • Cite the sources of external references and prepare the bibliography

If you look at the individual steps, they do not seem so difficult in comparison to the whole task. So, whenever you are falling into procrastination due to the complexity of the task, simply break it into smaller steps and work on them individually.

  1. Use resources to your advantage:

Now that you have understood how to approach the task while avoiding procrastination, it is time to address the issues that may pull you back to the spiral of procrastination. For instance, a cluttered workplace, distracting working environment, and other enticing elements such as gaming consoles, social media, and TV and web series can keep you from becoming productive.

So, you need to get help from several resources to get rid of these elements from your vicinity (and perhaps from your life). If you can’t declutter your room all by yourself, get the help of another person who can do it.

When you are getting disturbed by annoying noises or other things, you can consider using noise cancellation headphones and listen to instrumental music, which apparently helps you concentrate. And keep your mobile phone on silent and bar access to social media and online streaming platforms on your laptop while you work on it.

  1. Prepare a plan of action:

As mentioned earlier, you need to break down the task you are supposed to do in case you don’t know where to start. Now, knowing the different aspects of the task is not going to be enough. You need to figure out a detailed plan of action and schedule the action steps to overcome procrastination and, of course, finish the task on time.

For instance, your task may require assistance from another person. Now, you cannot simply call that person up whenever you want and involve him/her in the task. To ensure that person is available for help, you need to confirm it from the person and select a time to perform the necessary step.

Thus, it is absolutely important that you schedule your work properly and don’t just rely on a to-do list.

  1. Get a partner:

Now, it is important to understand that you may not be able to complete every task on your own. While you may need help to declutter your room, you should also consider availing assistance from another person if the task itself looks complex, even after breaking it down. For all those times, you should work with an accountability partner.

Make sure your partner is equally committed to getting things done on time, is focused in life and does not take any excuse for not doing any task. In the company of such a partner, you can certainly get over the procrastinating habit. Check in with the partner regularly to monitor your progress better.



Since procrastination is nothing but a bad habit, you need to make efforts to develop good habits to counter it. The tips mentioned before don’t just help you get out of the darkness of procrastination but also helps you develop habits that keep you motivated for timely completion of every work in life.

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