9 Best Ways To Maintain The Tree’s Prime Health

Trees are considered to be the most valuable part of our landscape and probably the hardest one to maintain. They are vital in providing us the shades for homes and garden areas, cutting down the energy costs significantly.

Having a tree on your property increases its value, helps reduce air pollution, and soil erosion, and works on the thriving of wildlife habitat. They also play a vital role in increasing the beauty and sense of calmness at your property which leaves a great impact on everyone’s lives. 

Since we have grown seeing them peacefully standing in the background, it becomes easy to overlook the fact that trees are required for the thriving of human lives. That is why it becomes very important to maintain the trees at their prime health and how they can grow at full pace.

Keeping that in mind, we will be talking about the 9 ways in which we can keep the trees healthy:

1. Planting the right tree

This is your first step for many success ahead and that’s what makes it the most important one. You need to ensure that the plant you have chosen should stay for years to come. Choose that species of plant that can easily go well with the climate, light, space, and soil conditions in the growing area. For more information on planting the best tree in your region, you can get in touch with the local authority or any tree expert.

2. Play around with stakes

A tree that has been left to face heavy wind and storms often develops a stronger trunk. If the tree is new and you think there are chances of it might be falling, provide a two-stake system with a loose, flexible tie amongst both to provide the right support. You can later remove these stakes as soon as you see that the tree is strong enough that takes around 12-14 months.

3. Keep away from the grass

The grass that is growing in the nearby area of the trunk often competes with the tree to get the nutrients, water, and air (often get the most of it anyway). This is very dangerous for the health of the tree, especially the young ones as they might face poor development if there is grass against their trunks.

4. Provide ample water

Young trees need water regularly but for the mature trees well you need to ensure there is water during the intervals of drought. A deep water supply helps the complete zone of the root (2-4 feet deep for mature trees) to just around the drip line (this line is formed in mind based on the idea that the tree canopy down to soil level). Let the water rest on the soil before it appears to be partially dry and then start the watering again. Don’t rely on the lawn sprinklers since this work needs a personal touch.

5. Put the fertilization on time

Don’t go with the notion that you have to feed the trees annually only. The period of feeding is even more frequent with the young trees and until they are established, do fertilize them. However, mature trees won’t need this much occasional feeding with them. The feeding only has to be done once you see that the tree has a poor growth rate or there is yellowish foliage.

6. Mulching

Here you can apply the organic mulch for 2-3 inches and go with pine straw or compost, under the canopy of the tree. Mulch helps in the cooling of the soil, traps the moisture, improves soil texture, and fewer weeds will be there.

7. Proper pruning and lopping

By taking these effective steps, you promote the structure and strength of the trees. Consult the experts for tree lopping Sydney for any thinning cuts or heading cuts. Taking these steps correctly at the right time can turn out to be the best decision.

8. Protecting the roots

It is better to put a sign that mentions no car or heavy equipment is allowed to stay or park at the root areas of trees. This puts a negative impact on the roots as the soil there compacts, reduces the level of oxygen, and sometimes even kills the roots.

Another thing that shouldn’t be done without consulting a certified arborist is that no soil is to be removed or added beneath the tree canopies. Since the grades are changed here, the roots get the harm and the trees weaken down. They may get killed in the next impact of the storm.

9. Keeping the trunk alive

The trunk of the tree faces a lot of things from the bumps of lawnmowers or facing the damage of weed-waters. The bark and trunk face a whole lot of damage that weakens up the structure of the tree and invites more insects and diseases.


Just like humans, trees also need regular care and maintenance. Therefore, you should regularly inspect your trees to make sure that they are in good condition. Also, you should call tree professionals twice a year to ensure healthy growth and the good shape of your trees. The above-mentioned tips will let you maintain the tree’s prime heath.

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