9 Stress-Busting Ways Remove Anxiety From Your Life

Is stress stressing you out? Then here is the list of 9 techniques of how to curb your stress- levels. It is utopian to imagine a world without problems, but one can build strategies to cope with problems and stress caused by those problems.


Meditation can do wonders for stress management. If stress strikes you frequently, make it a habit to meditate as a part of your everyday routine. You can hit the gym and release your negative energy there, or you can focus your attention in the right direction through yoga. Put your thoughts aside and do yoga. Keep calm and meditate.

Eat your Greens

Green-leafy vegetables contain folate, a vitamin that helps produce the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine, reducing your stress and anxiety levels. Eating healthy prevents physical as well as mental fatigue. You feel more active and find yourself in fine fettle. Mental health is directly proportionate to physical health. If you eat healthily, you think healthy, and you will feel more energetic and physically sound.


Décor with aroma candles and essential oil diffuser to de-stress at work. Aroma candles offer a wide range, and you can check out some on Memorial Day Sales 2021. Aromas like lavender help ease anxiety. De-cluttering and organizing with a touch of décor help you feel positive. It would allow you to relax. You should use houseplants and flowers indoors as well. Painting your walls with pastel colors might also help.


Even listening to the word massage makes you feel a bit relaxed. It may also relieve muscle pain. There are hundreds of massaging devices in the market. Devices are focussing on one body part, and others work for your entire body. Massaging chairs, eye massagers, head massagers, back massagers, foot massagers are some of the most commonly used devices that help you relax your body and ultimately your mind.


The art of cooking can work wonders for some. People are seen cooking when they are under stress. It acts as a therapy. But there is a condition, cooking ‘alone’ works as a stress buster. It is like ‘me time’ that helps to reduce stress and restore energy. Also, do not forget to appreciate when you are being served. Your acknowledgment can make others cheer up. Because you never know what the other person might be going through.

Stress Ball

Repeatedly squeezing the stress ball helps reduce stress levels making you feel less anxious. It will release your negative energy and boost your blood circulation, acting as a stress buster. It improves your nervous system and also helps you focus more.

Social Detox

Social media offers “too much information,” causing FOMO or fear of missing out. Social media has also increased the inferiority complex among many. It regulates your stress levels. The more time you spend on social media, the more anxious and stressed out you are likely to feel. In the longer run, it can also take the form of depression. So if your stress levels are rising, it’s time to check your screen time, and a good idea to take a social detox. Reconnect with the real world and live in reality rather than capturing it.


If you are over-occupied with work and workload is killing you, then it’s time that you find a weekend getaway. Sometimes it just feels like disconnecting from the world and go to a place where no one knows you. This happens a lot these days as the world has become smaller, thanks to technology. A good vacation helps you revitalize and rejuvenate and find yourself again. Plan a festive vacation and return all charged up and stress-free.

Phone a Friend

One of the best stress-busters has been proven to be talking to a friend. It can be the closest companion or a complete stranger as one feels more comfortable sharing secrets with a stranger with whom he/she doesn’t have mutual friends. That is why people go to psychologists. Sometimes you just need an ear to hear you out. But it doesn’t always work; most of the time, you need a trusted person whom you can rely upon for solutions. So the ball is in your court, dial whomsoever you want to, vent out your emotions, talk it out, and you will feel better by the time you hang up.


Stress and anxiety have become way more common than you can think. But because for the very same reason, various techniques can help you tackle your apprehensions. Do what you love, spend time with your loved ones, engage yourself in outdoor activities that you love, eat right, and treat yourself with afters once in a while. Also, sound sleep is of paramount importance. Last but not least, laugh out loud as they say, “laughter is the best medicine.”

One very important thing to remember is that no one can make you feel good if you cannot keep your mental health a priority. Your happiness lies within yourself. And it’s high time that we start thinking about our mental well-being. Self-care and self-love must become our focus areas. You should learn to love yourself first before pouring out love on others because we tend to lose ourselves quite often in the process of loving others. You should never lose yourself while finding the other. Love yourself because you are worth it.

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