A Comprehensive guide on plastic optical fiber (POF)

plastic optical fiber

Fiber optics are becoming more common for communication and networking purposes, and there are various types of these cables depending upon their structure, material and features. Some fibers are easier to bend and are highly flexible, whereas some are less flexible and have a bending limit, and bending such fiber cables beyond the limit could break them.

A type of fiber that is flexible and uses polymer as its manufacturing material is the plastic optic fiber or (POF). It is in use for various purposes. One of its basic objectives is the illumination and light-emitting diodes for signal transmissions within an environment for shorter distances. These fibers are sensitive to weather conditions and are highly preferable indoors.

Dig deep into this article to know the benefits and features of POF and its applications in various fields.

Top 5 features and benefits of plastic optical fiber

You will see various implementations and applications of glass fiber optics, and these applications turn out to be the best ones. Another optic type is the POF, also named polymer fiber. It has a wide range of benefits and features for multiple applications and fields.

Following are some very important features and advantages of POF.

1. Less signal attenuation rates

Plastic optical fibers are mostly used for short distances and transmit signals to similar environments at smaller distances. The signal attenuation and losses are fewer as compared to cables that send signals to larger distances and have higher signal attenuation rates. Apart from the fiber’s quality, the other thing that matters in the signal attenuation and loss rates is the fiber cable’s poor installation. These reasons motivate people to get in touch with fiber optic cable Dubai located companies for error and attenuation-free cable installation without worrying about anything.

2. Higher flexibility

Plastic fiber cables have higher flexibility and bend rates. These cables are more flexible as compared to glass optical finer, which has lower flexibility rates. That is why plastic fiber cables are easier to handle, terminate and install. The material used for manufacturing the plastic fiber makes it more flexible because both the core and cladding use polymer making them more robust than glass fiber cables.

3. Less costly

As fiber optic cables are not easy to purchase and install, they are very expensive and demand high care. Yet, there are options available for people who still want to install fiber; plastic fiber cables are less costly and provide data transmission facilities for shorter distances. They use plastic material, mostly polymer, which is not expensive than glass; that is why plastic fibers are cheaper to buy and install.

4. Field termination is easier

Some fibers are impossible to terminate in the field, and some in the factory before installation. Termination of fiber cable is a crucial task and requires gentle and expert hands to avoid mistakes. Any mistake in the fiber termination could result in a waste of the fiber. Plastic optical fibers are easier to terminate in the field, and there are no chances to break. But still, you need to be careful and follow the fiber termination instructions and steps.

5. The cost of connectors is low

Connectors are very important for connecting or disconnecting multiple fiber cables. For better results, it is always important to polish the connectors and then join them to the fiber cable. These connectors are very expensive for glass fiber cables, but the connectors for plastic fiber are less expensive.

Top 2 uses of plastic optic fiber (POF)

The previously discussed benefits are the only reasons plastic fiber is still in use, and most of the people who want to go for low price fiber use plastic fiber cables. These cables are also in the home appliances that we use in our routine tasks.

The following are some of the uses of Plastic fiber in various applications.

1. Home appliances

Most home appliances or electronic appliances at home use plastic optic fiber. Using electronic gadgets has become a necessity for the timely completion of tasks and accuracy of tasks.  These appliances are in use daily and must be long-lasting and robust; that is the only reason electronic gadgets at home mostly have plastic fiber.  Home appliances that use plastic fiber are as follows.

  • Telephones
  • Computer
  • Security cameras

2. Automobile industry

Most car manufacturing companies today use fiber optics because of their properties. One of the attractive properties of plastic fiber is that it is light-weight, and vehicles we see today are light in weight with smaller engines. They use fiber for networking of the cars, and this type of fiber has fewer attenuation rates for shorter distances. So, hire the fiber optic cable Dubai based firm to make the right selection and installation of fiber cable for your vehicle and make them more advanced and light in weight.

The right choice and selection for your needs is crucial for better communications

There is no doubt that fiber optics are the best choice for networking, but you need to make the right selection of fiber types within fiber cables. In some cases, you need to use glass, and in some cases, you need to use plastic optics. Using the wrong cable to achieve your objective will not work, and it will be nothing except a waste of money. Make the right selection of fiber optics and the people for its installation and maintenances for better communications and networking.

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