Advantages of online test generator for teachers and student .

Testing has evolved significantly with the rise of technology. With online tests, administrators can now formulate assessments that will yield the exact results they are looking for, taking up to half the time to prepare the same test with pen and paper. In addition, online tests provide administrators with additional security and enhance the validity, reliability, and rationality of their tests.

If you’re tired of formatting, organizing, and distributing tests manually, there’s an easy solution to ease your test-making woes. online test generator creation software allows you to easily streamline the process of creating exams, surveys, and assessments for your students or business. With no coding skills required, testing software comes with a range of detailed tutorials and excellent customer support so you will be well on your way to creating high-quality exams in no time.

1. Premade query formats are an advantage of using online test generator software

Writing a test yourself is no small task, and designing different types of questions is a laborious process. Too often, this can be frustrating for administrators, especially if the formatting of a query does not work on a word processor.

Using test building software to create tests is a simple way to overcome this problem. With 11 pre-formatted question types, such as ordering, right or wrong, multiple choice, filling in blanks, and more, you can improve your productivity by spending more time choosing better questions than designing their format.

2. Test banks have the advantage of using test making software

A particular advantage of using an easy test maker is the ability to create organized test banks. Once your questions have been imported into a test bank, you can easily create as many different tests as you want to use the questions saved in the test bank. The questions in the test banks can be categorized according to the topic, question difficulty, question type and more, so all your questions are easy to access and organize.

3. Randomization is an advantage of using an easy test creator

When you create an experiment on your own, it is difficult to randomly arrange the order and grouping of questions. Although with good intentions, administrators can sometimes subconsciously group certain questions together, or arrange the questions in a particular way. While these biases may be subtle, they have the potential to affect the outcome of an exam.

A test generator with a randomization feature is the best solution to ensure that your test is free from any biases that may change the test taker’s response. Test Generator software offers six different randomization methods so you can easily pluck questions from your test bank and add them randomly to your tests.

4. Security is an advantage of using an easy test creator

If your tests require extra security, it is wise to use exam creation software. Since everything is locked and protected with a password, no one but you and the designated administrator can access the verification you have created. Additionally, once you have started your test, you can give your users a private set of login credentials to access the test and ensure that only those who take the test take the test. For added security, you can also enable a verification-only feature with a projector’s login credentials.

5. Automatic scoring is an advantage of using test making software

Although test making software offers many benefits when creating and administering tests, it is still time saving. Automatic scoring is an important function of test building software that allows you to instantly see the results of your test taker without the red pen marking.

If you use testing software for surveys and evaluations, there are 20 different report types available for reviewing your data. Reports allow you to do question, topic, answer and p-value analysis. Additionally, you can easily choose to preview them on your computer or print them for extra convenience.

With all the different testing features now available on the market, it is difficult to determine which ones should be used and which are the most essential. Read on to find out which test generator features are most popular among online test administrators and how you can use these features to enhance your own ratings.

Test Creator Randomization Options

Randomization options are helpful for tests given to different testing groups over a period of time. Randomizing sections of the test, or the entire test in general, can help test takers avoid sharing answers and cheating.

Test administrators may randomize the answers to:

Multiple Choice Questions
Check boxes
Matching questions

Media banks are used in test software

Sometimes for test administrators, trying to add media to a test seems complicated and excessive. This is because the test creator program they use is not responsive enough to allow them to include certain media files. Test Generator’s testmaker software includes a media banking module that enables test writers to import and organize media into banks, adding media to help illustrate a question better or help test takers – simple. Here are some of the different media formats that are compatible with the evaluation software:

  • MP3
  • PDF
  • Graphic formats such as .Gif, .jpg, .png
  • Flash and .avi
  • Adding media resources to items is easy, and can be done by importing the media from the computer into the media bank and then into the test item.

Try it out easily with automatic scoring

When administrators give tests to a large group of candidates, such as military recruits nationwide, it is impossible to get the resources, money, or manpower to mark each of these tests individually. That’s why when administrators create exams online, they look for programs that include an automatic scoring option. When auto-scoring is controversial, today’s test creator technology automatically scores tests that ensure multiple choices, short answers or right and wrong are more reliable, valid and reasonable than ever before.

Safety features of the test generator

Like paper and pen testing, online testing is not fraudulent. At times, online testing offers fraudsters new ways to cheat through hacking and other online security breaches. When using a test generator, administrators want to know that their content is secure, which is why many evaluation programs today include multiple security features to ensure test integrity.

Here are some ways administrators can implement TG’s security features for their testing:

Restrict access to intermittent inspections
“Lock” test window (Print screen or copy / paste options are not allowed)
Accept only the first answer: Test takers cannot go back after the test and change the answers
Enable or disable test accessibility

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