All You Need To Know About HDFC Bank Credit Cards

HDFC Bank or the Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited was the first bank in India to receive an approval from the Central Bank to set up a private sector bank, in 1994. Since then it has only elevated its position to become one of the most valued private-sector banks in India. It has even higher credibility when it comes to credit cards.

HDFC Bank Credit Cards

HDFC has had the upper hand over other banking systems ever since it first offered its credit cards, in 2004, in over 100 cities. In 2014, it became the largest issuer of credit cards in the country, with an incredible amount of 5.5 million credit cards issued by the end of October, according to the RBI data. Taking it a step further, HDFC decided to launch a missed call banking system in the same year. This service allowed the customers to access the bank facilities without visiting the bank personally or exploring the online portal.

It has successfully created a credit card customer base that now stands at 1.02 crore. That is equivalent to 26.68% of the total credit card customer base in India. It has achieved this status possibly because HDFC Credit card interest rate is attractively low when you compare it with all the benefits you get from it.

Who can apply for a Credit Card?

The eligibility criteria for applying for an HDFC Credit Card are not very complicated.

  • You must have attained a minimum of 21 years of age. You would be eligible to apply for a credit card if you fall into this category.
  • Another important criterion is Indian citizenship. You must be a resident of India or a non-resident Indian.
  • You should also have a good CIBIL Score.
  • You should have a regular source of income and you should have a minimum income of Rs. 18,000 per month.
  • You must be a regular employee of an established company or a self-employed professional managing your own business.

Documents required

You need these important documents in order to apply for a credit card from HDFC Bank:

  • Identity proof issued by the government of India: You can use your Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Passport, or Ration Card etc. as your identity proof.
  • Proof of income: You would be asked to submit your latest 3 salary slip or bank statement.
  • Address proof: For you address proof, you can use your electricity bill (latest or previous month), phone bill, rental agreement, flat maintenance bill, bank statement, passport, driving license etc.
  • Others: You would need your PAN Card and a passport size photograph.

Features of HDFC Credit Card

HDFC credit cards come with many important and reliable features, such as:

  • Personalised offerings: HDFC offers credit cards are customised to meet the needs and requirements of each and every customer.
  • Discounts: HDFC credit card has tie-ups with popular brands of all sorts, from dining to clothing and hence it can provide great discounts, offers or cash backs on their products.
  • Modernised security: HDFC credit cards come up with the most trusted security mechanism. They make sure to help provide you with a smooth and hassle-free transaction experience every time you use an HDFC credit card.
  • Balance transfer: On using an HDFC credit card, you get the added benefit of transferring the balance from one credit card to another or to any other account.
  • Loan against card: One of the most exciting features of HDFC credit cards is their loan against card facility. You can get a loan against your card with minimal paperwork at your doorstep on demand.
  • Bill value program: You can use your credit card to pay bills and to shop. You can pay electricity, mobile, insurance bills using HDFC credit card and get exciting cashback benefits and reward points offers.

Benefits of using an HDFC Credit Card

There are quite many benefits associated with using an HDFC Credit card, such as:

  • Low-interest rates: HDFC Credit card interest rate is very low, on all overdue payments, in comparison to its competitors which makes it even more desirable.
  • Cashless transactions: It has become a priority in modern India to have access to cashless modes of transactions. With HDFC Credit Cards, you become eligible to transact easily without carrying cash in hand. You also get the benefit of many discounts on cashless transactions.
  • Customised service: HDFC provides credit card services to match individual taste and needs.
  • Universal recognition: HDFC credit cards are accepted on all national and international platforms. They facilitate cashless transactions all across the world.
  • Exclusive benefits: HDFC Credit cardholders are entitled to many exclusive benefits like reward scheme, loan against the card, online services, EMI options, online facilities, cashback schemes, travel assistance and so much more.
  • Insurance: HDFC was the first bank in India to introduce inbuilt cashless mediclaim policy with its credit cards. Now it also provides other insurance facilities, such as health insurance, critical illness insurance, accident protection insurance and super top-up insurance.
  • Recurring payments: You can make payments from anywhere anytime with an HDFC Credit card. Another benefit is that it allows you to automatically make recurring payments for your mobile recharge, electricity or gas bill. This will prevent you from missing out on such payments.

Before making your final decision, you can compare the credit card from HDFC with other banks and choose yourself. Remember, there is so much that you can do once you get your credit card in hand. You can shop for your favourite item or pay your monthly bills, all at the ease and comfort of your home. Paying the credit card bill is no trouble either. You can pay your credit card bill online or by visiting the bank counter. It would make your life so much more stress-free after you get a credit card.

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