Top Approaches to Import OST to Outlook PST Formats

Many Outlook users are using OST data for business purposes. OST stands for Offline Storage Table. We can easily access the OST file at any time, anywhere in another system without an internet connection. It has the ability to work offline with limited connectivity. It can store the copy of OST data in mailbox information in MS Outlook, Office 365, etc., and also it may contain contacts, tasks, calendar, and other information. But it has one demerit, i.e. after the reachable connection, the OST file synchronized with the mail server uploads all changes. 

Can import OST to Outlook PST? Yes, in this blog, I am going to share some most used and recommended solutions to convert OST to PST. MS Outlook is an email client application where we can send or receive emails. It can manage various types of personal information like contacts, calendars, notes, etc.

Before moving towards the solution to import the OST file into the PST format of Outlook, Let’s discuss the reason behind the importation. 

Reasons to Convert OST file to PST

There are many reasons behind attach OST to Outlook PST. We know that OST data is an Offline storage data file and we can easily use this data without an internet connection. Some specific reasons are given below.

  • When a user needs to change the location of data and wants to shift the data to another system.
  • Due to a virus attack, the exchange server user needs to move the OST file to another drive.
  • A user accidentally deletes the OST data in that case needs to export the OST data in Outlook.
  • When OST files can not be opened in MS Outlook just because of some error that case users need to move OST files to another drive.

These are some reasons that can be faced by OST file users. That’s the reason they are searching for a solution to import OST data to Outlook PST. 

The below methods refer to the best possible solution for Import OST to Outlook 2016 format.

Methods to Import OST to Outlook PST Manually

The methods discussed below are the best possible methods to convert OST to PST manually. You can opt for these methods to swiftly complete the import and conversion process and migrate the big data of Outlook. It has been mentioned in a stepwise manner for your execution.

Method 1: Using the Import/Export Features Of MS Outlook 

Use this manual method to export the OST data in Outlook. It can help the user to import OST to Outlook PST file. There are some steps which are mentioned below.

  • Firstly, open the MS Outlook application.
  • Next, select the file which you want to export and tap on the Next button.
  • Here, choose the PST file, and click on the Next button.
  • Now select the folder, which you want to export and hit on the Include sub-folders.
  • Browse the location to save exported data.
  • Then Click on the finish.

If you follow the steps carefully then you can easily import the OST files into Outlook PST. In case of facing any issues then users can go with the next solution to import the OST files to Microsoft Outlook online file format.

Method 2: Using the Archive Features of MS Outlook

This is the method that involves the archive feature of MS Outlook. It is an easy method to perform and can be executed by even a novice user without any technical background. Follow the below steps precisely to import OST to Outlook PST file.

  • First, Open up the MS Outlook program.
  • After opening the MS Outlook program, select the file option from the left side of the Outlook wizard. Click on the Archive button.
  • Here, choose the PST file which you need to export and tap on the Next.
  • After that, a new window will begin up, From there, select the file or folder which you need to archive. 
  • Now, click on Browse to save the location of the resultant files.
  • Then click on the Ok, to start the archiving process. 

These are the steps users have to apply for importing the OST File to Outlook using the Archive features of Outlook. 

Method 3: Move Items of MS Outlook to New PST File

If you want to import Outlook items to new PST files then follow these steps to move the MS Outlook items in the new PST file. It is a short and simple method to import OST file data to Outlook PST format.

  • First, download Microsoft Outlook.
  • Now create a new PST file in the MS Outlook profile.
  • Then, drag all the complete mailbox items which you want to export in a new PST file.

These are the steps that can be used to Import OST to Outlook to a new PST file. It also consists of some limitations. 

Limitation of Manual Method

The following limitations restrict the use of the above manual methods. 

  • The above solution can be a more time-consuming and hectic conversion process.
  • It does not support the conversion of corrupt OST files in MS Outlook.
  • Require technical expertise to execute the process.
  • Chances of data loss during the migration of OST files to Outlook. 

Here, to avoid all the above limitations you can go with a professional method to import OST to Outlook. Microsoft OST to PST Converter Full Version is an expert solution to export the OST data in Outlook. Even using the software you can repair the corrupt OST files and then convert the OST files in PST format. It is the direct solution to convert OST files to PST without any data loss.


The OST file is a type of file that can be used while offline connection. There are various solutions available online. But choose the safe, right, and reliable method. In this blog, I have given the best solution to Import OST to Outlook PST file format. And I am sure these manual methods will help you to attach OST to the PST format of Outlook. And hopefully, you can clearly understand the best solution to Import the OST files into Outlook PST.

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