6 Best Anonymous Browsers to Protect Online Privacy

Browsers including Google Chrome always track your online activity and every move that you take online. They not only track your personal information but also capture your online interest and behaviour when you are online. Not every browser is safe and secure while going online. You will need dedicated browsers for anonymous browsing. Wondering which is the best anonymous browser?

Using a dedicated browser to protect your online privacy can safeguard your data, personal information, browsing history and browsing trend. We have tested, compared, and reviewed the best browsers for Android and listed the best anonymous browsers of 2021. Here is a quick roundup for Android devices and most of them are even compatible with iOS devices!

1.  Tor Browser
2.  Brave Browser
3.  Private Browser Care
4.  DuckDuckGo Browser
5.  Firefox Browser
6.  Opera Browser

Tor Browser

Product – Tor Browser
Price: Free
Version: 10.5.3
Compatibility: Android 5.0 & Above
Released / Modified: 19 Aug 2021
Size: Varies with Device

Tor Browser is one of the best anonymous browsers that are specially designed to keep your security and privacy intact. It is designed with unique features to block trackers, defend unwanted surveillance, offer multilayer encryption, fingerprint, anonymity and way more. You can browse anonymously while blocking all the additional tracking and spying services. Tor browser has always been rated in the best browsers for Windows and Mac.

Brave Browser

Product – Brave Browser
Price: Free
Version: 1.28.106
Compatibility: Android 4.0 & Above
Released / Modified: 19 Aug 2021
Size: Varies with Device


Brave Browser has not only pioneered on Windows and Mac devices but is also one of the best anonymous browsers for Android. You can privately browse the internet with a fast and secured browsing experience. The app comes with a free ad-blocker, anonymous browsing history, a private search engine, and personal tabs. It offers free incognito mode, blocks popups, unwanted ads, trackers, scripts, cookies and more to offer you the ultimate anonymous browsing experience. The default incognito mode is even more secure than the incognito mode in Google Chrome.

Private Browser Care

Product – Private Browser Care
Price: Free
Compatibility: Android 5.0 & Above
Released / Modified: 23 Jul 2021
Size: 5.9 MB

Private Browser Care hides your browsing history and keeps your privacy intact. It offers you a safe internet browsing experience with its inbuilt incognito mode. Whenever you close the browser, it automatically clears the browsing cache, cookies and deletes the search history. It is a fast, safe and secured private browser that is light on system resources. You can open multiple tabs and all of them opens swiftly without consuming much of your internet data. Downloads are even faster with this browser.

DuckDuckGo Browser

Product – DuckDuckGo Browser
Price: Free
Version: 5.94.3
Compatibility: Android 5.0 & Above
Released / Modified: 19 Aug 2021
Size: 15.0 MB

DuckDuckGo Browser has an intuitive feature that may fascinate you. You will find a fire button to burn the data, cache, cookies and erase everything just with one tap. It helps you escape online tracking and get rid of third-party trackers that collect sensitive data from your browsing experience. It has an inbuilt private search with enforced encryption to open sites only in secured mode. You can relish the secured bookmarks and tab for multiple sites at a time.

Firefox Browser

Product – Firefox Browser

Price: Free

Version: 91.3.0

Compatibility: Android 5.0 & Above

Released / Modified: 20 Aug 2021

Size: Varies with Device

Firefox has always amazed us with its customized browsers for safety, security, and consistency. If you want to know how to browse the internet anonymously, Firefox is the answer on all operating systems. It is fast, private, and safe with lightning-fast page loaders. The Android version offers a one-tap private browsing mode that gets you in anonymous (Incognito) mode. You can switch between the dark and light modes and customize the way you search. Even while being on Android, you can pick up where you left.

Opera Browser

Product – Firefox Browser

Price: Free

Version: Varies with Device

Compatibility: Android 4.0 & Above

Released / Modified: 21 Jul 2021

Size: Varies with Device

Opera Browser and Opera Mini doesn’t need any introduction. It has always been a favourite of lots of OEM devices and operating systems. It is coming up with an inbuilt FREE VPN to safeguard your browsing experience and keep you anonymous. It has its native ad-blocker that blocks every advertisement and popup for a faster browsing experience. You get personalized breaking news on the homepage, entertainment videos, fast and effective download management, secured payments and autofill information. You can customize it in multiple languages and with password protection and autosave options.

Summing Up

Google Chrome is the default browser on most devices however as we know that until you get into the incognito mode, it tracks all your browsing activity and personal information. The best anonymous browser for Android will never capture your personal data and compromise your anonymity. This roundup on the best browsers for anonymous browsing has all the browsers tested and compared with their great features. How to browse the internet anonymously? The best anonymous browser is the answer. Keep it Safe!



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