5 BEST Bulk (Mass) Email Service Providers (Free/Paid) in 2021

There are numerous marketing strategies in this era of tough competition to promote your business. Email marketing is one of the proven marketing strategies that can nail your customers and keep them engaged with your product and services. Sending individual emails may not be a good idea if you are supposed to touch base with thousands and millions of customers.

To ease up the process, we take the help of the Best Bulk Email Services available in 2021 for sending free/paid emails. According to the behaviour and history of the customer, you need to send customized emails to your subscribers to keep them engaged. In this digital era of marketing through Bulk Email Service Providers, you can brand, market, and reach your customer’s inbox just with a single click. If you are unaware of how to send bulk emails, make use of any of these best Bulk Email Senders to promote your business.

How We Chose the Best Bulk Email Services?

There are hundreds of Bulk Email Service Providers and choosing the best can be a tough task. We have tested, compared, and reviewed the services, features, user-friendliness, pocket-friendliness, and multiple other aspects before adding these services to our Best Bulk Email Services rundown.

The Best Bulk Email Sender Should:

  • Capture user’s behavior based on their browsing, interest, and engagement to set up campaigns.
  • Have a double opt-in subscription process to ensure that your email doesn’t land in the Spam folder.
  • Classify and segment the users based on their behavior. The right offer should go to the right inbox.
  • Create personalized email templates and HTML Pages with your branding images and unique content.
  • Have a robust authentication process with DMARC, DKIM, and SPF enabled for a secured campaign.
  • Integrate and use your website mailing domain to establish authenticity, build trust, & conversion.
  • Slowly increase the volume of email blasting and measure engagement, repot rate, inbox hit, etc.
  • Offer social media integration to engage your customer, enhance connectivity and social reach.

1.  Mailgun
2.  SendGrid
3.  Sendinblue
4.  HubSpot
5.  Mailjet


Pricing: Free 5000 Emails / Month for 3 months (Paid Plan starts from $35.00 / Month)


Mailgun is one of the best bulk email services for developers that comes with a powerful API to enable you to send, receive, and track emails effortlessly. It’s a reliable service provider with up to 99.99% uptime and SLA conversion. Whenever you need it, you can always take the help of 24/7/365 FREE customer support to resolve your real-time issues.

  • Fast & exact email validation process for a higher inbox placement rate.
  • Customize your campaigns or build strategies with a flexible user interface.
  • Simple API interface that integrates well with python, C#, Ruby, PHP, Java, etc.
  • Best in class email builder and blaster to effectively manage email delivery.
  • Quick Scale, Easy SMTP integration with effective sending infrastructure.


Pricing: Free 100 Emails / Day forever (Paid Plan starts from $14.95 / Month)


SendGrid is popular for its advanced integration options and has always been counted in the Bulk Email Service Providers list. You can quickly configure APIs, SMTP relay, webhooks and more. You get a dynamic template editor and delivery optimization tools for better results. Explore insightful analytics with the user management tools and connect with the 24/7/365 customer service team in case you are stuck somewhere.

  • Futuristic process for designing, templates, statistics, and automation.
  • Best for notifications, password reset, email newsletters, and email promotions.
  • Easy to use interface and quick integration of SMTP relay, APIs, SPF, DNS, or DKIM.
  • Real-time analysis of tracking, engagement, bounce rate with advanced statistics.
  • Efficient for startups, enterprises, marketers, and eCommerce developers.

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Pricing: Free 300 Emails / Day (Paid Plan starts from $25.00 / Month)


Sendinblue is one of the Best Bulk Email Services trusted by millions of users worldwide. It has all-in-one serviceability for email marketing, Chat, SMS Marketing, and inboxing emails. With the advanced marketing automation tools, you can make use of segmentation for transactional emails. It includes all in one email marketing features for contact management, marketing, reporting, and email segmentation for enhanced reach.

  • Interactive integration of APIs and Plugins for easy setup.
  • Create futuristic landing pages, Facebook ads, signup forms, and more with ease.
  • Inbuild drag and drop email builder feature to create personalized content for every user.
  • Powered with AI and ML for time optimization features and accurate connectivity.
  • Easy to use interface yet creates effective reports and dashboards.


Pricing: Free 2000 Emails / Month (Paid Plan starts from $45.00 / Month)


HubSpot is for those who don’t know how to send Bulk Emails and transform their business with the Best Bulk Email Senders. It comes with a complete transformation platform to rebuild your Marketing hub, Sales, Service, CRM, and Operations. HubSpot functions with over 1 lakh active customers in over 120 countries, and over 150+ HubSpot user groups.

  • Customize your forms, email marketing, landing pages, live chats, and branding.
  • HubSpot offers over 10K marketing contacts and above with the Enterprise plans.
  • Omni-channel marketing automation with multi-lingual content and social media support.
  • Optimize campaign, build custom reports on salesforce, campaign, and web-traffic.
  • Create efficient campaigns with collaboration and campaign management tools.


Pricing: Free 6000 Emails / Month (Paid Plan starts from $15.00 / Month)


Mailjet is one easy platform to create, edit and send your emails and boost up your business. Marketers and developers can work together on a real-time basis and convert leads into sales. It is mostly used by universities, real-estate businesses, franchises, agencies and other businesses. Mailjet offers the best bulk email services with effective transactional and email-marketing solutions to drop your emails right into the inbox. It has easy integration with Google, WordPress, Prestashop, Magento and over 80+ setups.

  • Make use of Analytics to monitor your results and optimize the performance.
  • Special Email builder to create effective, creative, beautiful, and responsive emails.
  • Contact management interface to manage your segments and reach the right audience.
  • Email API, SMTP Relay to configure and start sending emails on a real-time basis.
  • Flexible plans with advanced statistics and marketing automation tools.

Summing Up

In the past few years, email marketing has picked up the pace and with the advanced customization tools, you can reach the right inbox at the right time with the best suitable offers. This is all possible with the help of the Best Bulk Email Services available in 2021. For users who are not aware of how to send Bulk Emails, these essential marketing tools have done wonders and turned the table in their favour.

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