15 Best Dubai Visiting Places in 2021

A worth exploring region of super overwhelming adventures –Dubai welcomes you with open arms if you’ve finally made your mind to hit a shot to visit it in 2021. The city is known for its royal and urban lifestyle keeping its rural places as precious assets like the treasured Dubai Heritage Village, and eccentric shopping places. Apart from that, there is whole another fun to long for a lifetime when heading to spend vacations in Dubai!

You won’t get rid of veneration whether it’s super enthralling activities, or the worth watching firework at the mighty skyscraper Burj Khalifa. Make your research on the mark before heading to check in to the following places we are going to mention here. Because these leave you jaw-dropping by their beauty when you witness those 2021!

Best Dubai Visiting Places in 2021

1. Desert Safari:

Desert Safari is the epitome of its exquisite recognition around the world. With a complete package of unlimited fun and amazing activities, all day long and overnight is what Safari Desert pulls you into. If you want to make your trip adventurous and full of outdoor activities rather than just wandering from place to place. Desert Safari Dubai is a must explore! Take a ride on camel’s hump, get into thrill with dune bashing and quad biking, surf the Arabian sand by sandboarding, get imprints of artistic henna, the famous Tanura dance with shisha in a Bedouin camp while enjoying the buffet, BBQ and refreshing drinks. Sounds amazing? Will obsess you when you’ll experience it.

2. The Dancing Fountain

Ever seen water shaking over human beats? It’s time to witness the iconic symphony to which the famous dancing fountain welcomes you to behold. The fountain dances underneath the mighty Burj Khalifa Lake, extending to 30 acres of area illuminating 6600 lights in every night’s jig. Travellers never miss out on this captivating fountain dance of 50 colours splashing water up to 500 feet over classical and contemporary Arabian music.

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3. The Novel Kite Beach

Enjoy one of the best possible views you can experience throughout your entire life. Situated at Al Manara road nearby the main street of Jumeirah beach, it’s an Arabian Gulf sightseeing beach famous for kite surfing, paddleboarding, and edgy water sports. The place is open for 24 hours but you can spend the best of your time in the last hours of the afternoons. Experience a walk to remember under the colorful sky at the seashore. Feel light after observing the giant architecture and observe an unforgettable view of Burj Al Arab. Tourists love to spend time there but locals never leave the site. The best time to visit this amazing sightseeing Gulf is between February and August because the weather is moderate there.

4. The Classic Aquarium

Amaze kids by bringing them here to the largest suspended aquarium in the world. It’s a colossal aquarium with a diverse collection of vivid marine life keeping sharks, groupers, crocodiles, and tigers, turtles, torpedo and 33000 colourful and vast aquatic creatures including 140 different marine species in a 48 meters elongated tunnel. You can have a membership to avail of special discounts to explore the place. It’s a great place for people keeping interested in wild and marine life, and kids for sure. The great aquarium is situated at Doha Street, Dubai Mall.

5. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Ras-Al-Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is a 6.2 square km wide wetland reserve where vast wildlife is residing among the stunning green highlighting zone bounded by an urban habitat.

Mangroves, lagoons, mudflats, and salt flats are eye-catching creatures. It also provides a home for fishes, lower terrestrial mammals, amphibians, and crustaceans. The sanctuary is the favorite spot for migrating birds as they too travel here and find a truce. It’s a must-visit destination for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts where even birds are the visitors

6. The Charming Miracle Graden

Attention aspiring Words Worth admirers! Dubai miracle garden is heaven for you. Explore the lush green ground with vivacious hues of blossom. Celebrate your love for nature by being expressive along with the greeting miracle garden.

It keeps a fantasy that will stick to your long term memory because of its wonderful and calming views of nature carved into mastery by man. Here you’ll find the display of the city’s amazing wildlife, vehicles, and hundreds of Dubai souvenirs embellished with flowers. As a whole, it contains 70 kinds of plant species making it a Guinness record holding the world’s largest flower garden in a deserted place. The garden remains closed during summers.

7. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is situated in the Persian Gulf of the Jumeirah district, surrounded by beautiful resorts, luxurious hotels and cafes, and a striking highlight –Burj Al Arab. Refresh your soul in the beach waves of the world’s well-known Excellency, Jumeirah beach. It has caught the attention of not only tourists but other entertainment industries as well. Roam around the whole city and take a deep dive here or have a steady pace first and then explore Dubai. Then there is Jumeirah Beach Park, best for families and kids because it keeps ply area, refreshing shower, nourishment clubs, beach sports, and a lot more fun.

8. Burj Khalifa

Who hasn’t heard about the world’s tallest building? How come one cannot visit it when planning to go UAE? Here you get to visit the observation deck on floor 124, called “The top” from where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the entire city.

With 8 escalators and 57 elevators, the inside of Burj Khalifs is equally appealing, as it turns heads by its outer beauty. Carrying the beautiful Islamic architectural engraving, this peregrine tower unleashes inaccessible boundaries of the sky.

Carrying the dancing fountain in its cradle, it allows you to behold supreme coverage of golden land of Desert along with Azure Ocean, lush green plains, and an exquisite observation of modern era in a glance. No doubt it’s a first to strike place by outsiders whenever they plan to visit Dubai.

9. Ferrari World

Ferrari world is Abu Dhabi’s greatest amusement park founded in 2010 and became a great tourist attraction. Some of its highlights include formula Rossa, V12, Pit wall, Ferrari store, G-Force and Speed of magic where you get to ride Ferrari, enjoy shopping, eat local’s favourite cuisine from the beautiful ambience restaurants. It’s quite a different place as compared to the typical amusement parks keeping the best indoor activities, exciting especially for children. You get to see how cares are made, wander around the beautiful architectural themed on Ferrari, enjoy seventeen Ferrari rides. The eatery, live shows, 3D animations and much more.

10. Dubai Creek

It’s an ocean exchanging port and saltwater brook of UAE which meets Ras AL-Khor wildlife Sanctuary. Find huge entertainment at one spot such as live performances, music galas, firework and much more. The famous views of sunset here among Al Rigga, Al Seef, and Al Muraqabat is praised by hundreds of travellers who go back taking this beautiful souvenir from nature in their hearts. Then it has Creek Park which is among the largest park in the city keeping a wonderful Dolphinarium where you get to swim with the dolphins and a planetarium to raise children’s curiosity for various discoveries.

11. The Iconic Bollywood Park

Are you a fellow grown up with a Bollywood obsession? Take a tour to one of its kind amusement parks all over the world built upon a unique and outstanding idea featuring the characters and iconic scenarios of the best Bollywood blockbusters. Whether it is having a meal with Don or listening to Bollywood legendary music inside the RajMahal Theater, the Mumbai film industry inspired theme park knows how to give flame to your Bollywood fever. There are rides, theatre, dine inns pretty entertaining for you to live in a Bollywood limelight. Celebrate your love for the Bollywood film industry and the fact that how it has made popularity outside India in a city like Dubai.

12. Hatta Rock Pools

Hatta district in Dubai contains the Hajar Mountains wherein their vicinities, located Hatta pools. Swimming, rain shower, hike over the narrow tracks of rocks are some stunning activities you can enjoy at the tempting pools bordered by beautiful Hajar mountains standing still to receive their guests. Enjoy the pleasant ambience of nature with a saturation of the blues of Hatta rock pools. Mountains are the ultimate love of a travel enthusiast and Dubai has this asset too.

13. Water Canal

The canal walking pathway is a marvel of experiencing peace through the exquisite sight of A manmade water canal attracting you towards the epic canal sidewalk. The water canal is 3 km surrounded by four luxurious hotels and housing, newfangled malls, and roadside activities like cycling. Crossing the trade centre at the entrance you’ll get to hire a private boat to enjoy a stunning unforgettable combination of natural and commercial view.

14. Hatta Heritage Village

Displaying the traditional coastal culture and tectonic features of Dubai city, the Hatta Heritage. The village is a great asset for people who keep a knack for seeing different cultures of the world and find history as their interest. It features recreational Bedouin culture presented in a folklore style as there is a classical coffeehouse, Persian houses, Al Fahidi Fort, and a souk where you get to see amazing art such as pottery, handicrafts, and various stalls relating to this. Enjoy dance performances on local music, dhow building, and pearl diving at this classical spot located at Shindagha, Bur Dubai.

15. Burj Al-Arab

Burj Al Arab is a quintessential landmark of UAE situated on Jumeirah road. Having a firm recognized as the most luxurious hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab carries its limousines and Chauffeur driven rolls for a super lavish welcome. Live the exquisite sight of the supreme landmark standing tall in a faraway beach view. You can also enjoy its beautiful view from Al Sufouh –the secret beach where trails of palm trees surround it thereby spreading peace.

Dubai is a contrastive landscape inviting tourists to its picturesque locations. Whether you are into photography, a travel enthusiast, or just want to live your delightful days ever with friends and family; the mesmerizing sightseeing landscapes and beautiful culture are never going to make you get tired. 2021 is going to be a most memorable year of a lifetime for you because now you have the list of most mesmerizing places to visit. So make your vacation an epic one exploring every possible glory of this Gulf city in 2021.

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