Best Family-Friendly Destinations in Edmonton

Where are you planning your trip this season? If Edmonton, then read our blog that will present you with different stunning tourist spots and details.

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Here we begin,


West Edmonton Mall:

It is the largest shopping mall in Edmonton and the most popular among visitors. With a huge aquarium, one can enjoy the glorious marine life. You can also see World Waterpark, Mayfield Toyota, Dragon’s Tale and Adventure Golf inside this mall. If you are free, then visit this mall during the late hours with your family and friends.

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William Hawrelak Park: 

Covering over 68 hectares, this park has been named the crown jewel for the city of Edmonton. Behind the river valley, this park covers a huge green space makes a wonderful tourist spot. Enjoy this playful park without any rush hush of the city while adoring the flowing water.


High-Level Bridge and Streetcar

this evening spot is a must-watchable place, especially if you are a young couple. Take a streetcar ride and make yourself relax and relish the stunning views of Edmonton. While standing over the High-Level Bridge, the cool breeze and low sunset will make you de-stress and start a new day all over again! яндекс

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Royal Alberta Museum

It is a collection of ecological art, and old fauna remains. This museum is famous for its fossils of Dinosaurs that are the largest creatures in the world. It displays the remains of animals who don’t exist, for now, their activities, their study etc., at this place, there are also some fun activities exclusively for kids. Most fascinating for children, make a happening day with them while engaging kids in this place. Delta airlines 

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Telus World Of Science

This tourist spot has many high technology advanced science people who love to explore various science exhibitions. This world of science includes forensic, space, and robotic science. You will get amazed by the wonders of science. Visit this place with kids to acquire the star-gazing observatory site in the majestic Galaxy! Not only this, various science events and meetings are organized at this place. So have a great time with children to acknowledge more about the fact science.


Elk Island National Park

This national park of Edmonton would be an ideal destination for you if your travelling with kids. It is situated near to the east of Edmonton. One can find some of the finest breeds of animals and plants, including deer, Bison, muskrat, beaver, and many more. This place is renowned for its wide varieties of birds; more than 200 birds are found in the park. This is the perfect place for adventurous outings and tracking with your friends and family.

Have a wonderful time at this spot that has a majestic vibe.

North Saskatchewan River Valley

This place is the most Verdant greenery and an excellent backdrop for activities. A perfect location for a small picnic, functions or a day outing is the most liked place for locals. Covering an area of 7400 hectares, this is an ideal place for kids sporting too like paddleboarding, Kayaking, Biking, Canoeing, etc. one can visit this place during the winters to get the best panoramic view of these snow-covered trails and to enjoy various activities like Skating.

Alberta Legislature

This tourist spot is a historical site in the city of Edmonton. This place displays all the intrinsic details of the history of Alberta. Being the center for all legislative meetings and the executive council, this site witnesses the most beautiful heritage of Canada. There is a theatre inside, two towers with stunning memorials and statues for the visitors to see. Also houses many branded retail shops for shopping purposes. This is the most visited and the finest tourist place, so don’t forget to check this out on your to-do list.


These were some of the picturesque spots of this city.

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