The 11 Best Free IQ Tests With Instant Results

People look for a free IQ test with instant results to understand where they actually stand in the competition, and they are right! It is a necessity to know your potential if you want to improve yourself and bump yourself up to the level no one could have imagined. Intelligence quotient IQ is a matter of pride for most people. A high IQ refers to better understanding and speedy thinking abilities, and a less IQ is the complete opposite.

The concept is simple, there are some questions designed to play with an individual’s mind, that seem easy but need quirkiness to solve, and if someone has a great IQ level, they will be able to find a trick to answer it correctly, the more time you take the lesser is your IQ. There was a time when these tests were the basis of many job interviews. Companies used this test as a tool to shortlist some of the sharpest minds from the crowd and they were always happy with the results. 

For those of you who do not know enough about IQ tests, these are the devices that can be helpful in determining someone’s mental age and the ability to think. Intelligence has always been an abstract entity, and with the help of these quiz questions, the aim is to determine what level of intelligence one possesses.

People need to show that they are mentally sharp in order to cash in on any opportunity, and that is the reason they even pay upfront to take these tests that give them a certificate of their IQ score. But as we know that digitization has already taken over the world, these free IQ tests with instant results are now available to each and every individual who is connected to the internet! 

In this post, you are going to find the 11 best free online IQ tests that assess you on the basis of the answers that you give and get you instant answers without any BS. Isn’t that helpful? Well, if you feel it is, wait till you reach the end as, by the end of this read, you will know everything that you must know about taking an IQ test free online instant results and how to find the best platforms to give yourself a tough competition. 

Before we jump onto the list of 11 free online IQ tests, let’s answer some of the queries that users might have or, arise while looking for a reliable test. Let’s begin!

What Type of Concepts are Covered in an IQ Test?

Searches like “free Mensa IQ test with instant results” are prominent as Mensa is one of the biggest names in online IQ test platforms and that is because it has the finest quality of questions. Usually, it depends on the type of test that you are taking and the platform that you are on. But there is a default format as well in which you will mostly find 4 types of concepts, namely – 

  1. Mathematical Reasoning
  2. Logical Thinking & Logic
  3. Perceptual Reasoning
  4. Verbal Abilities

These 4 types of problems can be seen in almost every other IQ test that you take. The weight of the sections can differ according to the requirement of the test for which it is been conducted. The thing that you should note is that these tests are not like any other MCQ tests that you can simply write and get over with.

You need to be mentally present as the questions in these tests have different elements to test your attention to detail. A few elements that you might come across while IQ assessment is – 

  • Patterns & Block Diagrams
  • Anagrams & Sounds
  • Case-Based Problems
  • Vocabulary & Verbal Traps

By all this you might have got an idea that, unlike academic tests, the IQ assessment is really difficult and hence you need to practice before going in on it, but how do you practice? These tests cost a handsome sum of money to take and clearly, not everyone can afford to spend a good 5-10 dollars on something like a test.

Well, to solve that problem, there are tons of free online IQ tests with instant results that you can take but the tricky part is not all of them are helpful. Some ask for money after you have taken the test, and some have fewer questions in the free version that is of no use. To help you find the best of the best free tests, the next section holds a list of 11 free IQ tests online with instant results, and that too rated by the experts of the field. Without further ado, let’s take a look!

11 Free IQ Tests Online That Deliver Instant Results | Everything To Know

There are multiple websites available that offer free IQ tests for people however, there are experts of the field who have rated these tests. The good thing for you is you do not have to suffer and go through all the research as here is a list of 11 best portals providing the test for free and their analysis by the experts according to their usability and accuracy, check it out – 


Rating: 3.5/5

Total no. of Questions: 15

Time to Complete: 12 min. (15 minutes till session expires)

Results: Instantly available, no insight whatsoever, only range.

Score Accuracy: Average. The result scores are somewhat accurate though still are not 100%


It is one of the most popular free IQ tests online instant results with almost half a million users already taken the test. The best part of this test is that it is a quick quiz, meaning you do not have any formalities to complete, you just log on to the website and start your test. The downside of taking this quiz, in particular, is that they do not share the detail about what you did wrong and what you did right, it just gives out an IQ range as an answer.


Rating: 4/5

Total no. of Questions: 20

Time to Complete: 15 min.

Results: Instantly available, No detailed analysis.

Score Accuracy: Average. The test results seem genuine and can be cross-checked by other platforms.


Free IQ tests is a platform that offers a variety of tests for an individual who wants to assess their brain’s age. Just like any other free platform, it also lands you straight to the quiz page, from where you navigate to the questions without any issues. The thing to note here is that it has the questions according to the age range and that is why it asks for your gender as well as a birth date.


Rating: 3.5/5

Total no. of Questions: 20

Time to Complete: 17 min

Results: Instant, but not explanatory

Score Accuracy: Average, seems to match other test scores perfectly.


This is one of the most diverse IQ tests that are available for free. It has all types of questions related to verbal communications, vocabulary, pattern recognition, image-based questions, etc. This makes the test more believable for an individual. It collects no information on your behalf and you can begin with your test with a single click.


Rating: 2.5/5

Total no. of Questions: 43

Time to Complete: 30 min

Results: You have to register using an email address to access it.

Score Accuracy: Below Average. There is sometimes a difference from other free test results. 


It is an interesting website to take the test on as they have cracked the code of getting an individual to pay. They have a quiz that is detailed, long, and interesting, which indulges the user and when it ends, they ask for an email to register. Though it will provide you the results instantly when you enter your mail, it still holds some key aspects that you might want to know and asks you to pay some amount making it a partially free & partially paid test.

5. 123TEST.COM

Rating: 3/5

Total no. of Questions: 8 or 10 Depending on the test.

Time to Complete: 3-5 min

Results: Instantly available, only the range.

Score Accuracy: Below Average, Not reliable due to less number of questions.


One of the quickest free IQ tests online, this platform offers a teaser of the main detailed test for free. The free version of the test has less no, of questions as compared to the paid one and that is what makes the difference. The downside of this test is that the questions in the free versions are so less that it is impossible to judge someone’s IQ with them and hence the results are not accurate. 


Rating: 4/5

Total no. of Questions: 50 & 25 depending on the test.

Time to Complete: 12 min & 6 min. Respectively.

Results: Instantly available, however detailed results with correct answers are paid.

Score Accuracy: Average, tends to comply with other details of the document.


This is one of the most recommended websites for all those who want to take a legit IQ test, without spending a penny. The website offers 2 tests, one is a detailed test with 50 questions and another with 25 questions, both with a time limit keeping the test competitive. One thing worth noting is that it takes the test seriously and that is why once you have locked an answer, you can not go back to change it.


Rating: 3/5

Total no. of Questions: 18 MCQs

Time to Complete: No Limits

Results: Instantly available and shareable on Social Platforms.

Score Accuracy: Average, reliable, and comparable to other sites.


This website offers IQ analysis in a general fun way. You can take the test simply by logging on to the website, there are a certain number of questions that you need to answer. What makes it a bit funny is the fact that it brings the option of sharing your results to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Integrated into the UI. It also shows a brief sentence to boost up your morale.


Rating: 3.5/5

Total no. of Questions: 50 MCQs

Time to Complete: 12 min

Results: Instantly, the score is also compared to average people’s score to give you an idea.

Score Accuracy: Below average, sometimes the ratio is off. 


The website is similar to when it comes to the pattern of the test however, there are slight perks to you if you use this one over that. For instance, you can actually go back and change the answer if you realize that you did wrong. You can also check the correct answers after you have completed the test which seems helpful.


Rating: 4/5

Total no. of Questions: 57

Time to Complete: 30min

Results: Instantly available, if you need detailed reports and explanations of the answers you will have to pay an amount for the report.

Score Accuracy: Average, Tends to perform well with detailed reports.


Another great website to assess your intelligence, psych tests is one of the finest names in the category as they provide a lengthy and thorough test for people to go through. The test is really reliable and is helpful with all the motives of taking a test. You might be preparing for an exam, or an interview, with a wide range of questions covering all the aspects. If you are looking for the Darknet Market List you will need to download and install the tor browser


Rating: 3.5/5

Total no. of Questions: 38

Time to Complete: 20sec/question

Results: Instantly sent to your registered email address. The detailed reports are paid.

Score Accuracy: Average, matches the other platform standard.


This is an IQ test that follows the true or false path. All the questions are majorly based on the storyline and you have to answer in only true/false. This is a free-to-use test that comes with a per-question time limit of 20 seconds. If you spend more than that on any of the questions, your scores will be affected. Great for those who are planning to go for an interview as it enhances quick processing.


Rating: 3.5/5

Total no. of Questions: Varied, (10-50)

Time to Complete: 20sec/question

Results: Instant results available, It also shares a piece of detailed information about which side of your brain is highly active & which one is less active.

Score Accuracy:  Average, reliable, and comparative to other platforms.


This is one of those tests that go places with the questions. The MCQs include problems based on word comprehension, visual designs, logic, memory perception, etc. You must know that it is a fast-paced test that will not allow you to take your time with the questions, you need to be prepared before you take this one. 

These are the 11 free online IQ tests that you can choose to try your brain and understand where do you stand on the IQ scale. For those who do not know the scale ranges between 69-130+. The intelligence quotient scale is the perfect way to analyze your brain’s age. The ranges are also classified according to the class of intelligence, WAIS-IV’s defined ranges are as follows – 

IQ Score Range WAIS-IV Classification
130+ Very Superior
120–129 Superior
110–119 High Average
90–109 Average
80–89 Low Average
70–79 Borderline
69 and below Extremely Low

Taking up tests is easy, you have to prepare according to what is at stake, if it is a normal test, go free-minded, if it offers a job, you will have to prepare and boost up your skills and for that, these free online IQ tests are the perfect companion for your preparations.

Frequently Asked Questions: Things That You Should Know!

Q1. Is It Possible To Take An IQ Test For Free?

 Yes!, all the websites mentioned above allow you to take free IQ tests however, the detail in results varies and depends on whether you want to pay or not. If you are just looking for the IQ, you can easily get it for free with a simple test. If you need a detailed report, you might have to spend some cash.

Q2. What are the 30 Questions On The IQ Test?

 The 30 questions in any IQ test are a complete mixture of various problems that are designed to test human abilities and how well an individual handles them. Questions based on different aspects such as verbal comprehension, logic, perceptual reasoning, and mathematical reasoning, etc. When all of these points are touched, the final score that you receive, based on how much score in the test, is your Intelligence Quotient or IQ.

Q3.  How Can I Find Out My IQ Online?

– It is simple than people think it is. Just log on to any website that offers IQ tests and start taking your test. The questions you will face will be completely based on reasoning and mental applications, once you are done, you will receive a score ranging between 69-130+. That score is your IQ, you can refer to the WAIS-IV classification of ranges and know exactly where do you stand.

Q4. Are There Any Free Online Intelligence Tests Available?

– Yes some many platforms and websites provide free IQ tests. You can just type a free IQ test online and get over with it. The main issue that people face is that they are unable to analyze whether the test they have taken is genuine or fake. That is where this post will help you out. You can find the expert’s opinion about free tests simply by reading it!

Wrapping Up!

Knowing where do you stand in the crowd can be helpful for you, especially when you are up against tough competition, and knowing your IQ helps you gain the confidence of doing better. If you need to know about it, there are many ways to get your hands on it, and IQ tests free online instant results are the best chance for you to take them. These 11 websites are the top free IQ test platforms available online that you can use. Millions and millions take these tests daily to keep track of other growth, the world is changing and it’s time that you get started on your free IQ test! Good Luck!

Author’s Bio –

Sophie is a life coach and loves to help people in reaching their goals. She has worked closely in the field of human management and knows about how talents are acquired. In her free time, she provides dissertation help to students who are pursuing HR or management courses.

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