5 best influencer marketing platforms in India

Since the rise in digital marketing, we can also see the growing demand for influencers. As every business is turning itself towards digitalization, so there is a need for someone, followed by a vast audience, who can represent the brand. For that, almost everyone needs an influencer.


You might think once about celebrities. But, it is widespread that the price charged by the celebs is very high. Even startups think numerous times before spending that much amount. In most cases, they finally end up their decision being a big NO. Therefore, we can say that the influencers are on trend these days as an alternative for celebrities in brand promotions.


Here in this article, we will speak about the platforms. Here you can choose influencers who can take part in promotions.



  1. Celefi:- Celefi tops the list in the influencer marketing platforms in India. One can find a vast inventory of influencers from micro, nano to mega influencers from different social media platforms. It is like a win-win deal for both influencers and the startup. The influencers can register themselves in Celefi, where they can connect with their fans. Likewise, the clients can register themselves and take benefit of this platform and connect with the personalities.


Choose the influencer as per the budget and give a brand image and value to your business. With the digital marketing strategists and specialists in their team, it is the only platform serving the best in such a competitive market. Also, it is the factor that makes it different from the crowd of other marketing platforms.


People get satisfactory results after using it. Not only this, but it is also a mega platform that serves shoutout, video calls, chat, and so on from the big names. Their customer support is also good. One can never be disappointed after using this platform. But keep this in mind to check the FAQs before proceeding with Celefi to clear the terms and conditions.


  1. Influencer.in:– After Celefi, another influencer marketing platform in India is Influencer.in. It is also having a large number of influencers on its list. One can find the influencer of their choice smoothly. It is not only for startups or businesses, but it is also a platform for influencers.


Any influencer can get a chance to promote the brand by collaborating with them using the ‘I am an influencer’ section at the top of their page. So, it is benefitting both sections and there is easy connectivity between the two.


  1. Winkl:- Get the desired influencer as per the niche of your choice from food to lifestyle to fitness to fashion, and many more. You can get great deals over the influencers through Winkl. One can get the influencers from any social media like YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform.


Through Winkl, one can check their request status as well as they can monitor the analytics. Check the different marketing campaigns they offer. You can trust their platform as it is providing the best services in influencer marketing platforms in India.


  1. OPA:- The next name we have is OPA. You can visit their website through https://www.opa.marketing. It is also one of the leading connectors between influencers and ordinary people. The prices in OPA are reasonable. Also, they provide influencers from platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc. One can check their price section on the home page that is mentioned per influencer.


It serves a range of micro-influencers to choose from. Get your favorite influencers endorsing your brand in just a few clicks.



  1. PulpKey:- We are ending our list with PulpKey. It is also a crucial platform that is providing the services of influencer marketing. You can find all the levels of influencers here.


One can either register themself as a client or a content creator. Now grow your business and reach a massive segment of the audience through PuplKey.


For now, we are ending our list here. Now, you might be wondering how to hire influencers if you don’t have enough idea about that. Let me elaborate on this for you.


How to hire influencers in India?

There was a traditional way of hiring influencers without the introduction of these platforms. Even to connect with an influencer, you need to have a connection with them. In case you DM for a shoutout on Instagram to your favorite influencer, you might end up disappointing yourself if they ignore your message. In most cases, it happens. But, after the growth of technology around us and with the introduction of influencer marketing platforms, almost 90% of the work is done. The latter depends upon you to place an order.


As mentioned above, you can visit any of the websites as per your choice. Next is to create an account there. Just browse and select the influencer of your choice. Request them to collaborate with your brand or any other service you need (like a shoutout, video calls, message, etc., from celebrities in the case of Celefi).


You will get notified via the contact details provided by you. After that?? Enjoy.


I end up getting a similar question like:- Which platform is best for influencer marketing?


In that case, I had done my analytics and end up at a decision of Celefi as the best platform for influencer marketing. The reasons are many, and some of them are already mentioned in this article.


Celefi is one of the fastest-growing Influencer marketing agency in India. Client satisfaction is the best, and their major clients are AeoFit, Styleout, Cocoacraft, Fitapes, and many startups. Overall, it is the best platform for a startup as it provides an affordable deal for them. Their prices are reasonable based on the type of influencer one is choosing.


From the influencer list of Shefali Bagga to Bhavya Mongra and Kuldeep Singhania, you can find influencers as per your choice. The niches of these influencers are also mentioned. So, it will not be a difficult task to find the right suitable influencer through Celefi.


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