6 Best Must Do Activities in Dubai

Dubai has made an emergence on the world map from a deserted patch to the marina of gigantic skyscrapers. This rendered the explorers curious to reckon the exponential growth of this Emirati wonder. Dubai is not only about lavish stay in hotels and lavish shopping ventures. It’s also a land of preserved culture, myriad sightseeing, and exhilarating adventures. In your visit to Dubai, it’s quite opaque to decide where to head first. As this land is brimmed with a vast number of activities to do and sights to visit. 

Are you looking for the best ventures to encounter in Dubai? Choose out of the best activities mentioned here and live your vacations to the fullest in the city of gold. 

Top-Notch Exhilarating Ventures in Dubai

1. Timeless Experience at Desert Safari

The golden desert of the UAE is a must-visit destination even if you are for a short stay here. The enthralling sand sports, breath-taking scenic views, and camping adventures are the ultimate charms of a desert safari in Dubai. Enjoy crossing the high slopes of red Arabian dunes in super enthralling SUVs. These SUVs include hummer, rover, land cruiser, dune buggy, quad bike, and a fat bicycle. Not only that, give yourself a treat of liberty by surfing the dunes via sandboard. This golden arena of the Emirates is always jamming with thrilling adventures.

2. Sail in the Spotlights of Marina

There is no better way to witness the city glitz than sailing in the Marina canal. Enjoy a cruise dinner with your family or make it a romantic date with your partner. The gleaming city lights reflecting over the surface of still water create a great ambiance in your cruise dinner. A dhow cruise ride takes you to the charisma of the city’s nightlife and you feel like resting in a floating hotel. Dhow cruise is a wooden boat in which there is a lower air-conditioned deck and an upper alfresco top. Enjoy the welcoming drinks from the alfresco top and take heavenly bites of the Arabian and international cuisines. A voyage in dhow cruise is the best means to espy the ritzy nightlife of the Emirates.

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3. Aqua Venture Rides

A refreshing dive in the scorching weather is a must! The city has ultimate solutions to beat the heat, such as the Aquaventure waterpark. It boasts a private beach of 700-meters, insane slides, and exciting rides. It has giant slides, shark lagoon, Poseidon, and Neptune towers, ziplining through the longest Atlantean region. There are underwater tunnels, lagoons for kids, and eye-catching pools with tropical poolsides. 

4. Jump off a Thousand Feets

Fall in the cradle of eclectic cityscape while crossing the exquisite skyline of the Emirati landscape. Drop zones and diving centers are the spots for skydiving. Jump off the aircraft and after a few minutes of free falling, enjoy a dreamy landing on the ground. Tandem jumping, static line jumping, and free-falling are the basic jumping techniques for newbies. The canopy landing will last for four minutes followed by 60 seconds of free-falling or tandem jump. If you are an adrenaline junky and your health allows you to, ski diving is a highly recommended insanity you must try in Dubai. 

5. Jet Ski at the Persian Gulf

Various places in the city offer Jet skis such as Mamazar, Marina, and Jumeirah beach. Take thirty minutes of jet ski session and get your hands on a jet ski to break through the limits. A jet ski allows two people to ride it. However, the madcaps love to try it solo. Wearing a life jacket is mandatory even if are a swimmer. Jet ski is an enthralling water sport that the thrill-seekers carry on their bucket list. If you are one of those, you can fulfill your dream of crossing the water waves on a jet ski. No matter how old you are!

6. Pose with The Penguins

The city has managed on how to beat the heat by building the world’s first indoor skiing resort. Here, the temperature is always on the scale of -1 to -2 degrees. Surf the frozen region after taking skiing lessons, cuddle in snow and pose with the penguins. Chairlifts are also installed there through which you can enjoy beauteous views of the skiing resort. You’ll be provided with warm protective robes to survive the low degrees. This skiing resort is located in the heart of the Mall of Emirates. Here you can enjoy luscious flavors of hot chocolate from the pleasing ambiance of hill station-themed cafes.  


By going through the above listings, you might be able to select the best adventurous spot in Dubai. The city welcomes every tourist with super fast and accessible transportation facilities. From sky-rocket empires to widespread golden dunes. Dubai keeps endless opportunities for a traveler to satisfy his wanderlust.

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