Best Special Honeymoon Travel Places in Montreal

Montreal is a beautiful city in Canada that witness some of the most beautiful and spectacular scenic views. If you are still confused about choosing this city or not for your honeymoon, we will help you through this blog.

Today we will visit some of the most attractive beauties that behold huge tourists every year.

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So stay tuned with us.


This place is the most visited place with a Plateau proper and the neighborhoods of Mile End and Milton Park. These are different from the Plateau, which is the city’s most diverse and authentic hub. Visit this place to have a great experience on tours ahead of time. You would see some of the most popular theatres, coffee shops, independent cinemas here. This is a must watchable place during your honeymoon to have a delightful evening with your partner.


This place is a famous Parisian-style historic district displaying cultural monuments and statues. A very safe place to troll, bicycle or horse carriage riding. This place has narrow streets which house old museums, cafes and restaurants and top-rated boutiques.

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Mont-Royal Park

This area is located near the city and covers over 233 meters. This Park has a wide area for long walks playing area for children, sports, fountains etc. there you would find the statues of Jacques and King George IV. The serene western slopes give a scenic view in the evening hours. The greenery make you go fall in love with its peaceful breeze during the late sunset hours.

 Through this Park, one can get a panoramic view of the entire city. So, relish your evenings which is fee-free during the weekends.

Notre-Dame Basilica

This beautiful church is near Saint Sulpice Street at Seminary. This place is simply a magical one. The infrastructure used will blow your mind by displaying the wood carvings. The glass paintings is just stunning and beyond imagination. the chapel here is of gold that shines in the sunlight making it more attractive. Most beautiful place to spend time with your loved ones.


If you are looking for a place to munch on the local food items, then the place would stand first in the row. This place is a full big variety of food choices. The architecture is more favorable and convenient to the visitors. It’s a nice place to have a yummy lunch and dinner. So, book a flight on united airlines to have this tempting food during your vacations!

Jardin Botanique

This is the heart of Montreal. Located in the Guadeloupe Islands center, this garden provides a peaceful time .it is surrounded by various types of Caribbean flora. Spread in the total of seven-hectare Park, this garden also provides a glimpse of its mesmerizing collections of plants and trees. So make your holidays a glorious one by making a tour to this place for sure.

Oratoire Saint-Joseph

This is a Roman Catholic national in Mount Royal in Montreal. It has the largest church domes in the world. This site is a National Historic Site in Canada. This is Canada’s largest church. This church has a unique archeological design. This has been a place full of faith, and people visit this for prayer, healing and inner peace.

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Parc Jean Drapeau

This area is situated in the east of Montreal, near the Saint Lawrence River. It has two islands named Saint Helen’s Island and Notre Dame Island. If you want to cherish the diverse cultural and sports programming, you should go to this place. Enjoy the evening with family or friends for all sorts of watercraft activities, including paddle boats and canoes etc.

So this was a short tour for our readers. There are many other places also to spend quality time there during your honeymoon!

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How was your trip? Do tell us in the comment section below.

Have a great journey!

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