Best Tips For How to get rid of fridge smells?

Croc fridge deodoriser

Natural remedies are available to remove the bad smell from the fridge. But there are also simple ways to eliminate the smell by using Croc fridge deodoriser

It is a readily available simple trick to bring a difference in the refrigerator environment. It is also a commercial way of making the fridge more pleasant and fresh, which most users in recent days prefer. 

The easy availability is also one of the major reasons for using the product to get the desired smell inside the fridge.

The factors that cause a bad smell inside the fridge

Several factors react with each other and give rise to the unpleasant smell inside the refrigerators. The major reason behind the bad smell is due to the action of the microbes. 

Bacteria and molds are the agents that spread the bad smell, and these agents can grow well in the damp and moist conditions present inside the fridge. The suitable condition helps in the multiplication of the microbes and enhances the microbial activity in the stored food.

These microbes use the moisture from the spilled food, humidity, and other suitable conditions and start multiplying, resulting in a bad smell. 

Hence, it is essential to ensure that there is no spill inside the fridge and clean it often to get rid of these smell-causing agents. Several ways are available to eliminate the smell, and one such beneficial way is using the Croc fridge deodoriser to get the best refreshing smell inside the refrigerators.

How does Croc fridge deodoriser work?

The specific deodorizer uses a natural product and eliminates the bad smell. Initially, the gel acts with the smell, neutralizes it, and diffuses the pleasant smell in the inside atmosphere of the fridge.

It does not react with the stored food and does not change the flavors of the food items but maintains the freshness without causing any side effects. It is a simple mechanism but gives the best result for homes and commercial usage. 

Placing the deodorizer in the center of the fridge helps in the diffusion of the gel and helps spread the good smell inside the refrigerator. Hence, it is the most preferred choice by most people in recent days. 

How to keep your fridge fresh

  1. Set your fridge temperature to prevent bacteria growth, between 37-41 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Use airtight containers for leftovers.
  3. Label and date leftovers.
  4. Ensure good air circulation in the fridge by organizing storage and condensing packaging as you consume food.
  5. Evaluate your fridge on a weekly basis for food spoilage.

Your fridge is one of the hardest working appliances in your home. A clean fridge will not only make you feel better about storing your food, it makes food taste better and stay edible for a longer time.

Natural ways to eliminate the smell from the fridge

Here are the effective natural remedies that help maintain the fridge’s freshness by eliminating the bad smell.

Baking soda is the most effective and cheap way to make the fridge fresh. Keep the baking soda in the corner of the fridge in a glass container; it absorbs the odor and purifies the entire area.

Vinegar: it is known for its bicarbonate effect, and a very little amount of vinegar does the job of purifying the space by absorbing the smell and leaving behind its smell.

Lemon: The lemon’s pleasant smell helps give a fresh fragrance to the fridge. Cut the lemons and place them in a bowl. Keep the bowl filled with lemons in one corner of the fridge to get the best result. But it is essential to change the lemons often. 

Potatoes: Make use of the potatoes to eliminate the smell as the potatoes act as the absorbing agent and absorb the unpleasant odor. But, it is essential to change the potatoes until the smell completely goes off. 

Cloves: Make the best use of cloves to get rid of the bad smell inside the refrigerator. Cut the lemon or orange, insert the cloves, and place it in the refrigerator to get the fresh collaboration of clove and citric acid smell from the ingredients.


Various natural and commercial ways are available to maintain the freshness of the fridge, and it is the choice of the user to apply the best idea to make their fridge fresh and clean. 

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