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Thanks to modern technology, life has become more convenient. With the advent of online educational sites, you no longer need to cross oceans or spend a treasure to study in an Ivy League college. Today, all it takes is one click and a few keywords to access massive amounts of information on the internet for your assignments.

You have educational apps that you can access on the go using laptops, tablets and smartphones. You can also upgrade your knowledge base and acquire diplomas and certifications right from the comfort of your home by signing up for online courses with academic portals.


12 Online Academic Website and Tools to Bookmark Right Now

If you are looking for options to hone your skills or seek academic writing services, I have brought you a list of online websites and tools that you can use to stay ahead of your peers. First off, we have got a few fantastic websites where you can access several free as well as paid online courses.

Top 4 Websites for the Best Online Courses

Since only certified online courses that grant your diplomas and certifications can benefit you, here is a list of the top 5 online education websites with the best courses.

  1. Khan Academy

A non-profit brand, Khan Academy aims to provide a world-class education for free to anyone, and at any place. At Khan Academy, you will find courses suitable for kindergarten level to college level. The site covers most of the disciplines, focusing on math, grammar, science, history and creative skills. You will also find courses that prepare you for competitive exams.

And it isn’t just for students! If you are a professional, you will have some fantastic options too. Since the brand is a part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in collaboration with Google, you will not have to worry about placements either.

  1. edX

edX was a product of two academic kingpins collaborating – MIT and Harvard. edX is one of the largest non-profit brands recognised globally to offer free online courses. The brand’s motto is to remove the barriers of cost, location, and access – the factors synonymous to traditional education.

  • Coursera

This particular academic portal is partnered by 150 university partners and offers 2,700 courses in more than 200 specializations. The brand is also known in its niche for being one of the few websites to offer four degrees. While the free courses offer certifications and degrees, you will have to pay for courses that provide specializations and degrees, ranging from $29 – $99.

The faculties of several top colleges and universities around the world conduct the courses via video lectures and community discussion forums. The experts also offer graded and peer-reviewed coursework.

  1. Udemy

A global education marketplace, Udemy boasts of an online faculty of 42,000 instructors teaching 30 million students. You get to choose from 100,000 courses. The best thing about Udemy is that the site offers courses in 50 languages. Alongside offering courses conducted by high-ranking colleges and universities, Udemy also offers courses coached by content creators.

This is the best option for you if you want to learn a new skill or pursue courses to supplement your existing education. The site offers diplomas and certificates that are accepted in the professional world.

Next up, we have some sites that offer academic writing assistance. If you cannot tackle back-to-back classes and your assignments, these will be of immense help to you!


Top 4 Academic Sites for Writing Assistance

Your overall performance depends mostly on the assignments you submit. Considering the pressure bearing you down, it is okay to look for help. If you are looking for reliable academic paper help, these should be your go-to sites:

  1. com

With a rank of 4.9 out of 5 stars, this has to be the best in the market if you are looking for some writing guidance. The site has a base of more than 5000 academicians, including professors and researchers from all around the world. The brand serves students of more than ten countries, including the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and the UAE.

  1. com

Following suit with a rating of 4.8 out 5 stars, stays true to its word and offer “ALL” kinds of academic help. The site also lets you interact with the writer assigned for your task. Apart from getting writing assistance, you can also access the brand’s academic tools. Some special mentions are the essay typer tool and the citation generator.

  1. com

At, you will get writing assistance for all kinds of academic papers across all academic levels, starting from K6 to university. The brand also covers more than 100 disciplines and sub-disciplines. Besides writing assistance, you will also get other relevant services, like proofreading help, topic suggestion, paper referencing, etc.


If you are an overseas student who has crossed continents to study in Australia, you might take time adjusting to the educational standards and austere regime of the place. In that case, you can get help from the best native writers from this website. A notable feature of the site is that it lets you access a vast database of pre-written samples, that too for FREE!


If you are looking for shortcuts to prune and polish your paper, read the next segment to know more about some of the must-have tools.



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