Boult Airbass Powerbuds truly wireless Review

Topic: Boult Airbass Powerbuds truly wireless Review

Today in this post let’s unbox and review the Boult Airbass Powerbuds truly wireless Bluetooth earphones and let me help you make a purchase decision. Boult has launched a few truly wireless earphones in the indian market recently one of them is the Boult Airbass Powerbuds review badge. So in this post let’s take a closer look at how do they perform and if they can keep up with the big players in the let’s get going taking a look at the box.

In the box:

It comes in very simple packaging and this is all that we get in the box the earbuds in the charging case. The user manual the warranty card. The USB type-c charging cable and the extra ear tips. These can be purchased at a price of two thousand 2799 Indian rupees from amazon.

Physical overview:

On the top of the charging case, we have the boult audio branding on the front. We get the usb type-c charging port and the USB port for the power bank then inside the case. We have the magnetic charging contact pins. The led battery indicator then on the earbuds we find the glowing bolts logo on the touch area the microphone then on the back we have the charging contacts.

Build quality:

So as for the build quality, the case is made up of plastic which looks good enough and it comes in a matte black color which doesn’t look cheap at all there is no movement of the earbuds inside the charging case. The magnet is strong enough to hold the earbuds in his place the earbuds. On the other hand are also made up of good plastic and they too don’t feel cheap at all .so overall I was satisfied with the build quality.


Connecting the earphones to your phone was quite easy first turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone then take out both the earbuds from the charging case. Open the Bluetooth search interface on your phone then locate the bold audio power buttons and click connect boom you’re connected.

So it’s also worth noting that these earphones are ipx7 the rated and ideal for sweating it out at the gym. The bold audio power buds come with Bluetooth 5 technology and it has a range of approximately 10 meters after approximately 10 meters of moving away from the phone.


The touch area is big enough and it’s easily accessible felt the touch response wasn’t the quickest but it got the job done single tapping on either earbud will play or pause the music and to answer or end a call double tapping on the right earbud will skip to the next song and double tapping. On the left earbud will return to the previous strong long pressing on the right earbud for few seconds will increase the volume and long pressing on the left earbud will decrease the volume and finally long pressing for two seconds on either earbud will activate the voice assistant. If you would like to read about the other Best Bluetooth Earphones under Rs 3000 please click here.


During the music playtime, I managed to get approximately four hours of music playback on the earbuds alone and around 120 to 125 hours combined with the charging case. It’s also worth noting that the 2200 ma charging case can also be used as a power bank in an emergency situation.

The call quality, on the other hand, was decent I would say and I rarely got a complaint from the receiver’s end as for the charging time I managed to charge the earphones with the charging case from 0 to 100 percent in approximately 1.5 hours.

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Both audio power buds come with a comfortable design .they fit easily in the ears and will not displace of his place from the position even at a time of high commotion and the earbuds are angled slightly forward so that the sound fit right into your skull .so overall I haven’t had any discomfort from the earbuds and the silicone tips are soft and non-irritating as for the latency the company claims that the ball to audio power buds has a low latency then in my testing I noticed that this latency is not only good for calls or consuming audio or video contents but it’s also good for playing games on the device. so the power buzz will be a good choice for game lovers and as well as for normal use of calling.

Sound quality:

Now coming to the sound quality the bolt power buds sound good in my opinion but I wish they were slightly louder. The drivers pump out the required amount of bass and with the necessary punch to it. if you are a bass lover then this should not get you disappointed to the most extent and even at higher volumes the bass is constant and i didn’t notice any sound distortion the highs and mids .on the other hand was good to my liking I could easily distinguish between them while listening to different types of music the vocals were good and clear so even at higher volumes.

So collusion

So you can use one earbud at a time if you don’t want to use both the earbuds and it works well with calls and music so although you won’t get the stereo effect which you get while using both the earbuds

so i would rate the bold power but so 8 out of 10 purely on music bases and 8.5 out of 10 for the build quality so finally as for my verdict the overall quality of the bold power buds is not bad at all especially considering the price.

It seems to provide a good experience the sound quality is really good and you really pick up on everything that your music recordings have to offer. they can work with games very comfortably and can give you a good noise recall experience the build quality is fine and great battery life.

It also has a feature for power banks in emergency situations. The only thing that can be counted as a limitation is that the one-second difference between the volume alteration and google voice command .so overall I feel the bold power buds make a very good choice and they have the ability to avoid any scope of regret.

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