Top 5 Chromebook Screen Recorder in 2022

Chromebook has got great popularity among students for study and research purposes. Chromebook is a pocket-friendly and light device for browsing web pages. Chrome OS is designed by Google that gives a smart, handy, and powerful tool to use all Google apps. Chrome OS is a speedy and new generation OS that allows you to download Google Apps from Google Play Store with your Google Account.

Unlike Windows or MacOS, there are limitations to downloading and installing apps on Chromebook. How to Screen Record on Chromebook with Audio has always been a concern of many users. You can make use of the inbuilt screen capture option (Ctrl + Shift + Overview Mode) to capture and save videos or make use of the best screen recorder for Chromebook. Let us explore the top 5 Chromebook screen recorders in 2022.

Windows users can make use of the Best Screen Recorder for Windows and create amazing tutorials, webinars, or other video recordings. You can record your screen, webcam feed, and internal and external sound via a microphone, or add mouse clicks. 



Updated: June 6, 2022

Size: 23.57 MB

Screencastify is one of the best screen recorders for Chromebook. It allows you to record, edit, annotate, store, and share screen captures with better features. It can sync with G-suite to capture and store your screen recordings. You can add it as a Chrome extension and just with a single click, you can initiate the screen recording.

The free version allows you to record videos of up to 5 minutes duration. You can upgrade Screencastify to record unlimited videos of more than 5 minutes duration. The upgraded version also unlocks multiple editing features and sharing options. You can save the recorded videos on multiple video file formats 



Updated: June 26, 2022

Size: 27.45 MB

Nimbus is a great screenshot and screen recorder for Chromebook to quickly initiate screen recording. There are multiple modes of screen capture like the visible part of the screen, blank screen, selected area, scrolling screens, browser window, etc. It gives you customizable hotkeys to trigger screen recording, add watermark and instantly upload recorded videos.

Nimbus is a quick screencast recorder to annotate and edit screenshots. You can trim, crop, and convert screen recordings to GIF or MP4 format. You can publish recorded videos on YouTube or upload them on Google Drive or Dropbox. You can record a webcam feed using the screencast recorder webcam feature. Now record and make perfect videos with premium editing features. 


Version: 5.3.4

Updated: June 10, 2022

Size: 8.87 MB

Loom is the next Chromebook screen recorder on our list. It’s a free screen recorder and screen capture tool to record full desktop or just the current tab. It can record and instantly give you a link to share with your connections. It allows you to record the screen, webcam feed, and external & internal audio feed. It automatically saves the link on cloud storage and generates a link to share.

Loom also allows you to get viewers’ notifications, reactions, and comments on your posted videos. You can manage your Loom video library with any device and organize your recording albums. You can also add camera frames, effects, background, and other filters before or after recording. It allows you to record 720p to 4K HD videos and store Zoom and Google Meet recordings in the Loom Library. 


Version: 4.2.8

Updated: May 27, 2022

Size: 6.92 MB

StoryXpress is an efficient screen and webcam recorder to record and edit videos. This Chromebook Screen Recorder has an inbuilt video recorder, hosting, and analytics to measure the progress of your hosted video. It also offers an offline recording feature to record with or without screen recording or Face Cam. You can record and share quick video messages with your teams or attendees.

StoryXpress comes with intuitive editing features to quickly trim, edit, blur, or crop any portion of the video. There are various customizable options to add intro, or outro to your videos and give them a professional touch. The analytics feature shows the video metrics on a real-time basis. You can quickly access the video library and manage your videos, add, edit, or remove audio, subtitles, or annotations.


If you are not willing to download an extension, you can make use of an online screen recorder and editor. Recordcast is a free online screen recorder and video editor for Chromecast, Windows, MacOS, Android, or iOS. It doesn’t require any plugin or software installation to record any video. There are different recording modes to record screen, webcam, or screen + webcam. You can add text, effects, dynamic elements, music, or background effects.

Summing Up

Chromebook already has an inbuilt screen recorder however editing features are missing. If you want to record, edit, and share intuitive videos, you can use the best Chromebook Screen Recorder. We have compared the best screen recorder for Chromebook and listed our top 5 pics. Check out the features and add the best Chromebook Screen Recorder extension to your device.

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