How Users Can Deal with Common Dell Laptop Issues?

In the Laptop manufacturing sector, Dell Laptops are ranked first in the list. This is one of the reasons why people prefer buying dell laptops. Every model of Dell Laptops is of high quality. No doubt, they are capable of providing services for a longer period of time, but you may face certain issues with the passage of time. Issues like white screen, blurry or fuzzy picture, flickering laptop screen, icon-size related issues, etc. may come your way. You are left with only the option to take your faulty laptop to a renowned faulty laptop repair center. They have experts who are aware of the issues that come across and also their solutions. But why to let such a situation come wherein you have to take somebody else’s help. This will not only waste your time but also your money and efforts. Better to be aware of the ways to deal with any situation while you work on Dell Laptops.

Check Dell Laptop Common Issues & Solutions

Read this article to learn about what are the various ways to deal with common Dell Laptop issues? Simultaneously, you will find the solutions for all the problems. You can check them all one by one.

1. Faulty Keyboards

It is very important to identify the right time to replace your keyboard. There are few common signs that will indicate that there is a problem in your keyboard. Like, some buttons will start popping up or you will see some keys missing, or if one day you might end up spilling water on the keyboard by mistake, rendering it useless, etc. It’s better to take your faulty keyboard to a repair expert. This will help you make the right decision whether to replace or get the keyboard repaired.

2. Motherboard not working

A motherboard controls the entire hardware of your Laptop. Like audio, power, USB, video, firewire, keyboard, etc. In case you face any issue in any of this hardware, you should visit a motherboard repair expert. Since this is a very common issue that users face, experts know how to deal with it.

3. Faculty LCD

Few warning signs that indicate that the LCD of your Laptop needs to be repaired or replaced are, cracked screen flickering images or or missing blocks on the LCD monitor. Instead of relying on online videos, it’s better to visit an expert or a professional. They will provide you the best solutions for a defective backlight or no display function.

4. Display Issues

Display issues on Dell laptop is again a very common issue that most users face. Such issues may originate from the display panel, video card or video settings. Symptoms like, blank or black screen, color fade, blurry, fuzzy, distorted or stretched image, light leakage or bleeding, flickering, horizontal or vertical lines, dead or bright pixels, touchscreen related issues, etc. indicates display or video issues. You can refer to an expert for the same for the best solutions.

5. Overheating

Overheating is one of the very common Dell laptop issues. It occurs due to blocking of ventilation, blocking of the air vent or failure of fan or heat sink. To prevent your laptop from overheating issues, keep some precautions. Like stop working on your laptop by keeping it on your lap or stomach, ensure that you  use only the original chargers, close all the unwanted tabs and open only one that you are working on. So these ways you can follow to stop your Dell laptops from getting too hot.

6. CD Disk Tray Malfunctioning

This issue may arise due to interference of software with the usual laptop operations. This can also happen because BIOS is not configured and due to driving firmware.

Dell Inspiron N5010 Drivers

Dell Inspiron 15R N5010 Notebook is quite a popular laptop. To run such a laptop more smoothly, you should definitely install Dell Inspiron N5010 drivers for Windows 10. Dell Inspiron Notebook has a bunch of drivers to carry out various functions such as Camera Drivers, Ethernet Drivers, Graphics and Audio Drivers, etc. Such drivers need to be updated time to time. otherwise , it will hamper the performance of the Dell Inspiron Laptop.

You can install or download a Dell Inspiron N5010 driver by using various methods:

1. Download & Install Driver from the Dell’s Official Site:

  • Click on Drivers and Downloads page.
  • Click on Auto-Detect your Product.
  • Enter the Dell Service Tag, Dell EMC product ID or Model number in the search box.
  • Now choose ‘Detect Drivers’, to retrieve all the list of Dell Inspiron Drivers on the Web page.
  • Download the Dell Inspiron N5010 Driver that you want in your Dell Inspiron Laptop.
  • Double click to open and execute the downloaded file.(.exe file.)
  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • Reboot your Dell Inspiron N5010 Notebook to let the changes come into effect.

2. Bit Driver Updater

Follow these steps to install Dell Inspiron driver though a Bit Driver Updater.

  • Scan the Dell Inspiron System– Press on the Scan Drivers button to find out worn out, missing and damaged Dell Inspiron drivers.
  • Update Dell Inspiron N5010 Drivers: After the scanning process is complete, you will see a list of all the broken, old and damaged drivers that need an update. You can then click on the Update Now button next to the driver you want to update. Bit Driver Updater will then install the latest available version of your out-of-date driver automatically. You need to reboot your laptop in order to complete the process of installing drivers required.

This is how you can install and update the Dell Inspiron N5010 drivers in your Dell Laptop.

Are you feeling confident enough now, after going through the above mentioned solutions to the most common issues you face in your Dell Laptops? Hope you find this article informative as well as useful. Almost all the problems of the Dell Laptops require service, repair and replacement. What you need to find out is a renowned laptop repair centre to avoid wasting time and money. So if you face any of the issues mentioned above, you know now what to do. Right?

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