Create Quick Videos in Your Browser with FlexClip

Creating and editing videos is somewhat time-consuming, as it requires adequate technical skills. The great thing is that there are many solutions, such as FlexClip video maker. It can become an alternative to heavy software, which needs a steep learning curve.

In this article post, I will share my opinion about FlexClip, a famous web-based tool focusing on creating videos for digital marketing as well as lifestyles videos.

A few years ago, I checked for some similar tools, but they were too expensive and didn’t have free options. I even spent an annual promotional plan on a tool that I didn’t even use because of browser bugs.

I recently had the opportunity to get to know and test FlexClip, despite not having a relationship with us. I write this article as a thank you note for this wonderful tool. I hope to be able to bring several videos to our channel using this tool in the future.

So far, I have used FlexClip to make many videos for my digital marketing strategies. Everything works great. Today, I’ll share with you detailed information about this wonderful tool. 

How does FlexClip work?

Offering thousands of video templates and millions of royalty-free stock music, HD videos, and photos, FlexClip makes it much easier for beginners to create videos easily.  

This tool is perfect for creating making videos, paid ads, slideshows, event videos, invitations, lists of things, and more.

Just choose a template and customize the way you want, editing the texts, positions, fonts, colors, images, videos, transition effects, watermarks, background sounds, etc., until it looks like an original video.

It has a timeline tool as well as a storyboard tool. You can adjust each element more flexibly under timeline mode while using it simpler under the storyboard mode. It’s up to you.   

The possibilities are endless. You can test and access this tool for free on the official FlexClip website.

My opinion about FlexClip

There are numerous similar tools on the market, but FlexClip is the only one accessible, and it works without bugs in my Chrome browser. Another thing I liked is the option to use it for both timeline mode and storyboard, and it has the stock video in good quality, perfect for those who make video marketing.

In the past, I don’t like to use online tools. But as internet speed has evolved a lot, nowadays, it is quite viable to edit photos, videos, and sounds within the internet browser.

I liked the way the program works. It separates the scenes and allows for straightforward, no-frills editing. You are also able to record a narration for each scene.

I love many other features in FlexClip, such as:

  1. Works on computers without downloading any plugin, software, or launcher;
  2. It doesn’t require a lot of computer hardware;
  3. Does not take up disk space;
  4. Massive collection of paid images, videos, and sounds;
  5. Watermark option;
  6. Adding elements to the screen;
  7. Adds transitions between scenes;
  8. Support via online chat;
  9. Option to cut and trim videos;
  10. Rich text editor with transitions;
  11. Full editing of background audio, volume, and others;
  12. Allows you to record voice and narration;
  13. Allows you to rotate and zoom videos and scenes;
  14. Fast and practical editing of videos;
  15. More than a million media for commercial use;
  16. Real-time editing;

What can I do with FlexClip?

I decided to make a list of things we can do using this wonderful tool:

  1. Intro and closures for channels;
  2. Product videos;
  3. Marketing videos;
  4. Videos for social media;
  5. Product presentation;
  6. Top 10 anything;
  7. Affiliate Sales Videos;
  8. Location presentation videos;
  9. Travel videos;
  10. Trailers of things;

Pricing details

FlexClip offers a free plan and three paid plans. Its paid plan starts from $5.99 if it is billed annually. You can see more detailed information under each plan here:


Recently, I see they hold a promo for its lifetime version on AppSumo. If you are interested, you can check it out here:


This is the tool I wanted to present. I believe it will be very useful in creating videos for social networks and YouTube channels. Now it’s just a matter of time and encouragement for me to be able to create content for everyone.

Thanks to FlexClip for creating and enabling the use of such a wonderful tool. If you liked it, share it and leave your comments.

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