DesignEvo Helps You Make a Logo in a Matter of Minutes

Logo creating is a challenging task for many of us! It requires some investment, skills, experience, innovativeness, and no one can tell how your work will be perceived that you are the designer. You are putting away considerable cash without knowing whether you will be happy with the outcoming logo.

It’s noteworthy to perceive what DesignEvo has accomplished with its free logo maker. With so many marvelous templates and millions of other art resources, the tool allows you to make a professional logo in a matter of minutes, not only for the website but also for ant social media kits, team T-shirts, etc.

The process to make a logo

One of DesignEvo’s main advantages is probably the 10,000+ professionally designed templates. After opening the website and clicking the “Make a Free Logo” button, the logo design tool takes you through the templates page.

Pick a template

DesignEvo - Pick a template

This is actually what many graphic designers provide. The only difference is that the template loading process is so much faster with DesignEvo. From the screenshot above, you will find a wide selection of categories for different logo templates. Browsing the specific category, you can find the desired template quickly.

You will also see a search box on this page. You can input a keyword according to your industry type to find the one you like. For example, if you are a jewelry businessman, input “jewelry” to find a template for the jewelry logo.

You can use the template and make quick changes to make it personalized or just browse them and get inspiration from those templates and start your logo created from scratch.

Customize your logo

Customize your logo

Once you have chosen a template, it’s possible to click on the logo and change the fonts, symbols, background, etc.

DesignEvo has a large library of icons which provides users more than a million icons. Find an icon as the way you find a template above. Then, simply change the color, size, position, opacity, etc.

Text section may help you convey your brand slogan to every client of your brand. You can add your brand name or slogan to the design. Adjust the text color, font, size, style, outline, spacing, curve, etc., to add more personal touches.

The shape section is optional for you to strengthen what you want in the design. Choose a shape and flip it or make other adjustments freely according to your needs.

The background is basic for logo creation. But the transparent background will be very practical and useful for many of us on online marketing.

Preview the result and download it

DesignEvo - Preview

Another main advantage of DesingEvo is its preview feature. You can preview the logo result on a notebook, website, T-shirt, etc. This is very convenient and useful for any business use.

If you are satisfied with the result, download it to file format like JPG, PNG, transparent PNG, PDF, SVG. You are allowed to save the logo project to your DesignEvo account in case you need to make any changes later.

DesignEvo highlights

  • Over 10,000 professionally designed templates.
  • Millions of professionally designed icons to search.
  • More than 100 fonts and beautiful text styles.
  • Wide selection of shapes and lines.
  • Adjust the opacity, flip, and mirror effect for the selected item.
  • Edit the font color, size, style, alignment, spacing, capitalization, outline or glow text effect, etc.
  • Move, resize and rotate elements freely.
  • Set transparent background or fill with solid color and gradient.
  • Automatically generate different logo designs.
  • Undo/redo every step of editing your logo.
  • Easily align multiple items on your canvas.
  • Manage layers with mouse clicks.
  • Copy/paste and delete any item at will.
  • Download JPG and PNG files, as well as a transparent PNG, PDF, SVG file.

Last words

Generating a logo is very easy once you choose the right tool. DesignEvo is such an easy, very intuitive, and highly efficient logo generator. If you try it, you may find it delicious.

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