Divya Khosla Kumar ended up with bruises on her arms and legs while shooting for ‘Designer’

Divya Khosla Kumar ended up with bruises on her arms and legs

Bhushan Kumar wowed the dazzling trio of Designers of Guru Randhawa, Yo Yo Honey Singh as well as Divya Khosla Kumar.

The track is getting attention for the right reasons, with its stunning visuals and the once-in-a-lifetime collaboration of these superstars.

The track, as the title implies was shot in a grand manner and the team has put all their effort into ensuring the video is in line with International music tracks. The look of Divya in the track is definitely eye-catching as she dances and adds just the proper amount of oomph glitter, and glamour to the dance-floor-ready tune.

The actress hasn’t held back in the matter of her style and fashion choices for the song. She is wearing a couture outfit, which showcases her physique and looks all the way through! What appears like a cakewalk and is what makes Divya appear stunning as ever, doesn’t necessarily have to be a breeze.

“There was one dress that was made of some kind of metal. With that outfit, I had inches of nail extensions inserted as the look required. We needed to be all out , and I was ecstatic to play the role of Designer! However, with the gold metal look after the camera had gone off, I was unable to sit down during the shoot due to the material of my attire! It was a lengthy shoot that lasted seven hours the particular outfit and since I had to stand the entire time due to the fabric and the way I had to dance. I got bruises on my legs and arms” says Divya.

It’s not like it could be easy, but you can be sure to trust Divya to continue with the shoot , with her million-dollar smile shining brightly! Bhushan Kumar’s Designer with Guru Randhawa, Honey Singh and Divya Khosla Kumar is available currently on T-Series’ Youtube channel.

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