Dual Degree Law Programs at CWRU for International Students

Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), established in 1967, is undoubtedly one of the best higher educational institutions in the United States of America. In addition to it, the school of law at Case Western Reserve University is among the best law schools in the world, which does not only educate the students but train them to actively participate in the practical world.

The CWRU is actively leading the mission of promoting knowledge and learning among the students, not only in the United States but across the globe. To fulfill this mission, the university has taken the initiative of dual degree programs in the law school. The law students pursuing the Juris doctor program can also enroll in a number of other dual degree programs and complete their overall study in four to five years.

Dig deeper into this article to get a detailed insight into dual degree programs at Case Western Reserve University for international students and explore the best options suitable for you.

Top 7 Dual Degree Programs to Pursue From Case Western Reserve University CWRU

Dual degrees are quite common in Asian countries like Pakistan. However, most of the time, students get enrolled in two degrees at different places, which raises the chances of illegal means. The dual degree programs at Case Western Reserve University CWRU are an ideal option for such international students, as they can legally pursue admission in dual degrees. They will have to secure admission in both programs and get a specific curriculum to pursue their studies.

Here are the top dual degree programs you can pursue at Case Western Reserve University.

1.      JD/MBA (Management)

The first dual degree program that international students can pursue at the Case Western Reserve University is JD/MBA in management. The Juris Doctor degree is essential for lawyers to practice in the region. Moreover, the MBA degree helps them learn the basics of management. Pakistani students interested in the program contact educational consultants in Islamabad to get detailed information about the admission criteria of both programs and pursue it with their help.

2.      JD/MA (Art History and Museum Studies)

The second most popular dual degree program Case Western Reserve University is offering to national and international students is a Juris Doctor degree with masters of art in history and museum studies. This is one of the most interesting dual degrees which enables students to quench their thirst for exploring the history of arts, along with pursuing a career in law.

3.      JD/MA (Legal History)

Another interesting dual degree program CWRU is currently offering to local and international students is a Juris doctor degree along with a master’s in legal history. This dual degree program is specifically helpful and interesting for law students who want to learn about its history in detail. Pursuing the dual degree program helps the students to save a year of education, which would have been compromised by pursuing one degree after the other.

4.      JD/MA (Political Science)

Oftentimes, people working in the law field are immensely interested in politics. The reason behind this is that politicians are usually the ones to propose and work on policies, which are then later implemented. Pursuing a dual degree in Juris Doctor and Master in political science can help the interested students pave their way for a political career from the beginning.

5.      JD/MA (Bioethics)

Bioethics is among the rising concerns in this advanced human world. The supporters of the cause raise concerns about bioethics; however, they are not much aware of the legal complications and procedures. Pursuing a dual degree in Juris Doctor and Master in bioethics will help the student understand the basics of both and utilize their learning for solutions and making this world a better place.

6.      JD/MD (Medicine)

Medicine is that field of life in which many legal issues can erupt. The doctors of medicine are usually not much aware of the peculiarities of law. On the other hand, the lawyers are not well informed about the detailed functioning of the medical field. A dual degree program in JD/MD in Medicine allows the interested students to master the two professions at the same time and boost their horizon of work options.

7.      JD/MPH (Public Health)

If you are not interested in the full-fledge doctor of medicine program but want to learn about health dynamics, the most suitable dual-degree option for you is Juris doctor and master in public health. The dual degrees will help you work as a lawyer while promoting or pursuing public health causes. You can hire educational consultants in Islamabad to explore the program’s detailed requirements and pursue your admission accordingly.

Bonus programs!

If you are not interested in any of the above-mentioned dual degree programs, some other options you can explore include Juris doctor and masters in Nonprofit Organizations, Juris doctor and masters of Science in social work, and lastly, Juris doctor and masters in science of biochemistry. The major highlight of dual degrees is that you can complete them in four to five years, which can otherwise take six to seven years. So, contact the study consultants now to pursue your admission in the course programs of your choice and interest.

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