10 Important Essay Writing Skills You Need to Know

Attempting and adding excellence to an essay is certainly no child’s play. There are ample areas to acknowledge and criticalities to overcome. From framing the right introductory note going about the task of adding references, there is an endless list of essay essentialities one needs to follow. Also, there are other concerns in the form of topic development criticalities, narrow research avenues and the likes. As a result, most students wonder, “Who will write my essay?” Well, the point is anyone which have essay writing skills. But, it won’t be worthwhile if you don’t approach the task by yourself.

Unless you are successful in honing essay writing skills in the right manner, you cannot make a striking impression on your professor. Even the most insignificant error turns out to be a major one if you fail to abide by the ground rules of essay writing.

Before you plan to proceed with the final draft, take some time to read this blog and get introduced to the ten most notable essay writing skills.

Happy reading!

  1. Getting the hang of the fundamentals

As mentioned above, the task of essay writing comes with a lot of hurdles. Unless you are aware of its key fundamentals, you cannot go about the rest of the paper seamlessly. So, how about exploring the key fundamentals of essay writing before going about the main body paragraphs?

Here’s everything you need to know.

  • Every essay, irrespective of its genre, comes in the form of a threefold segment.
  • These comprise the introductory note, the main body paragraphs and the concluding note.
  • Also, the main body paragraph is further segregated into three-fold paragraphs.
  • Each of the paragraphs is supposed to introduce newer slants or different perspectives.
  • The concluding notes must comprise key takeaways, alternative research suggestions and a strongly established and correlated thesis and main body contents.

Once you get the hang of the basics of essay writing, approaching and adding excellence for the assignment help, shall no more be a hassle.

  1. Developing organisational skills

Merely knowing about the key components of an essay isn’t enough if you fail to keep your thoughts organised all throughout the paper.

So, take note of the following suggestions and develop organisational proficiency before initiating the final draft.

  • Focus on creating a structured essay outline before everything else.
  • Make sure to develop the structure and explain how you wish to go about the key components such as introduction, body paragraphs and conclusions.
  • Also, determine and mention the prospective research slants you would like to follow while going about the main body paragraphs.
  • In addition, you should plan your concluding notes and include the key takeaways or the synopsis of the essay you will be summarising further.

Once you’re able to keep your thoughts organised and approach the final draft accordingly, you will gradually gain clarity across the rest of the actionable points.

  1. Work on your tone and voice as well

This is again one important area of concern. Not all essays are meant to be written in the same tone or voice. For example, you need to be affirmative while working on an argumentative essay topic.

On the other hand, you need to be logical and rationally determined while drafting an essay on a cause and effect topic. So, no matter how critical, narrow or broad the essay topic might turn out to be, you should focus on the aspect of maintaining the right tone and voice.

Here are some suggestions on the same.

  • Be careful with the choice of words or the phrases you would use in the essay.
  • For example, if you use words or phrases such as “as a matter of fact” in an essay that is based on imaginary/hypothetical subject matter, then readers might take you seriously.
  • Do not come up with anything offensive. You cannot afford to go personal or target a particular reader base with your preconceived, assaulting tone.
  • Maintain mutual respect, and come up with globally accepted tones or parts of speech.

  1. Understanding Ethos, Logos and Pathos

These are the three most important elements of an essay. You have no choice but to master the skills of using ethos, logos and pathos in the right manner and the right place.

So, before everything else, you should explore and know about the essentials of these three elementary components.

  • The purpose of ethos is to establish your point of authority to lay stress on the subject and speak about it.
  • Logos serves the purpose of initiating logical arguments for your point of analysis or the main context of the discussion.
  • On the other hand, pathos appeals to the emotion of readers and elicits feelings that are already residing in them.

  1. Know how to add the right references

Talking about the skills one must hone to make essays perfect, this is one point that gets a special mention.  No essay is a perfect essay if it lacks the right points of references.

So, pay heed to the following tips and know how to ensure referential accuracy in the paper.

  • Focus on the preferred citation style and abide by its ground rules.
  • No matter whether you use external sources or cite case studies, make it a point to acknowledge the citations.
  • Abstain from including controversial references or something that is obsolete, overly critical or unverified by any means.
  • Refer to virtual knowledge banks such as SemanticScholar, ResearchGate and Google Scholar to extract and use globally recognised scholarly data.

  1. Learn how to keep readers glued to your essay

It is all about creating the right hook for your readers. If you wish to make a striking impression on your professor, then present the essay in the following format.

  • Do not just come with the crux of the matter at the very beginning of your essay. ‘
  • Rather, focus on disclosing a couple of lesser-known facets and leave the introduction on that note.
  • That way, your readers will develop a natural curiosity to explore the topic further.
  • Also, you can come up with a few interesting questions for your readers to answer.
  • For example, if the essay is based on “The Pandemic”, then you can throw questions based on its future consequences, world economy and health issues.
  • Remember, your job is to disclose only a smaller fraction of the bigger picture and leave the rest of the matter for your readers to contemplate.
  • Once you are done with the introductory note, move on to the main body paragraphs and maintain the same hook, throughout the main body paragraphs.
  • Ultimately, at the end of the essay, list out the key takeaways of the topic in the concluding note and share the solution to the problem or the final derivation of the points of analysis.

  1. Master the art of conducting extensive research

You cannot define or determine the primary points of concern or the theme of the essay without conducting the right analysis across the given topic. So, follow these suggestions and implement them as you would go about the task of conducting extensive analysis.

  • Review the primary topic of the discussion.
  • Now, focus on the tentative research slant you should take.
  • For example, if it is non-empirical in nature, then you might include comprehensive reviews and articles to abide by the methodical essentiality.
  • If, in case, the essay topic hints at empirical research, then you need to lay stress upon the aspect of critical observation, data collection and the likes.

The idea is simple. Identify the type of research to be conducted, and follow up with its elemental insights accordingly.

  1. Read more books, journals and case studies

There is no substitute for good reads, especially when it comes to landing the perfect essay. The more you read, the better will be the chances for you to make essays theoretically enriched.

So, here are some recommendations for you to consider before initiating the task of essay writing.

  • How to Write Better Essays?
  • College Essay Essentials
  • Escape Essay Hell
  • The Art of the Personal Essay
  • How to Write a High School Essay?

Well, these are only some of the many recommended names you can refer to. You can always read a couple of more similar books on essay writing or dig a few scholarly journals for further insights.

  1. Try to be ethical as well

This is also a part of the drill. You cannot afford to violate ethical conventions while going about the final draft. Here’s how you can stay on the ethical side of the story.

  • Make sure to acknowledge all points of references.
  • If you are using a quote or referring to a case study, give credit to the original work or the author.
  • Do not paraphrase someone else’s work blindly. Even if you do, make sure to abide by the rules to ethical paraphrasing.
  • Utilise the fullest potential of advanced plagiarism detectors to keep the odds of essay duplicities at bay.

  1. Acquire revision skills to land flawless essays

Last but certainly not least; you should leave no loose ends to revise your essay from scratch. Simply follow these tips and go about the process of essay paper revision effectively.

  • Keep an eye for silly grammatical mistakes such as subject-verb disagreement, misplaced pronouns, wrong adjectives and the likes.
  • Make sure that each sentence carries a maximum length of 15-20 words.
  • Do not repeat the same idea twice in the main body paragraphs.
  • Keep a tab on committing other errors like wrong homonyms, inaccurate jargons or using the wrong chronology.

Parting Thoughts,

Now that you are aware of the key essentials of composing flawless essays, refer to this blog on the go, embrace the best practice and put your best foot forward. In case, you would still find things tricky and convoluted, seek essay assignment help online for well-knit, timely samples for reference.

Good luck!


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