10 Reasons Why Flexible Product Packaging is Right for You

The consumer marketplace, today, has become saturated with products, many of which are mixed and become lost in the ocean of choices. Due to this reason, it is now necessary for packaging manufacturers to make their products stand out in some way or another. Various businesses are looking for innovations in the packaging world to sell their products.

A few flexible packaging designs like stand-up pouches and unique barrier film combinations used for retort and vacuum pouches may be relative newcomers to the packaging market, but they have had an enormous impact on retail.

The following list is a brief overview of several advantages flexible packaging can offer you and your business:

1. Flexible packaging is customizable,

It can be fit whatever demands your product makes. Besides, you can bring flexible packaging in a variety of sizes and shapes. Even, you can have them die-cut into multiple shapes that reflect your brand or product, making them unique at retail.

2. The usage of flexible packaging extends the shelf life of products.

Ordinarily manufactured using high-grade plastic, aluminum, or a mix of the two, adaptable wrapping offers extra assurance from outside components. It also implies your item is better secured for a longer time.

3. Today’s retailers need products that can be creatively merchandised.

Pouches made with flexible materials by an experienced retort pouches and bags supplier offer limitless unlimited opportunities. For instance, standup bags and pouches can either hang in a peg display or stand on retail. Resultantly, the doors of new marketing possibilities get opened.

4. Flexible product packaging always comes up with reusable features.

Flexibility can either be with press-to-close zip seals, slide zippers, or spouts for liquids. Since today’s user demands extreme ease, packages that are reusable and easy-to-use are successful at retail shelves.

5. Barrier Materials

The construction of flexible product packaging using barrier materials also opens the door to multiple possibilities regarding new graphic design. Since these materials can be printed using advanced rotogravure and flexographic printing methods, your package can be printed with different vibrant colors. They are very vivid and have clear logos; making your product more stand out at retail.

6. The sky is the limit when you talk about size.

While a majority of manufacturers enforce flexible packages that are small in size, some adventurous product marketers use this medium for large packages that are sold to wholesale stores. Every form of retailer has something to get from flexible packaging.

7. Gusseted Bottoms

Different manufacturers design flexible packaging using gusseted bottoms. It means the package will expand whenever the product is placed into it. This is quite useful for producers of liquid products, who require something that expands without the package’s strength compromise.

8. Commodity product packaging presents opportunities

For different commodity items like rice, sugar, or coffee, flexible product packaging material present unique and new opportunities to make products stand out. No longer kept to boring, conventional paper boxes or packages, flexible packaging opens the door to dozens of marketing and merchandising possibilities.

9. Flexible package…

Whenever is empty, can be stored flat, which means most of the space present in your warehouse was once used for rigid packages, can be used for something else. The easy to store ease flexible packaging comply with several guidelines asserted by lean manufacturing principles. It is a business philosophy that has brought a revolution in the manufacturing industry in recent years.

10. Using flexible packaging is less wasteful

Yes! It is, compared to other flexible packaging methods and rigid plastic bottles or bag-in-a-box designs. Since retailers demand strict adherence to environmental regulations, and today’s consumers have become conscious of environmental issues; minimal wasteful packaging is, oftentimes, much more appealing.

Different Types of Flexible Product Packaging

Corrugated Boxes

Manufacturers offer corrugated boxes by using corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard is among those packaging materials that are made out of fiberboard. Normally speaking, corrugated cardboard is a material that uses one or multiple kinds of fiberboard. Manufacturers make corrugated cardboard through a process called fluted lamination.


Items that are commonly packaged by corrugated boxes include DVDs, consumer goods, electronics, and pre-packaged food items like chips, cereal, and cookies.

Stretch Film  

Stretch film is among the most common flexible product packaging materials available in the world. Suppliers that have a delivery department always almost use stretch film. They utilize it to package their products on pallets before delivery.

Packaging is done for the protection of products from damage or collapse during the shipping process. Stretch film achieves its target with what is called “load containment.” To put in simple words, load containment permits your load to be secured properly and in place so that it can reach safely to its destination.

There are different types of stretch flexible product packaging material currently available. Each one is structured for particular applications. These types of the film include: 

· Cast Stretch

· Blown Stretch

· Hay Baling Stretch

· Pre-Stretch

· Color Stretch

· Hand Stretch and more.

Shrink Film

This product packaging material is used on gazillions of packaging material lines in different companies around the world. It is among the most popular forms of packaging materials currently available in the market. You can use it to package a mind-boggling range of products.

There are various types of shrink film formulations. The most commons are polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and polyolefin (POF). Each formulation is used for specific applications. For instance, the polyolefin is the best shrink film to package food.

Wrap Up

Flexible packaging is a portion of the overall packaging industry. Yet manufacturers continue to make unique designs to display products and save them like never before. Now, it is clear that it will continue to grow in popularity and possibly become the dominant portion of the flexible product packaging business.

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