How to Add Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet?

Getting ill or sick or suffering from a fever is one of the normal physical activities that happen several times in the life of every person. It is the time when apart from the treatment you also receive lots of unwanted suggestions regarding health from your friends and relatives. It is an annoying situation for most of the person as not only they have to combat their illness but also listen to the suggestions given by the friends, neighbours and everyone coming to meet them.

The last two decades have witnessed dynamic changes in the lifestyle of people across the globe. The people of today’s generation are moving away from the conventional lifestyle of eating their meals on time, on the contrary going to their hectic working schedule they are not only moving away from this habit but also eating unhealthy food. As an impact of this, they are caught by different types of physical problems like obesity, hypertension, improper sleep, diabetes, constipation, etc. Eating food enriched with the nutritional elements doesn’t mean the food items developed from expensive dry fruits or supplements. Moving around yourself you will a plethora of fruits and vegetables that are able to satisfy your all nutritional needs without any burden on your pocket.

It is the time when getting ill seems a curse to the person because the suggestions given by everyone visiting him are not only restricted to his well-being but also criticise his eating habits. In fact, there are lots of people who even do not hesitate in suggesting him to include rich and nutritional food in his diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables. It would be interesting to know fresh fruits and vegetables not only enrich your body with all the nutritional elements but also help in controlling your weight. Going through this reason all dieticians recommend adding them to your food items.

Which Fruits and Vegetables are Good for Human Health?

Interestingly an answer to this question in simple words is that all types of fruits and vegetables that are available to you are good for your health. According to expert dieticians, a normal person should fill half of his plate with fruits and vegetables. This includes all types of foods including fresh, frozen, and canned. Interestingly nowadays there are lots of suppliers who offer the facility of local fresh fruits and vegetable delivery in Melbourne direct at your doorsteps on order. The worth mentioning feature of these food items is that they are enriched with all the nutritional elements without any deterioration and therefore you can rely blindly on their quality.

How to Add Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet?

Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet means there should be a perfect combination of these items in your every diet including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The ratio differs according to the timings:


  1. Include a small glass of up to 6 ounces of fruit or vegetable juice almost without sodium or sugar. This juice should consist of only one fruit or vegetable and not a fruit drink or a cocktail.
  2. Include bananas, berries or raisins.
  3. Eat grapes, melon or some other fruit during breakfast.
  4. Add chopped vegetables to potatoes along with green, red or black pepper, spinach, or onions.


  1. Try to add enough quantity of vegetable salad or fruits to your plate during lunch.
  2. A bowl of vegetable soup.
  3. Add vegetables like cucumber, tomato, lettuce, sprouts, etc, to your sandwich.
  4. Try to eat raw veggie sticks or fruits rather than eating oily chips.


  1. Eat dry fruits including raisins, dried apricots, dates, etc as snacks. You should even carry them in your pocket or purse if you are going to your office or some other place.
  2. During hot summer days, try to eat frozen fruits or vegetables like bananas, grapes, orange, kiwi, etc.
  3. Keep raw vegetable sticks like green beans, celery or red bell peppers.


  1. Include chopped vegetables, stew, beans, spaghetti sauce etc in soup.
  2. Add some quantity of frozen peas while making rice. This however should be done just before the three minutes from turning off the gas.
  3. Put a whole potato, sweet potato or yam at the same time when cooking your meal in the oven.
  4. Add fruit or vegetable salad with dinner.

What Next?

As most of the fruits and vegetables don’t require any specific packaging you can eat them directly after purchasing them from the market, mainly the fruits. It would be interesting to know that nowadays there are lots of online stores which offer the facility of fruit and vegetable delivery in Brunswick and its surrounding areas direct to your doorsteps on order. Moving ahead if you have a blender at home then you can enjoy the taste of delicious and fresh juice immediately according to your taste. To add an extra flavour in juice add as much spinach you can to make it tastier and look attractive. An interesting fact about spinach is that it doesn’t taste like spinach until it is cooked.

Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet is the best way to enjoy good health and an active lifestyle. To make it more creative and attractive you can add a little fusion to it according to your creativity

If you are consuming a substantial quantity of fruits and vegetables in your diet, then it is time to add a combination of colour to your diet. It would be interesting to know that all fruits and vegetables that you eat daily are enriched with vitamins, minerals, and lots of nutritional elements that help in controlling the occurrence of health problems like heart problems, cancer, diabetes, etc. All these food items contain fibre, folate, potassium, Vitamin A and C. For this try to add fruits and vegetables of different colours to your diet chat.


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