5 FrontEnd Developer Skills to Look For Before Hiring

Your company is planning to build a fantastic new website–but how do you find the right person to bring it to life?

Sounds like you need to hire a front-end developer. What is front-end development? In simple terms, this is a computer expert who specializes in building and designing the forward-facing part of your website, which is what your customer will see.

They bring great knowledge to their role, both in terms of IT skills and design.

But if you’re about to start advertising for front-end web developer jobs, how do you know what to look for in a candidate?

To learn more, keep reading to find five of the most important front-end developer skills to look for when hiring. 

FrontEnd Developer Skills to Look for When Hiring

1. Proficiency in Markup Languages

If you’re hiring a front-end web developer, one key thing to look for is their abilities in markup languages. You might not fully understand makeup languages, which are tools used to design the front-facing parts of websites, but your developer certainly needs to!

While the most common language, which you probably know about, is HTML, there are plenty of others. The most common include CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, which are all used together to create and design a website.

Plus, developers will use other tools, like website templates, browser development tools, and CSS frameworks.

Your exact needs for your new developer will vary based on your current website and any additional websites you might be thinking of building. If you’re in HR, it’s best to speak to IT to ensure you’ve listed all the needed markup languages in the job advertisement.

2. Great Teamwork Skills

Your new front-end developer doesn’t just need IT skills—they also need to have great interpersonal skills. One major consideration is their ability to work in teams.

This is because developers need to work closely with lots of other staff members. They also need to take your vision for the website and bring it to life, which means strong communication skills are also important.

Not everyone in IT has these skills though! So, when it’s time to hire a front-end developer, ask them during the interview about their teamwork skills.

Also, use your instinct and try to imagine how they’d fit in with your current employees—would they work together well or are they likely to clash?

3. Strong SEO Knowledge

Another key skill to look for is SEO knowledge. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a series of best practices that will help your website rank highly on Google.

Why is this important? This is because developers use SEO when building your site—there are a lot of behind-the-scenes considerations that go into helping a website rank highly on search engines.

Every business needs to invest in SEO, as it’s essential for growing website traffic, getting noticed online, and generating new leads. So, give your new website the best chance of success by hiring a front-end developer with rock-star SEO skills.

4. UX Skills

In addition to SEO knowledge, UX knowledge is another big consideration. UX stands for user experience and is all about how your website looks and feels—you want your website to offer the best possible user experience for your customers.

This incorporates just about everything involved with your site, from website loading speed to the placement of buttons and links. Because the developer’s job is to build and design the forward-facing parts of your website, which customers will use, they need to understand UX.

UX can definitely be learned, but it’s also somewhat instinctual—some developers just have a knack for creating gorgeous, usable designs! The best way to evaluate a person’s UX skills is by reviewing examples of their previous work.

5. A Stellar Portfolio That Demonstrates Results

This brings us to our next point—always review each candidate’s portfolio! This is essentially a document that includes links to the websites they’ve built and designed and will showcase their best work.

When reviewing their work, see if their style matches the sort of website you’re looking for. It can often be useful to hire someone who’s experienced in website design for other businesses within your industry.

That way, they’ll have a solid understanding of what works well within your industry.

However, what if a developer doesn’t have a strong portfolio? It’s true that everyone needs to start somewhere, so deciding to hire an inexperienced candidate is all dependent on your needs.

For example, if you already have a senior developer on staff who can assist them, it might be fine. But, for a company needing major work done in a hurry, you might prefer someone with more experience.

Look for These Front-End Developer skills When Hiring

Business owners know that hiring the right employees makes all the difference to the success of a company. So, if you’re hiring, use this guide to work out which front-end developer skills are essential for your needs.

Then, be sure to clearly outline them in your job description as necessary qualifications. That way, potential applicants will know what you’re looking for, which saves both yourself and their time.

You might get plenty of applicants, but with screening and thorough interviewing, you’re sure to find the right person for the job!

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