11 Summer Lifestyle Tips For A Healthy Mind And Body

Summer excites our minds since we relate it to pool parties, loads of fun, and backyard barbecues under the sun. however, there is more that we can relate to during the summer season is the dehydration, skin tanning, skin burns, and much other skin and health-related issues.

To ensure that you go well along with your family to enjoy a happy stay and remain healthy this summer season, let’s have a look at the key points mentioned below:

1. Keep your body hydrated: 

Do not skip drinking the recommended amount of water a day to keep the illness at bay, keep the bones and muscles healthy, helps in maintaining the right weight, improves brain function, and set you in the right tone to perform everyday activities.

2. Stop or limit the consumption of caffeine and alcohol: 

While fluids are very important to keep you going during summers, there are certain ones that you should avoid such as iced lattes and alcohol-based drinks. These are diuretic drinks where you will be losing a whole lot of water than you take in. You can either completely stop the consumption or limit the intake of caffeine and alcohol to keep your dehydration level at the best level. Until then sit at home, enjoy the mango smoothie in the cold air of air conditioning Sydney.

3. Indulge more into exercise and sweat it out: 

The warm weather we face in summers is ideal to keep you active and not laze around. With regular exercise and sweating out toxins, our body experiences a boost in health, which includes a healthy heart, weight maintenance, less pain in the body, and low release of cortisol. Even if you are lacking the time to hit the gym, try to turn simple activities into physical exercise such as choosing to go up with the stairs instead of the lift.

4. Dress appropriately for the season: 

During the colder season, we look to wrap ourselves into different layers but once the sun is started raining hotness you should look to wrap yourself up in a much comfortable cloth. Choosing breathable and light color fabrics with the loss fitting will get you going. Top it up with a brimming hat and sunglasses and you are good to go.

5. Rest in cover: 

Though the sun provides you the much-needed Vitamin D, it doesn’t mean you have to keep yourself exposed to the sunlight. Look to stay in the shade so that there will be less risk includes for sunburns and skin cancers. Apart from dressing comfortably as per the season, you need to limit your timing for sun exposure especially during the period of 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, since that is when UV exposure shows its peak level.

6. Always use sunscreen while heading out: 

It has been seen that sunlight exposure is the primary source of skin cancer hence you must use sunscreen with the least SPF 30 before heading out. Every 2 hours you need to apply a fresh layer to shield the skin from UVA and UVB rays. If you will be staying in the sun for a long duration then keeping the layer of sunscreen is important especially if you sweat or swim a lot.

7. Get wet often: 

Summer gives you the perfect excuse why you should take some time out and just jump in the pool and make a switch with your workout session. Swimming provides the perfect act of cardio where you can burn as much as 400 calories in just 30 minutes of breaststroke or backstroke action.

8. Keep the hair safe: 

Since the exposure to heat, chlorine, and saltwater keeps going during the summer, the effect might leave your hair feeling lifeless and dull. Try to include anti-chlorine shampoo and conditioner in your hair care package if you see that there will be a pool session that the chlorine can be neutralized easily.

9. Take care of those precious eyes: 

While you are roaming outdoors, remember to have a good pair of sunglasses to cover your eyes block 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Choosing the right pair of sunglasses can also help you to avoid cataracts, wrinkles, and fine line formation around the eyes. Try to catch as much sleep with a nicely maintained temperature through ducted air conditioning Sydney.

10. Steer clear from bug bites: 

A bite from the mosquito won’t only put you in a state of itching and discomfort but they are also capable of you putting in with serious diseases transmit such as West Nile virus, Zika, and much more. Choose to invest in an effective bug repellent ointment that will save your skin from bites and hence no such illness.

11. Go on a family vacation: 

A vacation is a perfect way to elope from the daily burden of work, responsibilities, and stress that you face. The body and mind will be in a much-relaxed state once you come back. 

Wrap Up

In our busy lifestyle, we forget to take care of our health. But, if you want to stay happy, and as productive as you are now then you should start paying attention to your health. Not just physical, but your mental health is an important factor to consider.  You should implement the above-mentioned tips to stay healthy and improve your lifestyle.

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