Helpful Tips in Dealing With Depression Due To Loneliness

Dealing With Depression Due To Loneliness

Feeling lonely and this is turning into depression day by day? This feeling is seen more commonly when there is a holiday season and you don’t have anyone to share your feelings with. According to Dr. Hawkely, depression doesn’t always lead to loneliness, feeling lonely is often a predictor of depression one year or even two years later, and it definitely leads to sadness.

It is interesting to note that a January 2020 survey of 10,000 adults by Cigna reported that 61% of people amongst them felt lonely. Loneliness is not an easy emotion to deal with and it can be a reason for triggering depression but the good part is that it doesn’t need to be present forever. This blog will explain ways to deal with depression due to loneliness and ways to escape anxiety side by side.

Ways To Deal With Severe Depression And Anxiety

Here are some ways to deal with severe depression due to loneliness.

1.Join A Club Or Class

Sit in a peaceful state and think of a hobby that you may like. Whether it’s an art class or music class, know what your interests are and join the class to spend your time positively. You can check a local library or a community or other recreation departments to find out what is available. Such classes can induce a good creative side within you and even combat loneliness.

2.Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude can make you feel much more positive about yourself as well as life. Think about the people whom you appreciate and write their names on a piece of paper. These people could be from your past, could be your mentor, friends or anyone who has helped you in your life. Be thankful to them for helping you in tough times! You can even practice writing this in your journal for managing loneliness.

3.Remember Your Uniqueness

If you feel less of yourself then it can lead to loneliness. Make sure that you are not comparing yourself to others and thinking of an apparent situation as happier than your own. Our minds are very critical and try to keep connected to the outer things leading to losing your ownself. In this case, you have to remember that you are one in a million and there is no one like you on this planet. Instead of coping up with others, listen to your own uniqueness.

4.Improve Your Present Relationships

There must be some people in your life who are great in your present but you might have not been able to form good relationships with them. It’s time to make some plans in rejuvenating the old relationships and begin a spark once again. Although when you have depression or loneliness, this is one of the most daunting tasks we ever ask you to perform but try connecting with your family and friends and plan to spend a weekend or at least a dinner with them.  

5.Consider Volunteering

Volunteering for a good cause like taking part in charity business or giving your time in an orphanage could provide you with greater benefits than anything else. You are naturally able to contact more people around you, find meaning to your life as well as bring satisfaction on a personal level. It even generates a sense of gratitude within your life while you are dealing with depression and anxiety.

6.Bond With A Pet

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You can have any pet like cat, dog or mouse and keep your surroundings active with them. Pets offer so much relief while offering companionship and fighting loneliness in a positive manner. Moreover, pets open you up to new communities like neighborhood or dog walker fest, etc. Thanks to these pets, they provide so much unconditional love that we often don’t want to stay away from them.

7.Talk To A Therapist

If you are feeling depressed and down with anxiety then consider speaking to a therapist. A therapist can guide you with potentially good advice and support so that you don’t feel uncertain and possess any kind of insecurities inside you. Consider going for weekly sessions for cognitive behavioral therapy and you will be able to combat loneliness in a positive manner.

Wrap Up

We hope that you have found out ways to deal with depression and loneliness already and you are ready to rock the world in a better manner. While doing so, you have to make sure that you are taking care of yourself side by side properly and keeping up busy. If you are searching for a therapist in-person and cannot visit them due to any reason, allow yourself to explore online therapists. Remember, you are enough and you are unique in this world. Do not let loneliness take over your mind and combine it with depression.

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