How Barcodes help Businesses to Grow?

If you have reached a higher level of business and you are starting to deliver your goods to the retail network, you will find a barcode meeting. The use of automatic packaging identification for end customers is now a necessary condition for entering the modern retail market. No one who produces fast-moving or consumer goods can do without a barcode.

How do barcodes work?

The barcode consists of dark lines and light gaps, which are read using specialized readers – barcode scanners.

Traditional laser barcode scanners emit red light. This light is absorbed by dark lines and reflected by light gaps. The sensor detects differences in reflection and converts them into electrical signals corresponding to the width of lines and gaps. These signals are converted into numbers, or letters as contained in the relevant barcode. This means that each digit or letter is recorded in the barcode using predefined line widths and spaces. The data contained in the barcode can include almost anything: the manufacturer’s number, the product number, the place of storage, the serial number or the name of a certain person who, for example, is allowed to enter an otherwise enclosed space.

At the beginning of the 21st century, in addition to traditional laser scanners, digital scanners began to be used to read barcodes. As with a digital camera, the barcode is photographed and then decoded using a decoder that is an integral part of the scanner. The main advantage of digital sensors is the possibility of multidirectional reading and support for reading both 1D and 2D symbols.

Types of barcodes

There are many types of barcodes, each of which is usually designed for a specific use. Some types of buy UPC barcode for Amazon can only encode numbers; others can encode letters and special characters.

We distinguish between one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) barcodes.  1D code have a limited capacity and usually encode a numeric or alphanumeric string, which is the key to identifying the marked object in an external database. Due to the higher capacity, 2D codes usually contain all the necessary information about the marked object.


When entering data manually, an error occurs on average every three hundred entries, using barcodes reduces the number of errors to one millionth, and most of these errors can be eliminated if a check digit is inserted in the code, which verifies the correct reading of all others.


If we compare the speed of data acquisition from a barcode with keyboard input, we will find that even the best typewriter is at least three times slower than any scanner.


Bar codes can be used in a variety of, even extreme environments and terrains. They can be printed on materials resistant to high temperatures or extreme frost, on materials resistant to acids, abrasion, and excessive humidity. Their dimensions can even be adapted to be used on miniature electronic components.

It is not an obligation and many people still do without a barcode registration in India, but why not make your work much easier. The barcode enables accurate mapping of information in production, receipt and issue or inventory, thus increasing work productivity. Thanks to it, you have an immediate and constant overview of the status of orders or stocks and you can monitor the movement of goods back in the entire production or logistics process, which makes it easy to resolve any complaints and the like.

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