How Can I Test My Computer’s CPU and GPU Performance?

The CPU and GPU performance determines the quality of videos you are watching on the computer, the speed of games, and the performance of the graphics card in an overall manner. Although the Graphical Processing Unit or GPU is a part of a hardware series that figures out what you are watching on your computer screen, looking at it will not help you in finding its real condition. 

This is why you need a GPU benchmark software that is capable of scanning your PC’s hardware and gives the overall information in a user-readable way. Things that GPU software can provide you are temperature monitoring, fan and clock speed, and a smart comparison between PC configurations. Here is some software to test computer performance while finding CPU performance as well as GPU performance.

Test Computer Performance With GPU Benchmark Software

1. Speccy

Developed and designed by Piriform, Speecy is usually called gaming benchmark software and used by numerous gamers around the world. This software allows a person to identify the needs like the minimum requirements to complete a certain job. With that, other detailed information like CPU temperature and usage of RAM also shows up. Thanks to its smartness, all the major video, and audio file formats are supported while also allowing you to watch streaming videos.

2. PassMark

Another one in the list of the best software to test GPU performance, PassMark provides you with a baseline database that is submitted by other people. It even lets you run GPU performance which could be tested directly on a flash drive. Not just benchmarking, PassMark is also allowing you to check the speed of the disk through cache options, files, and block sizes. With that, you can even read and write the speed of RAM. 

3. Cinebench

When you have free benchmark software which is also available on all the major platforms, you certainly do not want anything else to check the GPU and CPU performance. Interestingly, it uses 4D image rendering technology to find the performance and is certainly a step ahead of its competitors for high-end PCs. Allowing you to watch streaming videos and supporting all the major video and audio outputs, it holds its position high.

4. Geekbench

An amazing cross-platform benchmark software that gives you all the information just by the click of one single button. It measures your processor’s single-core and multi-core power with other important aspects, all at once. You would be surprised to note that it can even measure areas like augmented reality and machine learning so that you can know how close your system is to perfection. 

5. HWMonitor

There are exclusive features that are being offered by HWMonitor and they make it a top class software to measure GPU performance. The gaming world literally appreciates this software as it gives them complete information of the system at one end and has a very simple and easy interface for newbies. You can find your PC’s fan and clock speed, temperature, voltage, and power consumption. 

6. Novabench

Get your PC tested for its performance so that you can find all the potential problems hindering your work. Moreover, you will also be provided with an instant comparison chart along with which you will be able to check memory transfer and disk read and write speed. You can save all the results with you and check them with ease in your free time. Overall, get your system optimized with the help of this benchmark software.

7. GFXBench

Another utility GPU benchmark software, GFXBench can analyze and display the condition of your graphics instantly on the screen. It usually conducts a few tests inside your system in order to make a comparison between the graphics cards. Apart from this, advanced options are possessed due to which you can customize the graphics test options. It even supports PC and mobile devices with the ease of checking battery performance.

8. 3DMark

Another hit in the list of PC benchmark software is 3DMark as it compares your PC with other users who are keeping the same software in their PC. In fact, gaming apps that are included in this benchmark software itself are Port Royal, Time Spy, 3D Mark Fire Strike, and many more. Get your GPU overclocked and the guide which users can use to upgrade PC to play certain games.

9. UserBenchmark

Having a complete suite of benchmarking modules, UserBenchmark is absolutely free of cost. One can easily access aspects of CPU, SSD, GPU, RAM, HDD, and much more so that hardware could be analyzed smartly. So get a net score of complete hardware data, get performance improvement methods within the application and find out if your favorite games could be played on the machine or not.

10. Overclock Checking Tool

Last but not least, this GPU performance test tool allows you to test memory and power supply and can even monitor your computer performance in real-time. Along with that, there are graphical reports which can be saved in your system for a quick comparison in later stages. There comes in-built protection for the computer system and also supports a command-line interface. Overall, a must-use tool for analyzing the behavior of computers.


We hope that now you are familiar with how to test your CPU and GPU performance without much worrying about ifs and buts of a computer system. Get them in your system today and know if your graphics card is performing rightly or not and optimize the system accordingly. 

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