How Different Types of Sober Living Homes Help People?

Sober living homes are getting much attention these days as people are seeking their help to get back to normal life. Sober living homes provide a safe and effective environment to recovering addicts, thus making it possible for them to consider themselves as normal individuals of society.

The main purpose of the best sober living homes is to produce faithful and passionate citizens in society who were previously reported to be dangerous not only for the community but also for themselves.

Sober living homes make sure to provide their residents with an environment that makes them feel at home so that they can easily come over with their depression, anger, fear, sorrow, grief, and embarrassment regarding their addiction or drug abuse.

Sober living homes are designed for people who have already got treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. As a sober living home registers a person, they make sure to make him independent and free from any kind of addiction as he finally leaves it.

Sober living homes can therefore be defined as centers that provide safe and cost-effective treatment to people who are eagerly waiting for their normal life to get back to their original track.

These homes pave ways that can lead an addict to reach his destination and ultimately succeed by following the guidelines provided by them and hence proves to be a great source for people yearning for a better and productive life.

Sober living homes came into being with the idea that helped such people who completely recovered from addiction but soon got into it because of higher risks associated with different people, places, and society.

Therefore, the role of sober living homes is of huge importance as it prevents all risks that can lead to relapse and make sure to make an individual completely free from any kind of abuse or addiction.

Types of Sober Living Homes:

There are different types of sober living homes based on their services, rules, treatment, and rent. All of this also varies from place and place, and sometimes the rules for one resident are different compared to another resident, which is based on his mental and physical status.

Sometimes a sober living home is situated beside a rehab center to facilitate the residents in case of any need while some of the sober living homes are not associated with any rehabilitation center and follow their unique pattern to provide guidance and support to recovering addicts.

Following are some of the types of sober living homes providing their services to many people all around the globe:

·         Oxford House:

This type of sober living home is the best among different types of sober living homes. These are located in the US and help people get back to normal life activities by providing sheer support and guidance throughout their stay in Oxford Houses.

The complete authority of these houses is in the hands of residents, and they are not answerable to any of the organizations, NGOs, government, or rehabilitation centers. These also do not provide any treatment regarding drug or alcohol abuse.

They have formulated a program that leads an addict to get out from the clutches of drug abuse, and one feels completely free and satisfied by having their services. If any new recovering addict arrives as a resident, he is tested or interviewed by the present residents, and their approval is necessary for his stay inside Oxford Houses.

The members of the board are decided by mutual understanding or voting of the residents, and all the residents follow the rules provided by them. It is an important part of these houses to perform different chores as per turn, and every individual is considered equal among all the members of a sober living home.

The Oxford Houses are run by the rent provided by the residents, and hence there is no need to take help from outside sources. Thus, we can say that an Oxford House is completely independent and works for the betterment of society.

·         Sober Living Apartments:

Sober living apartments are different from sober living homes as they provide more freedom and more privacy to an individual having a stay inside them. This is because sometimes oversharing can result in many inconveniences, and a person cannot focus on the main purpose of sober living as is observed in the case of sober living homes.

On the other hand, sober living apartments provide an opportunity for the resident to have his own room, kitchen, bathroom, and other facilities without any sharing with another partner. As more freedom and privacy is provided to an individual in sober living apartments, so their routine tests are performed to check their progress and to find out if they are going back towards addiction or not.

·         Halfway Houses:

Halfway houses can be considered much the same as that of any sober living home, but there are some differences among both. Halfway houses are usually monitored and looked after by state agencies, while sober living homes maintain their own environment.

Halfway houses play an important role in improving the health and living status of a recovering addict by providing him with effective techniques and guidelines to reduce all the risks associated with different inducing factors for addiction so that one remains safe from relapse.

·         The 12-Step Sober Living Homes:

This type of sober living home is also for the people who are in their recovery stage and acts as a transition from addiction to normal life. These homes do not have any treatment plan or physicians guiding the residents but follow a 12- step program and all the residents make sure to hold on to sobriety.

However, the residents of ’12-Step Sober Living Homes’ have to fulfill certain requirements such as attending different meetings that act as proof of their sobriety and lowers the risks for relapse or diverting back to addiction or drug abuse.

These were some of the types of sober living homes, but it is important to consider different benefits of sober living homes no matter the type of sober living home. Thus, we can say that sober living homes have no doubt made it very easy and simple for recovering addicts to ensure complete removal of drugs and alcohol from their lives.

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