How to Build a Solid Construction Safety Program

If you ask any construction company owner, regardless of their corporation’s magnitude, what their primary concern is, they will all most likely say the same thing: worker protection. The main issue that business owners should be addressing is if their safety policy is strong enough to fulfill the duty to protect their employees.Construction site deaths account for one in every five workplace fatalities. Over the last few years, the overall amount of construction related deaths has increased.Developing a solid security plan and instilling safety practices in your company will go a long way toward achieving your target of zero collisions, zero damages, and zero casualties on any task you perform.

Commitment to safety:

Your company’s commitment to safety should be such that the workers never doubt that their life is the priority on site. Getting your workers to believe in your safety program starts with your management team. Provide training and safety gear to all of your staff to demonstrate your dedication to their protection. Make sure all the tools and equipment are in proper working condition and tested on a regular basis. Ensure the defective or damaged machinery is kept out of operation until it has been fixed or substituted.

Have a documented safety policy that all workers can access.The policy should, at the very least, cover accident reporting protocols, general safety regulations, safety precautions, emergency plans, and other policies and regulations that encourage and implement a healthy working atmosphere. Every worker ought to be capable of reading the security policy and confirming that they completely understand it and intend to follow it. Safety should always be the first priority, with workers being cautious from the moment they start looking for the equipment to the execution of the project.

If you are buying used heavy equipment for sale, make sure it is safe to work with and will not end up breaking down and causing injury or accidents. The workers should also be aware of how to handle if a problematic situation arises without panicking and losing composure. Proper training is so important,because the operators must be prepared for worksite operations.

Different safety plan for every project:

There is no particular concept as a security plan that suits all. Every task is singular, and each jobsite is distinct.Therefore, having a safety plan for each task is essential. Before you start working on a new task, make a list of all current and future risks that could arise during the course of the project. Evaluate what controls should be put in place to reduce or eliminate the risks.

It is also a good time to go over the tools and supplies you will want for the task and check them. The security officer can consult with the team leader about the working hours so that regular safety sessions can be planned. For every new venture, a crisis reaction plan and a worksite specific first aid program should be created. All those who step foot on the worksite should be aware of the security plan.

Training never ends:

In-depth instruction and training on healthy work practices and other relevant OSHA requirements should be given to all new workers. Employees should have the ability to identify potential risks and dangerous work arrangements.  Regardless of their skill set, employees should be taught how to operate machinery and equipment safely. Workers must not be permitted to run any equipment or machinery until they can demonstrate that they are capable of doing so securely and competently.

Worker safety training does not begin and end with fresh hires.  Training that is consistent and continuous not only strengthens the business’ dedication to the security of the staff, but it also keeps it at the forefront of their minds.Having regular training sessions for your employees is very important.With this, their safety will never be disregarded.

Whenever safety protocols are not properly followed, make sure to use site checks as training opportunities. This could be used as a one-on-one training session for individual incidents or as a team-wide training if the problem seems to be more widespread.When anyone is seen breaking the rules or engaging in dangerous or irresponsible conduct, disciplinary measures should be taken, and these measures should also include corrective actions such as retraining.

All workers should receive necessary medical and first aid training. Even if a qualified medical professional is present on the worksite daily, they cannot be present at all times. The earlier an injured employee receives first aid, even if it is just standard treatment, the better.

Follow the Guidelines:

OSHA is actively providing new guidelines and amending current ones in order to assist business owners in creating the best work conditions possible. OSHA released a final rule on crystalline silica exposure in the workplace in 2016.OHSA also proposed rules to strengthen workplace injury and illness surveillance and enhance eye and face safety to meet existing consensus requirements from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  Furthermore, OSHA released a proposed regulation for crane operator certification in the construction industry as well as a new proposal to resolve certain administrative errors in the crane and derrick requirements.

You must keep up with all guideline changes that will affect your company to ensure that it remains consistent with OSHA regulations. There is still a window of opportunity for the community to provide written statements or evidence in favor of or in opposition to any suggested guideline as well as to request a public meeting if one is not already held. If a proposed rule could have a negative effect on your company, this is your chance to speak up.

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