How to Change System Language in Windows 10

How to change the System Language on Windows 10

Are you one of them who’s looking for how to change the default language of Windows 10 in your system? If yes, then you’ve landed at the right place where you will get a guide on how you can do it in very easy steps.

Microsoft already provides many different language packs in their library. All we need to do is just download and install. The main purpose behind this is to overcome the struggle of Windows users who are facing issues with their Windows because it is in another language with which they’re not much familiar.

So, we will teach you some steps to change your windows language. If you’re facing the issue “windows display language not changing” then the following method can also help you fix the problem or refer to the attached link to learn how to resolve it.

How to Change Windows 10 Language?

If you want to replace your current language with another one then first make sure you’ve closed all other applications running in front or in the background. Now follow the steps below – 

1. Press the win button and click on the Settings (gear) icon.

2. Next step is to look for the Time & Language option and click on it.

3. In preferred languages click on add a preferred language 

How to Change System Language in Windows 10

4. Now you can choose your desired language pack and click on the Next button.

5. Here you’ll also get an option in which you can choose how you want to use this language like Text to Speech or speech recognition or handwriting. It all depends on your choice.

6. Next click on the install button after selecting the desired option and wait for it to finish.

7. Now you can see a popup on your windows screen about to sign out now or maybe later button. You need to click on Yes, sign out now, and restart your computer.

how to change windows 10 language

8. After restarting Windows, you need to sign in again to get this language in all programs and settings that you’ve installed into your Windows 10.

Frequently Asked Questions – Change System Language on Windows 10

Q1. Why can’t I change the Language on Windows 10?

Ans. It might happen that you’ve not selected the desired language in Time and language option. Follow the path to change it correctly settings > Time and Language > Add a preferred language.

Q2. Can you change the system language to English?

Ans. Yes, you can easily change your windows language to English from its available language library, if not present there then you can also download that.

Q3. How do I change Windows 10 from German to English?

Ans. For this open windows settings and go to the language option then select English from the drop-down list and click on the OK button to apply the changes.

Q4. How do I change Windows display Language to English?

Ans. By selecting the English language available in your windows language library. To do this follow the steps provided in the article to change the windows system’s language.


If you follow the steps described in the above method, it will definitely change your system’s language on Windows 10 or 11. If you’re still facing any issues in any step, do let us know in the comment section below. I’ll surely help you to fix the problem. 

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