How to choose Coaching class Management software ?

As you develop your coaching classes, you may need good coaching class management software to help you manage your business more effectively. The ideal software solution can save you hours of your work week and give you more time to focus on other areas of your business (like sharing your passion for teaching with your students).

Finding the best coaching class management software for your specific needs and budget can be a challenge, but a good way to make this process easier is to create a checklist before you start your search.

Here are some general things to keep in mind when trying out coaching class management software for your business:

Does the software include features aimed at coaching classes?

There are many software’s available in the market today for any person conducting a coaching class, but the main question to ask is whether it contains the key features required by any coaching class owner.

 we provide features that help make the running of the coaching class smoother.

1) Fee Management:

Fee Installation provides an automatic reminder feature that automatically sends an SMS / email reminder before the due installment date In addition, we provide insightful reports related to the payment and expiration of the fee installment, which helps to track the fee installment properly.

2) Inquiry:

Student query process can be automated using  app. For example, if someone comes in for an inquiry we can capture that inquiry directly through our app and then handle all the follow-up related to that inquiry through it

3) Exam:

Any offline test performed in a coaching class using our exam mark importer can be easily uploaded to it and parents can be notified of their child’s progress.

4) Attendance:

The entire attendance tracking process can be automated with biometric hardware using our software.

Does the software enable automation of certain processes? (Such as fee collection and faculty hourly salary calculation)
It is definitely a good idea to choose coaching class management software that offers a few different automation features. Repeating and automating certain processes (such as fee collection, faculty salary calculation, attendance, etc.) will save you a ton of time. Below I share some of the processes that can be automated with software


1) Fee Collection:

Gone are the traditional days of collecting payments by cash.  It provide a payment gateway integration with which you can receive payments from a student through an online payment mode.

2) Attendance tracking:

Attendance tracking process can be automated through biometric hardware and attendance can be updated via students’ fingerprint punch or using smart RFID cards. Our software tracks every student who comes to your coaching classes and sends out-of-time, absentee SMS to parents so you can focus on providing the best and most effective teaching facility for the student.

Can software grow with my business, or will I outperform it in the next 5 years?

If you want to expand your coaching classes with multiple centers, it is important to choose software that grows according to your needs. When your business is small it can be easy to manage fee collection, inquiries and attendance. You have to ask a question whether it will still be easy and efficient when you have to deal with thousands of student records in the future.

It is a high-level coaching class management software that helps you automate your coaching class management regardless of size. Whatever your business needs, we protect you.

Does the software company provide good support?

When most software companies offer a software trial, the easiest way is to approach their support team to see how well they respond and pay particular attention to their responses. Do they invite you to ask further questions or follow up if they misunderstand your needs?

It include excellent customer support for our clients and our technical team to ensure that any issues related to the product are resolved as quickly as possible. In addition, there is a self-service knowledge base that includes a general inquiry.

Can the software integrate with my website?

1) Student / Admin Login:

The student and admin login can be added directly to your own website so they do not have to remember any external link.

2) Inquiry Plugin:

It provides a query plugin feature that can directly capture any query that takes place on your own website, which reduces the risk of manual data entry process and leads to instant notification via SMS / via error. Email for any new inquiries.

Is the software user-friendly or is it cluttered with unnecessary features that are not relevant to the coaching class?

Initially tons of features may seem remarkable, you may want to choose software that is not cluttered with features that you have never used for your business. User-friendly heart software can help reduce data entry time, familiarize your staff with the software, and make training easier.

At  we believe in simplicity, all modules work independently of our software, and the biggest advantage of this is that the user can choose to use the feature they want to use. In addition, It offers only the features that any coaching class owner needs to run their business smoothly.

Is the software mobile friendly heart and can it be accessed from anywhere?
Because of the easy access to a smartphone today, it has become essential to have easy access to software anywhere.

It is a bra browser-based software, and we have applications for the App Store and Play Store platform that allow a coaching class owner, staff, students and parents to access the information they need anytime, anywhere.

Coaching class management software can save you time by optimizing the way your coaching class is handled. It frees up more time that you can use to focus on teaching and grow your business.

If you have your own coaching classes website, you may want to consider software with features that can be integrated with your website.
It offers a number of features that you can easily add to your coaching classes website.

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